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Sorry Doug!! :(

Two obvious Richmond refrences (where creator Jim Jinkins was born) include:

Moody School (Moody Middle School in Henrico County) and Four Leaf Clover Mall (Cloverleaf Mall in Richmond, Virginia).


Cloverleaf Mall closes Friday
From NBC12 News

It's time to say good-bye to the Cloverleaf Mall.

The 35-year-old mall will close its doors for the final time on Friday.

The Chesterfield County's current development partner is working on a new plan to redevelop the mall site with expanded office and commercial space.

-NBC 12


That above image is often how I picture myself when I log in to GameSpot to see I have a nice little Mail icon beside my name. Knowing im not in any unions I know the mods are at it again. As of late I've been modded for every. little. thing. From posting too many question marks to asking a question thats been asked before, apparently. I did not think Jeff or Rich leaving would change me coming here at all.. but honestly without them on HotSpot or On The Spot AND the constant garbage I have to endure here I have second thoughts. I've actually been a member here sense around the early days. I've been listening to 1UP's podcasts and they are so awesome. I'd never listen to any other podcasts for games other than Hotspot but after Rich this place has kind of fell apart for me. He seemed really organized and their media has been VERY poor sense he left and it just confirmed my thoughts on him holding the glue together. I know people are like "if you don't like it leave" but I like to have a lot of resources and not keep myself on one site all the time. I often go back and forth or use one site for news, one for podcasting and other for forums community. This was my place for forum community but I have a feeling that won't last long. Members of Gamer20.com and 1up.com have both suggested I join so I'm giving them a test drive. I like how 1up allow me to say what EVER I want for the most part. I guess GameSpot have never been notorious for free speech anyway. Right Jeff?..

The only PS3 game that would make me shelf my 360 completely.

Next gen ICO or Shadow of the Colossus would, IMO, Put this gen just like last gen and we would see the 360 Empire start to crumble. I'm the biggest Microsoft fanboy in the world but I have to admit when I owned a PS2 and that era was so awesome. The Xbox was very mature and forced you to grow up when playing most games. I don't own a PS3 but I own a PSP. The PSP also did not have a good launch AT ALL. Just like the PS3 the PSP was and is being compared to it's rival this cause Nintendo. Although it still is not as big as the (over hyped) DS people starting to see it is not a joke and the overall quality and bang for your buck is there for the PSP. Countless features still does not make up for the previous lack of games but that is starting to change this year. I hope the PS3 is the same way. ICO or SOTC would be the game to make me get a PS3. Either way I think Sony is coming. And when the PS3 gets it's legs up it will be ugly for the 360.