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Sorry haven't been online lately

I've been pretty busy as of late. Tons of stuff to do in school....i just haven't had much time to get online...spring break now though so I'm not to busy right now...I think I'll try to get online during the weekends at least when school starts back up again. I've let a lot of people down in the unions I'm in and all I really can say is...sorry

The Wii

I know a lot of people disagree. A lot of people have been calling Sony idiots, analysts idiots, Microsoft idiots, and lots more people idiots. Why is this? Because everyone is convinced that the Wii is going to win this generation. So when anyone says anything against it they immediately attack the person. Claiming things varying from 'They're just jealous' to 'SHUT UP! Wii Pwns all!' But seriously you've got to give some thought on the matter. The Wii is really lacking in the graphics department. I know Nintendo has been prepping this entire generation 'Gameplay over GRAPHICS!' See the thing is graphics may not matter now. But in a few years time they're really gonna start to matter. Why? Because developers will really begin pushing the 360 and PS3 we'll start seeing some really nice looking games. Some gamers will feel left out. They'll think something along the lines of 'Wow. . . Wii has got some really bad graphics look at Halo 5 it looks real! Why shouldI play the Wii anymore when PS3 has better graphics and motion senstivity?!' Oh and by the way this years E3 I'm almost positive that Microsoft will annouce a new motion senstive controller. If not some time in the near future they're not complete idiots and they cant ignore this motion senstivity for long. With both of these systems having motion senstivity, HD graphics, and great games. Why would one go back to Nintendo? For Nintendo's games of course. That's the only reason anyone will want to play the Wii at that point. Maybe my points aren't really coming across that well. In that case I reccomend that you visit this site . . .http://in.today.reuters.com/news/newsArticle.aspx?type=technologyNews&storyID=2007-06-15T073132Z_01_NOOTR_RTRMDNC_0_India-303199-1.xml

This site may be abel to better explain what I'm saying.

If you read this entire thing thank you for your time.

Well that's pretty cool . . .

Wow . . . never realized that you could have the same profile on TV.com and Gamespot.com! Which must mean that you can have the same profile on Filmspot.com and MP3.com! Wow. . . how cool is that!?!?!?!?! YAY!

Crash and Spryo

I was beginning think that Crash and Spyro were dead.  I was beginning to think that there was no way that they'd ever have a decent game again.  I was beginning to think that Crash and Spyro's games from the Playstation would be the only ones worth any kind of remembrance.  Yes...I was beginning to think that these two mascots that I grew up with were just going to fade away.  Into just one thing 'memories'.  Perhaps, I've been wrong.  To fully understand my point one must take a look at the two upcoming Crash and Spyro games.  I'll begin with Crash.  Crash's upcoming title goes by the title of 'Crash of the Titans'.  One might say that this is a bit of a cheesy name.  To that I say 'yes'.  But, in least it's not called that title it was recently rumored to be 'Crash Landing of the Titans'.  Anyway, on to what gives this game so potential.  First, up is it's gameplay.  This gameplay looks to be one of the most creative efforts that I've seen from a Crash game in some time.  This 'jacking' of enemies sounds like a very interesting concept.   If done right it could quite possibly result in the best Crash game wie've had in years.  If you haven't already read about the concept.  I'll explain it for you apparently, Crash will be able to ride upon some enemies.   When, he rides upon these enemies.  He basically becomes their master and has complete control over them.   With this full control comes this enemies set of moves.  Which adds a whole lot to the stale moves that Crash has had for the past 5 games, (it might be more I didn't bother to check)  These enemies that Crash gains the ability to control will help him accomplish a number of various tasks.  Ranging from puzzles to simple things like fighting enemies.  When Crash no longer requires these enemies then he can simply hop of them and become he's normal self.  Crash, can even unlock costumes of these enemies allowing him to use these powers whenever he wishes.  Second, there's multiplayer mode.  Which is a feature notably lacking from Crash platformers.  Apparently, the second player becomes a different color of Crash and aids the main player in the adventure.  Finally, we have the thing that could undoubtly make this Crash the best yet.  It's all in one word to!  "Wii".   Seriously,  the Wii is going definetly make this Crash adventure one to remember.  Your going to have so much more control.  Along with a huge of jacked enemies at you disposal.  There are so much countless control options that could result from this.  That will undoubtly all turn out fun.  But, of course for every positive there is a negative.  I mean Gameplay could end up really crappy if these 'jacking' isn't done right.  Whose, to say that all these 'jacked' creatures will have completly different abilities?  If, rushed the developers could just make a whole bunch of clones of other enemies.  Which could result in the gameplay getting really stale.  Then, there's the multiplayer mode.  It sounds great doesn't it?  You and your friend going through a entire Crash game by together?  One word...AWESOME!  But, see the thing is from ceartin previews that I've read multiplayer may not end up.  Becoming, the great experience you want it to be.   Within, this Crash game there will be a few platforming segments.   See, the problem these platforming segments is how you do them in multiplayer.  Apparently, you take turns avoiding hazards.  First player is controlling the two Crashes and he jumps over a enemey.   Now, the second player is controlling the two Crashes they jump over a pit control switches to first player.  This doesn't sound like a very ideal multiplayer experience to me.  But, perhaps I'm just not understanding it and it'll turn out  of great.  Finally, theres the Wii.  Lately, there have been a lot of rushed ports to the Wii.  Resulting, in very bad motion sensing control or none at all.  This could happen to Crash.  Seeing, that the game was just annoced and it's coming out this September.  Maybe, there wont be enough time to implant good motion controls.  Of, course all these accussations could very well be proven false.   I'm hoping that they are to because from what I've seen this Crash game looks very promising indeed.  Now, I'd say moving on to Spyro.  But, I'm finding myself unable to do so seeing that there are still no screenshots, no videos, no previews, or pretty much anything about the game at all.  So, I'll be discussing Spyro at a later time.       

Sony's Home

I'm really not liking Home in the slighest.  First of all it really is a ripoff of XBOX Live's service and Nintendo's Mii Channel.   I'm not saying this becaus I'm a fanboy of Nintendo and Xbox either, you just cant ignore the fact.  IT IS A RIPOFF!  But, then there's the worse thing about it.  This Home is going to eliminate people's social lives!  It's really literally spelling the end of the world.  If this thing gets to out of hand some people might just forget their entire lives!  Really, this entire thing reminds me of a book that I read titled 'The Reality Bug'.   The book tells the story of a dying civilization.  This all due to their virutal lives that they have.  Within, these virutal reality programs nothing bad ever happens.  So, no one ever leaves their virutal lives.  Ignoring, their entire world!  The world slowly begins to die because no one is there to do anything!  All, they care about is their virtual lives.  See, here's what's going to happen with Home.  This thing is going to get way out of hand and many people are going to start ignoring their entire lives.  Of course I might just be over reacting.  Perhaps, everyone will hate Home.  Or, maybe the whole thing will be so buggy that no one wil use it.  When, it all comes down to it though no one knows...

Sorry that I haven't been on lately...

I'd just like to give out a apology to everyone here on gamespot.com.  I mean a lot of unions sort of depend on me and I just haven't been very dependable lately.  But, I do have a EXCUSE!  Latley, I've been busy with track practice.  Which goes on from 3:30 to about 5:00.  After track practice it's time for play practice!  Which runs to about 10:00 p.m!  Then, during the weekends there's no time either becaus I have forensics tourments!  Again sorry...

WTF? Why can't I post comments?

For some unknown reason I can't post comments any more!  What's up with that?  If someone could help me I'd appreciate it!

EDIT: Just discovered I can comment Gamespot news but not union news.  Sooooo confused!

Ready at Dawn Studios: Their next game

Recently 1up.com posted a rumor.  It had a title that said something about 'God of War' for the PSP.  Interested, I clicked on it.  I read that Ready at Dawn studios could be working on a God of War for the the PSP!  Not believing them I went to ready at dawn's site.  Sure enough the font that says coming soon looks very similar to 'God of War'.  Hmmmm perhaps this is the game they're planning.  Or maybe its something else like Daxter 2?  I'm not sure but whatever game it is I'm sure it's gonna be awesome!

Chicken Little: Ace in Action and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

I thought I might update on my profile how far I've delved into these games.  In TP I've made it to the third temple in the game the Water temple.  I've almost completed it. In least I think I have...Minda keeps on telling me that we're almost done.  I've heard that there's a lot more dungeons after this one and Minda was simply lying.  So, after twenty-six hours of play time I have yet to even make a dent in the game!  WOW! Yet, after all this time I'm still having a blast playing it!  Though, I do find playing as the Wolf and tad tedious.  Moving on to Chicken Little I've almost completed part one of the game.   It's seperated into four parts.  Each of these parts take place on a different planet and contain six chapters.  Within each chapter your either playing as Runt, Ace, or Abby (that duck).  I'm not particularly fond of the character of Runt or Abby.  They just seem so boring to me and also have horrible voice acting.  But, of course the star of the game is Ace and he makes up for them.  But, then again he is voiced by an actual T.V. star.  While Runt and Abby are people we've never heard of with minimal acting experience.  Moving, on the gameplay it's all good except for Abby's terrible levels.  Obviously, the developers tried to implant to much Wii-motion into the game.  For, with Abby your raising the nunchunk up and down and shaking the Wiimote insanely.  This should have the outcome of something fun.  But, unfornatly it comes out as the complete oposite of that.  Though, Ace and Runts levels are great nothing could make up for the catosphary that Abby's levels really are.  Now, as much as I don't want to I'm afraid that I must end the blog post here.  It's turning into somewhat of a review.  Seeing, I haven't completed the game yet I have no right to call Abby's levels terrible.  Though from previous experience they sure didn't remind me of anything fun.  They might begin to improve as I further through the game.  Expect, a review for Chicken Little in the coming weeks.  You can also probably expect a review for TP sometime this summer.  Because, seeing that I've had the game since the end of December.  It's probably going to take me a while to beat it.  Thus ends my longest blog post EVER! 

Diner Dash for the DS, PSP, and the GBA!!!

YES!!  I knew this would happen one day!  Diner Dash on the DS!  Suprisingly enough on the PSP and the DS to!  Right away I can see how the DS version will work.  Same as the P.C. version ony you've got a stylus instead of a mouse.  But, there's one problem.  How are the PSP and GBA versions going to work?  Are you actually going to move flow.  Or, perhaps...WOW!  Can't believe I didn't think of this before.  You'll use the control pad and move a arrow to different places.  Then click the A (on GBA) or X (on PSP) button!  It's so incredibly simple that I cant believe that I didn't think of it before.  So, it seems as though my own question has been answered and this blog post in turn is almost entirely pointless!  Oh well...
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