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A Summer Backlog Challenge

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If you don't know what a backlog is it is basically all of the games you have not finished or completed and are just sitting on your shelf collecting dust begging to be played and beaten. Unfortunately this happens to most collectors such as myself since we buy so much in quanity we don't have enough time to play all of them. So for the summer a lot of gamers like to set themselves a challenge to the amount of games in thier collections that they want to beat. For most they usually set it to 5 or below, but for me I like to give myself a little challenge so I have 7 games I would like to complete. Now most of the games I'll be talking about I have played and am quite far into them, but just haven't beaten or finished. Its sad because I enjoy a majority of these titles and I should've beaten them earlier, but oh well its the best time to start because I'll be off school in a couple of weeks so there will be far more time for gaming. So here is my summer backlog challenge. If you have one that you would like to make I would like to know what games you want to beat during the summer. So lets start off.............

1. Panzer Dragoon Orta


Man this game is brilliant. The first day I got it I got through half the game just wondering how I never picked it up back in day, but unfortunately I put it down figuring I'd go back to it later, but sadly I haven't. So this is a prioirty one to beat since I think this may be one of the best rail shooters ever.

2. Transformers War For Cybertron


About time we get a good transformers game. I love how they use generation 1 storyline and characters and not Micheal Bay garbage. To the games credit it uses the license very well and is an enjoyable third person shooter. I am about halfway into the Deceptacon Campaign and definetley need to beat that and the Autobot Campaign as well.

3. Folklore


I like this games premise and idea. Capturing monsters to fight other monsters is really cool and reminds me of Pokemon, but it is just really repetitive. You have two characters to play as and so the storyline is mixed with you playing as both of them. They don't play much different and also you're going through the same game world and fighting the same enemies. But I do like it none the less and do want to beat it.

4. Dragon Quest 6 Realms of Revelations


Ok so I bought this game the day it came out and really enjoyed it and sunk in about 10 hours after a couple of days, but then there was an annoying boss that I couldn't beat and I didn't want to grind so I gave up. This is an rpg where I know you have to sink a lot of time into so the summer is the perfect time to do that.

5. Dragon Age 2


Despite how much I love the first Dragon Age I have never even played this. I bought this on Black Friday last year for $14 brand new and never even played it. I know boo me, but I now really want to play it and that is exactly what I'm going to do.

6. Infinite Undiscovery


Its not that this game is bad, but I just stopped playing it after a couple of hours because I got frustrated after you get inside the castle level in the beginning ( if you played this game you might know). So yeah I keep getting killed and don't know what to do so I might just start up a new playthrough and play the game from scracth.

7. Metroid Prime Hunters


I love this game. It works perfectly on the ds with nice controls unfortunatly like many other metroid games I don't like backtracking all too much so I don't know what to do. None the less this game needs to be beat.

Blog #2: Wizards, Cowboys, and Aliens O'my why'd I spend so much money?

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Hello people if you don't get the refrences in the title I will explain it like this. It has been quite a while since I've been to a movie theater and actually seeing a movie during it's launch date. Over the past two weeks I've seen two movies that I have regretted spending $20 for simply because I felt they weren't good. Now I know I am going to get lots of hate and criticism for this first movie, but I will try to back up my point as best as I can without offending any fans. I am of course talking about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Now as we can see Severus Snape doesn't look so cheerful. Even though this scene involving one of the most mysterious characters is dramatic and awesome there are far few scenes that hold as much caliber as this one. And that is the main reason why I was not so cheerful when I walked out of the theater realizing that I just watched a dissappointment. Now I know what you're thinking and I will tell you so you're not confused. I am not mad at this movie because it is a little different from the book. No I am mad because it was like the book and then some. I will explain it as best as I can to all of you Potter fanboys, I DID NOT LIKE THE DEATHLY HALLOWS!!!!!!!!!! Wow never expected that, but yes I never liked the book. It had too much going on for me to actually care about it. I felt like the Horcruxes were just Rowling's scheme to make the book longer( and I will explain why I feel that), there are also plenty of characters that I felt were just cut off just for the purposes of being cut off without any reasoning. It was too long, there was bad dialogue and it was too much for me to handle. Now the movies adapting this book do almost the exact same thing, but do it with even more annoyances that make me not want to like them. I am one of those people that feel that there shouldn't have been two parts to this movie. Why, you ask? Because it ruins the pacing. Right in the beginning of this film we're introduced to an awkward discussion about the Deathly Hallows and then all of sudden break into Gringotts and 20 minutes after that a battle that happens out of nowhere. The problem with this is that there is hardly any time for character interaction. If you have them doing all these mundane tasks just to do another mundane task just to finally conquer the villian it feels like it's not real. Another thing that made me mad was that bad jokes and humour were thrown into what would be a dangerous situation just to have a quick laugh. One example is where Neville Longbottom is standing on the edge of a bridge right before the Battle of Hogwarts. All of sudden thousands of snatchers and deatheaters charge full on and they look like they're about to do some heavy business. But then 3 of them get disintegrated because there is a shield charm protecting the school. Now that Neville is out of danger you'd think he would be glad he's alive and run back to tell the others that there are thousands of enemies standing outside doing nothing. Perfect chance to attack right. Nope. Instead he tells them, "Yeah you and what army". The camera than zooms in on the whole army of death eaters that Neville is mocking. After that the whole audience( mainly adults and teenage girls) start laughing. Way to take a situation that should be important and just ruin it for comic relief. There are far more instances of bad dialogue that are worse than that, but I thought that example would be sufficient enough. Remember when I said that the Horcruxes were just to make the the book and now the movie longer? It seems that they're just there to fill up time mainly because it feels like you're in a fetchquest. No lie. It's like you're playing the most stressful and boring fetch quest of your life. Sure you do a lot of work to find one of those objects, destroy it, but wait it does absolutley nothing. You find out that there is 6 more of those same objects out there that you have to destroy in order to kill Voldemort. All I can say is that Deathly Hallows Part 1 and the the first half of the book were boring because of that. Lastly I did not like this movie because it took the things I liked and loved about the first 4 movies and didn't use them. Mainly the magic. The first four movies had discovery and intrigue and mystery and there was always a new adventure every time with something different, but this movie just has Hollywood cliches and predictability and it felt like none of that magic was there. I was hoping that David Yates would stray from the plot of the book to make it more like a satisfying conclusion instead of just something that's happened so many times. After the credits rolled and the lights came back on I was sad. Not just becasue I wasted my money, but also becasue I saw the frachise of some of my favorite movies conclude with dissatisfaction. Say what you want, but I am always going to love the first 4 Harry Potter movies as they were part of my childhood. And I will just take this movie and it's counterparts as just meh. I'm not saying I hated it, but I just wanted something more. I'll probably come around sometime in the future and think differently about it, but at the moment I'm sticking with my opinion. Now to talk about the other movie I've seen recently which is Cowboys and Aliens.

Man what a pose that fits a cowboy. However the funny thing is, is that they don't explain during this movie how he uses that thing. Before this movie came out I already knew what it was going to be like, but I had to see for myself whether I was right or wrong, and sadly I was right. This movie is bad.........very bad. John Favreau, the director of the two Iron Man movies and Thor tried to tackle this project expecting people to be pulled in because it incorporates two genres we all love, science fiction and western. However yet again Hollywood proves that they're the king of cliches and predictability with dull characters, mixed up plot and subplots and bad dialogue. Daniel Craig who plays our protaganist is in a desert not remembering who he his and has a strange iron band on his wrist. Of course not showing any concern and justhaving a monotone attitude that he's well known for he rides off into town where he gets arrested, because in reality he's an outlaw. Funny thing is he can't remember anything including his name or where he came from. Wow another one of these find yourself by somehow piecing back your memory just to find out how to solve the day. Oh wait, but he needs that feminine lead to help him thought that. So here comes Olivia Wilde proving that nothing good comes out of nothing. She somehow knows what is on Craig's wrist and tells him that she can help him. When all of a sudden alien spaceships start blowing up the town and capture residents of the town including the son of Harrison Ford. Who believe it or not is more of an antagonist than a hero mainly because he's a jack a$% to everyone because he owns a ranch that funds all of the money for the town. So if you can't guess what's going to happen already Craig and Ford saddle up hoping to find the aliens and save their loved ones. While at the same time Craig pieces up more of his memories to find out who he is. I am so getting sick of stories like this where it is leading me to the point of insantiy. It's just sad that there isn't any creativity in movies anymore and that the entertainment market is being flooded with these clones of movies we've already seen. And that is the main reason why I do not like this movie. It is way too predictable. You already know what is going to happen right before you even see this. Just watch the trailer and you could put everything together without even trying. Ireally wouldn't complain about this if the movie didn't take itself seriously, but that sad thing is, is that it does. If this movie is supposed to be serious how can you take it serious when you know all of this is a load of STUPIDNESS piled in manure. This movie is just here as filler space and is not anything that is worth your time at all. I don't even need to talk more about it because there's nothing else to talk about, it's just pointless. You already know what this movie is about and me just rambling on about this just gave you a complete summary without even trying. I'm sorry that the talents of Craig and Ford were wasted in this garbadge and not something worth watching. Overall I am more mad at my myself because I actually paid money to watch this.

So yeah, not much else to say. People are entitled to their opinion so if you like these films, good for you. But I didn't so don't take offense or try to get mad at me. It's just something I feel and it's not like it's the end of the world or anything. I hope I at least gave you somewhat of an idea of what these movies are if you haven't seen them and if you have I would be glad to have a genuine, non-criticizing or hurtful discussion with you depending on what you want to talk about. Well that's pretty much it. A lot of writing, but I'm done right now until I write another blog. Until that day however I am 15masterchief and I will be signing off.

Blog #1: Saying hi and whats happening

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Hello people who are tracking my gamespot page or people that are just passing by on the Fuse. I just thought right now that if I do have people tracking my page I might as well start a blog just to get people interested. I tried blogging a couple of times on here, but no one was following them or at least I thought but anyways I'm going to try again however I might stop if I feel like it's a waste of time or if no one cares.

My name is Parker but you can just call me 15masterchief. I know it's kind of a stupid name. It's actually my Youtube name and I didn't want to create something different becasue then I would just get everythig mixed up. The history behind it isn't very special as I made it so I could make a Youtube account quickly without any problems. So I thought of a number and at the time it was the 15th ofMayand I was creating this account right after playing a game of Halo 3 with my friend at his house. So I just decided to roll with that without thinking of any consequences and I totally regret it. Nothing about this name is interesting and makes me look like a Halo fanboy even though I don't own or have played all of the games. It's just something thats there so I don't want people to judge me by my name. As I mentioned I have a Youtube account and you can gladly look me up on there and check my videos. At the moment I'm kind of on a hiatus at the moment because I am having issues with my audio for my webcamera. You see I record my videos with the webcamera built into my laptop and at the moment every time I try to make a video there is no sound.....so yeah it's kind of an annoyance but I'm still trying to fix it. If you want to know what kind of videos I make it is simply gaming videos with some rants and reviews tied in there. I love the gaming community on Youtube as there are a lot of fun people to watch and I would highly recommend making a Youtube account if you don't already have one just to check out some of the talented people on there and also to learn a lot about gaming.

I also write game reviews on a website called reviewmygames.webs.com. It is a site run by my friend Brad more formerly known as reviewmygames. You can also check out his Youtube channel if you like and also check out the website. And if any one feels like they want to write reviews on the website as well then you could freely ask me or Brad and we would be glad to add you as a reviewer. I know you can write reviews on here, but I guess it's simpler to make reviews on an independent website becasue Gamespot can block or delete your reviews depending on what you write and it might just be easier to do that. And if anyone is going to ask I will not reviews games on here simply for the reasons I just mentioned and also because there's enough people reviewing games on here.

So thats basically a gist about me and what I somewhat do on the Internet. I know this first blog is kind of boring, but I will be sure to update it with better topics in the upcoming days. Most of the topics diccused will be things on my mind or just things that deal with things I like such as anime, manga, movies, videogames, or comics, etc. If you read this entire thing I applaud you because it is a lot, but its just something to inform people about me and what they'll see in this blog. I hope people at least take a chance to read or check out my blog and comments are always appreciated. So yeah thats pretty much it, I'm 15masterchief and I'll be signing off.