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What's the deal?

Ok, so we've gotten this new site and I'm trying to make the best of it. But the one thing I don't get are these game stacks. How in the world do I delete games I don't own and where did the games I was following get to. Tell me Mr. Gamespot, is navigating this site some new sort of game? If it is give it a 3!!!

Their making me crazy!!!

The two games I've been waiting for are coming out within 2 weeks of each other (Elder Scrolls & Battlefield 3). Do they do this to make us crazy? Every day I have to make a decision about what to play. Boy, do I have a tough life!!!


I've been playing Mass Effect 2 and the header pretty much says it all. And if you disagree all I can say is I'm happy you found a game you like.

Halo 3

So out of indecision I rented Halo3 and from comments on the forums I wasn't expecting too much. Only halfway through the campaign I'm tired of it, really can't find much new besides the achievements (too easy), maybe I'm missing something 'cause it came without the manual? Just glad I didn't waste $60.00 on it. Needless to say but I will anyways, of all 3 Halos --

Halo C.E. is the Best!!!

Now back to Rez HD and Soulstorm. Maybe checkout Bungies website for the manual. Anyways ...

Need a New Game

Lately I've been trying to find a good game though don't really know what I'm in the mood for. Tried demos for all the new stuff & nothing seems to get me excited. For example: Turok - ho-hum, Dead rising - crapola,The Club - why bother, Turning Point - the graphics made me sick to my stomach. Games like Halo3 & Mass Effect don't seem too interesting right now although Devil May Cry is tempting. If the reviews were better I'd get Pirates of the Burning Sea, was looking forward to it's release, sure wish they had a demo. Did find something pretty interesting in the meantime, RezHD. Just a little XBL Arcade game, tried the demo & 10 minutes later bought the full game. Nice that XBL finally got something I like, zero learning curve (2 buttons) & tons of fun. Not too much thinking involved which puts it right up my alley. Guess when I get tired of it it'll be Devil May Cry after all.

Free Game

A friend of mine just gave me "Pirates of the Caribbean-At Worlds End", PC. He got it free with the DVD. After playing it for 10 minutes I can see why it was free, what crap.They gotta give this thing away to get people to play it! (slip it to the unsuspecting public) Crappy thing won't even work with my gamepad.

My bid for the PERFECT Oblivion game (all quests etc.) failed after one of the Guild quests started crashing in the final few seconds. I think I'd have to start another character & try it again - ain't gonna happen. As much as I want a perfect game this was my third go round and really don't have the time or energy, after all this game is long when played completly through. Maybe with the next add-on I'll give it a try?

On the "Vista" front, getting used to it & actually starting to like it. Just don't know what to do about a printer. I know 2 weeks after buying a new one Canon will finally release a new driver. Hate to spend the money , yea, printers have come down a lot, but a good multifunction still doesn't grow on trees.

Stupid Me !!!

Went & let my xbox live account lapse, lost my gamertag & history. Had xbl since it started and now I'm a nobody. But anyways , been playing Oblivion again after a year and it's kinda confusing,sometimes I think I'm in Morrowind, a lot of deja vue.But with all the downloads & the expansion pack it's definetly worth another replay.

Vista ?>>>>CRAP, it does what it's supposed to most of the time - a bit smoother the XP, but there's no support from outside venders. I can't even get a driver for my printer & I'll be damned if I'll buy another one. Got half a mind to partition my HD & run XP but that will be even more headaches. Microsoft I love you !!!

Couldn't stay away

It's been over a year since I "lost" my computer, and as much as I fought the urge to replace it I just couldn't go on at the library or using a friend's.This time I didn't spend a whole lot of money(800) and of all places bought at WalMart...(stop laughing). Who would ever think you'd find a "Dell" between the antacids & toilet paper!! As for "Vista", I'll wait awhile before making a decision.So here I am back again, just missed the punishment!!

Isn't life just grand???

Haven't been around much lately & not by choice. To the unions I'm an in officer I really have to apologize. Seems someone thought they deserved my computer, games, consoles, 5.1 surround, etc. more than me & decided to break in and take it all. The only online access I've had lately is at the library which is a real pain in the ass. Hopefully soon I can afford a new laptop but 'till then - this is it!

Hot & nuts!!

Ok, it's been 105+ here lately & I've been home. Too hot to do anything outside & I'm slowly going crazy. Really haven't been in the mood to play any games, too much energy, can't sit & concentrate - gettin' up at 4:00 am lookin' for something to do.

  Down loaded a 10 trial for WoW yesterday, played for a couple of hours then deleted it, just not in the mood for a long, never ending RPG. Was pretty good though, maybe I'll give it another try?? 

On a brighter note, got a new "Emblem" (see, I pay attention), "Tagger Flirt" & raised another level. This level deal isn't a quest for me, just something that happens, so easy here at GS (unlike the Darkwatch Fansite which was a b****). One day I'll probably hit level 20 & will be singing a different song.

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