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My Most Anticipated Games of the Current Console Generation

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The Weekend has finally come, and it was one difficult week concerning school, I was not very lucky with my Social Studies and Geography tests, I didn't have sufficient time to complete all my assignments, and the hardest part was waking up 5:30 in the morning everyday!!

In other news I just sold my PSP Go, It's a pain not being able to play Patapon 3 and God of War: Ghost of Sparta, but at least I got rid of it.

Final Fantasy Versus 13 Xbox 360 job listing appeared, which led to many speculation that the game is coming to the Xbox 360, but then the job listing did use "or" rather than "and" and isn't battle planning and level design planning done the same on both consoles, and besides what does battle planning and level design planning have to do with a particular console. Have not square Enix lost enough momentum with Final Fantasy already: Final Fantasy XIV is purely broken, Final Fantasy: the 4 heroes of light didn't deliver, and Final Fantasy XIII was in my opinion was a fantastic role-playing game in it's own right but does not compare to previous installments, and If Versus is ported to the Xbox 360,will not the game be held back by the Xbox 360's storage limitation.

Anyways here are my most anticipated of the current generation consoles:

10. Call of Duty: Black ops

9. Infamous 2

8. Gears of War 3

7. Final Fantasy XIV (I am hoping for enhancements in the PlayStation 3 Version)

6. Team ico Collection

5. Killzone 3

4. Little Big Planet 2

3. Metal Gear Solid: Rising

2. The Last Guardian

1. Final Fantasy Versus XIII


As usual, Another Dissapointment

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When will the Dissapointments stop for the sake of everything that is good,I had my hopes really high for The Tokyo Game Show this year and It's Games Especially Final Fantasy Versus 13,Which Tetsuya Nomura Promised to Fully reveal,but it turns out that Versus XIII and Agito XIII are being condensed into a single "short notice" under the Fabula Nova Crystallis banner.

Under that banner, they will showcase short, one-minute long trailers for Versus XIII and Agito XIII. It'll demonstrate real-time footage of the gameplay screenshots that appeared in Famitsu and Dengeki this past june.This will be shown exclusively on the monitors in the demo line areas rather than in the open theater.

I mean I've tried to keep my hopes up for the game ,But SE is leaving it's fans with nothing to work with!Maybe I should stop caring,It would be easier that way when the game comes out 2075.At least I still have Metal Gear Solid: Rising and The Last Guardian to look forward to.


All-time favorite game list(modified alot)

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Hello fellow users,I've been feeling great today mostly because i got 3 platinums in two days:

Final Fantasy 13 Platinum (Time consuming)

God of War (Frustrating)

God of War 2(Easiest platinum to date)

Now without further more,Here's the heavily changed All time favorites list:

10.Final Fantasy XIII: Surprised! so am I,when i platinumed the game,and decided it's time to move to another game,but I simply couldn't,I was so overwhelmed with the bad battle system,the extreme linearity and lack of side missions,that i didn't ealize what a touching and memorable story it had,What diverse characters it had,And it's often stellar soundtrack.It may be far from the best in the series, but still holds a big place in my heart.

9.Fallout 3: One of the Best western RPGs of All time,I've spent over 100 hrs in this game already,and still can't get enouph,the story could have been alot better.but stellar combat,huge lands and a ton of unique mission make up for that.

8.Little Big Planet:I love everything that's unique,and minor problems in Little Big Planet like camera and control issues don't ruin the experience and what an experience it is!

7.God of War 3:I still thinkGod of War 2 is the best in series,but when God of war 3 is at it's best the second can't even touch it,It has the best gamplay and Boss fights the series has ever seen.both voice acting and the soundtrack are great,but could have been better.God of war 3 is beautiful,epic and brutal,but it not perfect.

6.Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII:My favorite PSP game to date,The story and charactersare a true masterpieces ,the gameplay is exciting but on the easy side,the soundtrack is suprisingly good,and the ending moments are a must-see,I'd call them brilliant.

5.God of war 2:From gameplay to story to boss fights to presentation,God of war 2 can be summed up in one word:brilliant.

4.Final Fantasy 10:Nuff said

3.Shadow of the Colossus:IMO the most unique Game of all time,It's haunting,It's emotional, it's beautiful,It'sso upredictable and so unimaginable .It probably has the best soundtrack of all-time.

2.Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of liberty,This game is second to none,It's a masterpiece, a work of art,it touch my heart in ways i never thought an action game it could, and it had the best story i have ever heard.I don't care that Snake wasn't the main character,because i had the time of my life in the game.

1.Meta Gear Solid 4:Guns of The Patriots,The game can be called nothing but perfection,It has the best stories ever, either in a video game or in a movie or in a book.It has the most redefined gameplay ever in the series,and it's final boss is my favorite boss of all-time.

The producer of Final Fantasy Versus 13 said the game won't come out untill 2012,which i quite expected,good news they're not rushing it.


I'm suffering!

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I had never owned a psp before,So i got a psp go on launch,I loved it at first because the media playback was excellent.I put all my music on my PSP Go,I didn't need an Ipod because the Go was there.But I'mreally starting to really mainly because of one reason :

I can't Find all psp games on PSN dammit!

I mean sony are treating psp go owners like crap,I mean i would do anything for Crisis core,N+,Disgea on psn,and there is a possibility of kingdom hearts :Birth by sleep not coming to psn,which was one of the reasons i got a psp go.

I mean i'm really getting frustrated with the psp go,And i'm not gonna be able to sell It.Guess i'm stuck with that thing.I'm trying continuesly trying to hack it,I have tried everything and still nothing.

I am Completely Sick of Square Enix!

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Before Final fantasy 7 a company called squaresoft was on the brink of shutting down,So It decided to put all it's money on a single game called Final fantasy VII,which turned out to be a massive success,selling around 10.2 million units,and gracing the original Playstation with revoltionary gameplay,a fantastic story, and musical score that is still unmatched by any else these days.

And since the final Fantasy series has been a gigantic success,selling over 90 millions copies worldwide,and each game coming out with superior quality,but that only regards that last generation that is.Since SquareSoft has become Square-Enix the company has been nothing but greedy,the quality of their game has significantly been lower this generation,And worst of all what makes me dispise them ,is the lately abscent loyalty to Sony and the Playstation Platform in General.

It First Began With Final Fantasy 13 on Xbox 360,this was likely the biggest slap in the face ever for Playstation fans,and Square-Enix Showed their allegiance to the Microsoft's platform,Through months nearing the completion and release of Final fantasy XIII,I learned to accept the Fact that FF13 was coming to Xbox,I thought "Ok,It's probably only one game,Let's Allow Xbox fans to Enjoy this single Final Fantasy game",But since thenit has got out of control,At the launch event of Final Fantasy XIII In Korea,Wada mentioned the possibility of Final Fantasy Versus 13 coming To Xbox,I considered Final fantasy Versus 13 to be a reboot to the series,returning Final Fantasy to it's former Glory,But how could it?when hardware and storage limitations of The xbox 360 hold the game back from it's intended glory,Like what happened in Final Fantasy XIII,It took 3 dvds on Xbox 360 ,And yet the game was extremely linear,Nomura has promised that Versus was completely open world like It's legendary predecessors,In addition,As impressed as people were with the visuals of XIII,I thought that They were merely ok(not including CG cutscenes).So I'd like to see wada say that they're puting VersusforXbox on over 5 discs.I swear If They put Versus on Xbox,I'll cry myself to bed for weeks!

Finally,what made me lose my god-forsaken mind is the fact that Square Enix isdiscussing Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox ,Isn't it a suitable time to stop already,and Why they haven'tyou ask?Simple,Microsoft has nothing to invest in besides The Xbox,they own the money that SEso desperatelycraves.The Foundation of loyal Final Fantasy Fans grew on Playstation platforms and have been diverted to other platforms,mainly because of the lack of promised exclusive Final Fantasy titles on the ps3,but can't Square Enix rebuild that foundation of Fans by releasing Versus exclusively for the PlayStation 3?

15+M fans of Final Fantasy existed in the previous generation,But much has been lost because of the quality of games.Some Might Believe like myself That Nomura is the only remaining hope for square enix,But until he proves his ability to Design Supreme Final Fantasy,I can't imagine a bright future for the company.

I Guess all of The mentioned above could be summedup into one Line"I dont completely hate them, Im just not a fan of most of their discisions... and idiot president."

-You cant trust anyone these days. Sure its for money but sony fans have been nothing but loyal to SE and now they screw sony over?

-Enix has always been more frugal, took less risks, whereas Square was more innovative, high budget, etc.

It seems Enix runs the company once they merged.

So, now SE is more of a multiplat company, although they've shown more support for 360 this gen than PS3, again that's business.

However, It's Ironic that Square isn't as awesome as they once were. That merger really hurt the company imo, and unfortunately, that was about the time the 360 came out. Bad timing, I guess.


Final Fantasy versus 13-what i want it to be

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Final fantasy 13 frankly wasn't worth the wait it was very flawed and doesn't even compare to other installments.However, FF versus 13 seems a hundred times more promising, here is what i want in the game:

1. no more chocobos: i mean they're annoying embarrising and highly irrelevent, this is suppose to be the darkest ff game to date(ff7/8 fans rejoice),so no more chocobos would be for the better.

2.Fantasic musical score: ff13 lacked that despite some great songs,versus can easily achieve that because of the theme it has taken.

3.alot of background stories: what makes metal gear own an unbelievable narrative is deep background stories,all ff games lack that.

4.diverse characters: this is where ffxiii shined,despite some bad characters (cid rains and barthandelus),the trailers of versus suggest just a bunch of normal guys you can't diffrenciate( not talking about nostic, he's awesome), so really hoping they're not the cast.

5.a lot of side missions and mini games:isn't it time for square to make ff games like they uses to filled with side missions and mini-games.

6. open world: would don't have to worry about that nor unbelievable visuals.

7.more emotion:ff13 was emotional,but no as much as 7 and 10.

so combine the music and storyof 7,the gameplay and mini-games of 12,the characters of 13,the ending and emotion of 10, and the darkness of 8, and you get the perfect ff game.

tell what your ideas are.

Final Fantasy 13: sorta of a dissappointment

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Ijust finished ff13, trying to get the platinum now,i have to say the game was quite dissapointing,the ending was beautifull but a little unsatisfying.the main problem was that it was extremely leanear,yes it's open world in chapter 11 but it was badly executed ,it wasn't entertanining,it had no life nor the spirit of final fantasy.the gameplay wasn't as good as i expected most of the time i found myself button smashing,and some enemies are harder than bosses, and speaking of missions they aren't much,and some might get really repetitive.the story was great but sometimes it was too much when it focused on character interactions rather than on important events.the characters are great, favorite is light(because she's 5x hotter than the sun),what's best about the characters is that they're diverse( has anyone noticed that vanille makes suggestive noises).

I think the best ff of this generation is crisis core.Final Fantasyversus 13 is looking better than ff13 already and they showed just a couple of screenshots.

Sorry for not being active

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I have been busy lately with tests and school and frankly I didn't have anything to talk about so i have not been that active on gamespot,anyways i opologize. This week i got 2 platinums that i have been working on for a long time they're the God of war 3 and Uncharted 2 platinums,and by the way I love uncharted 2's multiplayer,I play deathmatch mainly because i Don't really like the other modes. I got Final fantasy XIII, Demon's souls all this month and i love them all,Demon's souls gameplay is awesome but it lacks compelling story telling,the same case with Killzone 2 the makes up for it with the awesome multiplayer,Whie i absulotely love Final fantasy XIII because it's almost perfect brilliant graphics,compelling story and thrilling gameplay but it lacks the emotional soundtrack of it's prequels. that's it for this blog, 1995_1996_1997 out.

I got God of War 3 a week ago + some other things

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At long last the awaited day has come, I can finally play the game, I only tried the first 3 minutes of the game so i don't spoil the experience and the graphics make uncharted 2's graphics look dated, the cinematics are top-notch, the level of scale is unmatched and voice acting is terrific, this seems to be the best god of war game yet, and if you're wandering how i got the game early, I payed an extra $10.

Another thing i want to talk about is Mass Effect 2,seriously i can't understant why all the critical acclaim, the graphics were ok the gameplay is highly repetitive, the story is dull and uninteresting and the choices are dumb and won't make any difference in the game, Ign gave the graphics a 10 and gave God of war 3's graphics a 9.5, I seriously lost complete faith in ign,For me i was 100% disappointed with ME2.

Another good experience is shadow of the colossus, the scale is unbelievable and trust me this game doesnt need multiple enemies it does fine with 16 epic boss fights.I'm really looking forward to The last gaurdian.

One more thing i really hope they announce Uncharted 3 at the E3 2010 press conference, the second was an unforgettable experience and MGS5 because in videogames i fear that no game will give an adventure as epic as MGS4.


All 40 MGS4 Emblems!

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I have been playing Metal Gear Solid 4 Heavily this weak,and i managed to get all 40 MGS4 emblems,It required around 13 playthroughs,The hardest one was obviously the Big Boss emblem or rank. On the Big Boss Playthrough: Time:3:41:00(3 hours and 41 minuites is pretty decent,huh?) Alert Phases:0 Continues:0 Recovery items: 0 Special items: 0 Weapons obtained: 70 Flashback: 194 Bye for now,1995_1996_1997
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