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New AMVs

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Cheak out my AMVs on youtube.Search RockysAMVs also I wont ever come back here so if you still want to talk then add me on youtube ether RockysAMVs or gamefreak510

~-False Pretense-~

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Song:False Pretense

LINK-~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9oS_bTzKvE&fmt=18


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Got 3 new songs on my playlist cheak them out

Attack-30 seconds to mars

stronger-kayne west

Theme of Crisis Core

New updates!(07/11/08)

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1.)I am no longer the leader of Anime Nation , Code_Geass_CC is , hope the best of luck to you:D

2.)Sorry I havent been active and is still wont be:P

3.)Eli's still the best:P

New songs!

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Work it -- harder,make it -- better,move it -- faster,makes us -- stronger more than ever hour after hour work it never over

Stronger by: Kanye West

Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger by: Punk Draft


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These are videos I made

Playlist + taged

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Heres my playlist.Select pop out player

1.)I am taged

2.)I like game

3.)I like naruto

4.)I dont spell good

5.)I was onl the honor roll every qureter this year(ya im smart :P)

6.)I like to floss

7.)I like rock and rap

8.)One of my fav song is Getting away with murder

9.)I like Kingdom Hearts

10.)I like making AMVs

who im going to tag , well you know who you are.

Ask me anything

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Im realy bored.I cant belive its summer and im bored:(Well like the title says just go ahead and ask me.


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Where can i download Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden eps.?
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