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Terraria (any help please?!?!?!)

so i just bought terraria about a week ago for the xbox 360 and i just murdered the wall of flesh which unlocked hard mode, i was supposed to get the pwnhammer but didn't. i looked everywhere for the demonite box, and after 2 hours i finally found it, but the pwn hammer wasn't in it. i don't think there was 200 items on the ground so i don't think the pwnhammer despawned. and i never exited the game (until now). i need ya'lls suggestions because this is some major BS

Bioshock Infinite

hello my fellow gamercans. this game looks so freaking amazing. Ken Levine definitely is the master of all games. the art style, gameplay, everything is changed in bioshock, most for the better. ahhhhhhh i can't wait. luckily my birthday is coming up (it on 420, best birth-day ever XD) hopefully i'll get that for my b-day if i can hold back spending $60 cause i need to be saving for a car. alkjflkawjeioruja;slfjdakljf 


Top 3 most overhyped games

1. Call of duty Franchise.

while sometimes call of duty offers heart pumping and water cooler moments it just provides frustration and cheap deaths

2.Team Fortress 2

i find this game to be useless and boring. theres no unlockables levels, or anything, it's just shoot to kill. atleast for all the games i played on the 360

3. Half Life franchise.

while you get emerged in this games interesting take into the future, it just gets a little boring after a while

made my decision of borderlands

so i made my decision, thanks to you guys, and i am DEFINITLY getting borderlands 2. but then buster 898685 told me that the game of the year edition is only 30 dollars. so i got that to. but thanks to the people who convinced me to get borderlands 2.


Borderlands 1 or 2?

hello my fellow gamercans. the holidays are coming up and i want to get 1 of the borderlands. so which one should i get?

(sorry for such a short blog, i'm in middle of writing an essay due tomorrow XD)


It's been a while. But i geuss i'm back

hello my fellow gamercans (i will always say that XD) it's been a while, hasn't it? i haven't been on for about 6 months, or about a half of a year. For those of you who remember, i left GS because of all the glitches and s***. but i don't think it's fair to leave for that long. To leave my followers, and all the wonderful staff, co-staff members, and for that i am sorry that i left you all. but i'm back now and i geuss that's what matters! i don't really know whats been going on @GS but it hasn't seemed to change that much, but if you guys feel like posting anything that you think i need to know about, that would be greatly appreciated. as for myself i had a wonderful summer, and am doing well in highschool with a higher then 3.0 GPA but that doesn't mean i don't play games daily XD (XBLA GT is Dking 1111). And from now on i promise i'll be more active because it is not fair to all of you guys to leave for that long. peace out, and sorry that i left


question of the month: do you remember me?

i am leaving gamespot

hello my fellow gamercans. no this is not a prank. i have been fed up with GS lately so i am leaving GS until they fix what THEY messed up. i am sorry to all my followers i know this is not fair to all of you but GS's update sucks. it's so hard to communicate with ANYBODY through comments anymore. part of the reason that i loved GS so much was because of the comment system but they f***** that up. you cant see any new comments on blogs anymore because the whole thing is screwed up. you can't thumbs down anybody any more. so i am going on strike. leaving GS. because it is almost impossible to navigate GS any more. it's been about a month since i've been active so i am sorry for such bad news in such a long time but GS, with this new update, is no longer appealing to me. i love all the personalities at GS both friends, followers, and staff. but until they have a new update i will not get on. it has been an honor :)




i got minecraft !!!!!!!!!!!

hello my fellow gamercans i have been downloading a heck of alot of stuff lately with the 4000 microsoft points i got for my birthday and sorry i haven't been blogging any more i dont really feel up to it lately, but i downloaded a couple of titles with those points such as super meat boy and toy soldiers cold war. both are great games but super meat boy comes out as champion. i also downloaded BF3s multiplayer for 800 points (AND PEOPLE CALL COD CHEAP?!?!) and am planning to download bioshock minervas den with the rest but both me and my brother split the cost of minecraft (i was forced to) and i am addicted to minecraft it is so much fun!!! i am also addicted to skyrim