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finally, i get in touch

I finally was able to get the internet connection hooked up, and now I can go on reguraly

I'm reporting from my new home In north carolina

It's pretty cool here, We live a only about 2 miles from the beach

That was one big reason I couldn't get the Internet hooked up, the weather

Tropical storm Hannah hit us and we lost power

well, i'm here!

The move is tomorrow

my senior class starts tuesday

I've enrollled and i already know a lot of kids there

This is a much better look on my college application that I studyed at a highly well-knowned north carolina high school

I've applyed to 3 colleges already

University of Maryland

Florida state

And i've applyed to Butler

Rejected from butler, Accepted to Maryland and Florida

I have one more college I want to apply to

And that is michigan

Even though I am like only one of the 29 african-american kids in the whole senior class, i think i'll fit in

we talk alot differently here in Outside D.C

We lived here in Prince georges county Maryland, one of the most crime polluted areas in the state

I've seen the white house and the washington monument oh, 50, 55 times in my life. I don't really think there all that special anymore

living in D.C has been a great experience, but now I have to leave my friends and my school, possibly forever.

I don't know which college i'm gonna choose, if I choose Maryland i'll be back in College park

If I choose florida state, it'll be completely different

If I choose Michigan (Depending on if i'm accepted) It'll be weird, because then i'll have to pick up northern accent

I enjoy living on the atlantic coast, I might stay here

Well this is my last blog from D.C

Goodbye Lincoln memorial

Goodbye house

Goodbye Capital building

and goodbye amanda (My girlfriend)

Tic-tacs/ Senior class/ North carolina

I like Tic-tacs

Especially fresh mint

I'm Going into my senior class

Class of 2009! And by the way, are family is moving to North Carolina next week

So next blog is a special "Goodbye Nations capital" blog

guess who's back!


Sorry, I said i'd be home on thw 10th but our flight got delayed

and we've been at BWI airport for hours for our bags

but i'm back!


I just watched












Pool Toys












level 8

i just got on for the first time in days and now i noticed i am on level 8


number 51/ why i completely forgot

Hi guys, this is my 51st blog post....

as you know i was anticipating this for quite a bit

and i stopped anticipating when my dog was sick, and then i completely forgot i had 50 blog posts

but i remembered that this is the one, a new emblem awaits


so, in honor of my 51st blog post, i will change my icon (Which i've only had for 2 days :lol: ) to the blog post emblem, cya