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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Schedule, & other things

Unfortunetly, you can't send invites to certain people{or whoever is on, for that matter} from w/in the game. Therefore, My Super Smash Bros. Brawl schedule Mon-Thu.: 4pm-11pm EST/DST anytime I'm on after 11pm, I'll generally be on till 1am, or 2am. Fri-Sat.: 4pm-11pm, anytime I'm on after 11pm, I'll generally be on till 3am Sun: Same as Mon-Thu., except I am off from 8pm-9pm, & then i get back on at 9pm. These times I listed, do not mean I absolutely will be on at those times. These times in the more general sense only reflect when I'll probably{as in "most likely to"} be on, not definitely. For conveniance, I'm also going to try to include in every one of my blogs my Wii Friend Code{abbreviated FC}, my Brawl code, my Mario Kart code{when I get the game at the end of this month}, & any other of my game codes. For now, this is it. Wii FC: 7239-1283-3360-1745 Brawl code:3136-6357-8439 MKW: N/A as of now Some people don't know where their code is. The location of games code is different for each game. Generally, the game's code is a 12 digit{divided into 3 groups of 4} code that is made by combining the game code, w/ the Wii code, to create a new unique code, so if you sell{or give away} the game, or the Wii, your idenity doesn't get sold{or given away}. The Wii FC never changes. It is always the same number, availible always in the same location. From your Wii main menu, click the letter icon at the bottom right of the screen. Now you're in the Wii message board. Now, you should see 3 icons: the Wii icon at the bottom right, where the letter icon was, the calendar at the bottom left, & next to the calendar is the create message icon{paper, & pencil icon}. Click the paper, & pencil icon{create message}. Now, you have yet again 3 choices. This time: memo{far left option}, send a letter to someone on your friends list{middle option}, & Address book{far right option}. Choose Address Book. the 1st page of the address book is your Wii console's #. You, & someone else must give your FCs to each other, & enter them on your respective Wii FC lists. Then, when you 2 are online, your consoles will "talk" to, & registar each other. Now, when your WiiConnect24/7 is on, you can send/receive messages to your buds. Now, for the final part of this blog entry, I'm going to try, & start syncing my blogs, also include in future blogs my alternate game site idenities, so people can still access/contact me, should one site go down, or if I'm on 1, more than the other. I'm know as: CaptN at Gametrailers.com 1357900 at GameSpot.com, GameFaqs.com

My Brawl code

Here is my Super Smash Bros. Brawl code info: My name's CaptN. location: New Jersey, U.S.A. I'm on wi-fi at least generally once, or twice daily between 4pm-11pm EST, among other times I'm on. Of course, now I'm on DST. I'm not too hot a player, but I am improving. Brawl code: 3136-6357-8439 PM me when/if you add me. As I say in Brawl, "Let's Have At It!". Hope to See Ya Online!

It's all the same! So, I'm staying here at GS!

GameSpot is own by Cnet Gametrailers is owned by Spike, who is owned by MTV Networks{Viacom} IGN is owned by Fox Networks 1up is owned by Ziff Davis Holdings{ZDnet is connected to/owned by Cnet} My point is, all these sites are connected to a network. Note that I didn't say the same network; I said a network. Thus, all these sites advertise in some various ways, shapes, & forms. So, bias is on almost every game site. As I've said in my blog, twice before, & as I'm saing now, it is a matter of Pick Your Poison. I'm not saying I'm convinced that Jeff getting canned wasn't a shaddy looking deal, but All games sites pull these tricks. It's just that Cnet got caught w/ dirty hands, if this is a dirty deal. It's almost always better to: 1. have accounts at multiple gaming sites, & 2.listen to other player reviews, mostly, as opposed to site editors reviews Doing These nearly ensure that if you investigate a game clearly by researching it, you'll find it's easier to get a handle on the state of a game being good, or bad. You can't trust only one site. I'm staying at GS for the community. But, I also am at other game sites. I don't know about any of you other Cnet Entertainment users, but I'm staying.

The fireing of Jeff Gerhsmann

All game sites are prone to this, & participate/take part in these types of activities. The only difference here, is that Cnet/GS got caught with their hands dirty. If they could've covered this up, it's a sure bet they would've. As I said, other game sites take part in these activities daily, we just don't know about it, cause they generally cover their tracks, pretty well. So like I said today in my short blog about this, I really don't know if I'll stay here, or not, because the situation's just as bad elsewhere. So, it's really a matter of, as I said in my blog, "Pick Your Poison". I never trusted the score system here anyway. I always only looked at the in depth portion of reviews here anyway. On top of that, I mostly only read the GS user reviews, & very rarely, more like occasionally, the actual staff reviews. I don't remember for how long, but Cnet has been moderatly waning in quality over some time. And they're a business. So, I'm kinda not really surprised. The various opinions of Jeff, & myself may not have always been in step w/ one another, but what's the point is that he gave his honest opinion. And that's part of what journalism is about; Giving the facts about something, then giving their own spin on any given issue, only after the facts have been given. Should this be true, The only thing that, from my point of view can redeem GS, is if they bring back Jeff, &/or give him an apology, or GS should give a legitimate reason why they fired a senior editor of 10 years. If he got canned for doing something he legitimately shouldn't have been doing, I can accept that. But if he got severed, for just giving his honest opinion, then that's just knocked both Cnet/GS down a few points w/me, as it concerns creditbility, & anti-censorship. This is unfortunetly, ... corporate America. I guess I'm just dissappointed in Cnet, & GS. but like I said, I'm not really surprised, since I've know for awhile about Cnet falling from grace at a moderate paceing for the past while. The sad thing is, this guy just lost his job, for doing his job. *sarcasim*->Maybe he didn't get the memo, ...Cnet, & GS are now making their editors' opinions for them. maybe he did, & choose to be the rebel, or maybe he did it to stand up for his pride, & integrity. Personally, I've noticed as of late GS is a little more internet-gustapo-ish, & strict on things. For instance, a month, or so ago I got a warning for "bumping a topic" w/ a "rant". What's interesting is, in the GS TOS, there is no exact definition, of what amount of time needs to pass that posting on an older topic constitutes a ban, or a warning. As a matter of fact, there is very little definitive rules in this "bumping" issue. I guess for most of the TOS, they{Cnet, & GS} expect me to use common sence, or be clarivorant to keep in check. I guess they do want people to do just that, so that people don't purposely come to the edge/threashold of TOS violation, w/o going over the edge so they technically can't get in trouble. Anyway, I'm posting this exact post on my blog.

Jeff...Gone?! Rumor? Unfair Actions? What?!

So, a "senior editor" is gone, or dismissed, fired, or ...something. I've seen some blogs; Those knee-jerk reactions from people. I don't know the full story. I know that somewhere I read something about a game company pulling the financial plug, because Kane, & Lynch got a poor review. I don't know the story on Jeff, but I do know that most game sites get some sort of financial kickbacks from game companies, & in return, the game reviews on said sites, are in favor of said games being good. I'm awaiting further details on this whole issue. If Jeff got canned for giving his honest review on game{s}, then I am not sure if I will leave GS, or not. Because any other review site I go to, will, more than likely, have it's own share of untrustworthy, money-driven reviews, &/or maybe some other unsavory things. So, it's a matter of "Pick Your Poison!". Anyway, this whole thing may be just an inflated rumor. At worst, it sheds light on the already-known fact, that game reviews sites, get financial kickbacks from game companies/developers, to in return make their games desirible to buy, by way of giving said games positive ratings.

"Monday, Monday,...

Can't trust that day." Those words are true for me. I got up late, but I just started getting back to my audio editing I do on an XM program I record called Wax Your Woody. I did some minor editing to my Gamespot exstention of my profile. Also trying to get back into the habit of commenting on others' blogs, & blogging more often, myself. Haven't downloaded any new VC{Virtual Console} games for my Nintendo Wii. Nintendo adds 3 new titles every Monday at 12p.m. eastern time. I can't wait until Nintendo adds Super Mario RPG, for the Super Nintendo. i'm like Garfield the cat, "I hate Mondays." On the flip side, though, it's the last week of September. Pay day's this Friday! Oh Yeah, I'm feelin' it! :) And I just seen Chuck on NBC. That's funny!;) And if I can get this record player fixed, I'll be ripin' my old records to mp3's. Ah well, one thing at a time, I guess; Gotta pace it all out.;)

Nintendo Wii Zapper

Tomarrow, Tuesday the 11th, gamespot will probably have the Wii Zapper news- that A Zelda crossbow style game, is included with the Wii Zapper. The fact that it's a Zelda game, most notably the fact that it's in the Twilight Princess style enviorment, is just a way to sell the Wii Zapper. Supposedly, the Wii Zapper is a lot more accurate at pointing , than just pointing the Wii remote{aka Wii-mote} itself. The ironic twist is, that as of now, both the Wii Zapper, & Wii Steering wheel, are both just nothing more, than a Wii-mote with an appendage. So essentially, you're just buying a regular Wii-mote, with a fancy shaped appendage to it. That means that either the Wii-mote by itself isn't good at pointing accurately, or NIntendo just wants to sell a gimmick by saying it provides better accuracy, than a stand-alone Wii remote. Now granted, the steering wheel, as of now, will come bundled with Mario Kart for the Wii, next January, as of now. But the Wii Zapper has software come with it, making the Wii Zapper look more delicious to buy. And of all franchises of software, Nintendo's including a Zelda title, knowing the Zelda name will move the Wii-Zappers off store shelves. I'm not complaining, but I think Nintendo is very crafty doing such a thing. How do I know Gamespot will have an article on this probably tomarrow, or this week? Because I just read the article at Nintendo.com. So what am I doing game-wise now? Well, all I have to do is beat the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials twice in Super Paper Mario, & aside from collecting catch cards, & getting all the recipies, I'll have beat the game. But I'm not gonna stop playing it. I've also been playing my other birthday games on my Wii; the ones I downloaded through the Wii's Virtual Console. The VC system is fun, but expensive. In just a while, I'll be maybe watching Superfriends, then definitely Kim possible at 12:30 a.m. Oh yeah, I also tonight played my NES Super Mario Bros. 2{using my actual cartridge, & NES conole}, & beat it. that's something I haven't played in a while. Very refreshing! Well, that's it for now. Questions to answer: Do any of you play video games? And if so, Do you consider yourself a hard-core gamer?

404, brain not found.

As of moments ago, I now have posted to tv.com boards 404; just like that ol' internet error message: 404, Page Not Found. I'm a bit tired. Going to bed soon. And because I'm tired, with each passing minute, my brain is giving me more, & more 404's. Where I'm sleepy, my brain is shutting down my highest logical thinking abilities. I'm going to bed soon. Good night, everyone!

Caped Shego

I'm now watching the KP megathon on Disney, before the KP 2-part series finale, "Graduation". I just seen "A Sitch In Time"., &Shego looks cool in a cape. Makes her looksuperhero-ish.

Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash- The Whole Justice League!

People who recognize my avatar know my favorite superhero- Green Lantern. Not just any GL; The definitive GL, & my favorite: Hal Jordan. Amidst "surfin' the net"{including this site}, I have discovered that, fortunetely, DC scrapped the idea of having {an interested} Jack Black{who wanted to}, star as, & in a Green Lantern movie. Last I read, WB/DC seems to be scrapping the ideas of the other Justice League characters' own movies, & instead, channeling their efforts, into making a Justice League movie. Most message boards online are in the same position: if a Justice League movie will be, that the difinitive actors for Supes, & Bats, should be, Routh, & Bail, respectively. However, Green Lantern fans still want the "Emerald Crusader" to have his own movie.
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