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may miss some school.

Today was so awesome. When I got to school I had a headache and it got progressively worse as the day went on. So I went to the nurse and called my mom and she came and got me. She then told me since I had helped around the house more often I got a suprise. (she still treats me like i'm six :roll:). Well we went to Wal*mart and she said I can buy a few games!!!!!!!!!!!!! So today I got: Motorstorm,The Godfather:The Don Edition, and Armoured Core 4. I am so amped. Like I said I might miss a few days of school :D.     

PS3 bashing

Now don't mistake me for a fanboy cuz of my screen name, I like all consoles, but it seems to me that PS3 bashing has become the new hot fashion (or fad) what is it with mankind to hate on the par champion. what does: Sony, Wal*mart, The New York Yankees, The Kentucky Wildcats, and, Jay Z have in common? they all have been either the winner and or successful and are now coming under withering criticism. And for what, are they personally hurting you, are they: killing you your family and friends. Are they forcibly taking your money. are they doing anything besides being successful.Yes I know Sony is not doing well right now but they have pretty much flourished so far in every thing they have done, so who wouldn't expect them to have some difficulty some where along the road. so in conclusion lets move forward and watch all three consoles hopefully thrive. :)