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BIONITE: Origins Begins 2nd Campaign

We have an IndieGoGo campaign coming up September 1st to help continue development and finish the game. You can Like BIONITE's Facebook page if you want and get the Multiplayer game free, when it's finished. If you have any questions about the game, I'd be glad to answer them for you. :)

We will have a new trailer, screenshots and a lot more to show everyone September 1st.

Platoon Studios sent over a press release unveiling a new IndieGoGo campaign for BIONITE: Origins, a futuristic, first-person shooter and real-time strategy hybrid for the PC and iOS platforms. The core gameplay consists of piloting hovertanks in first-person, destroying other tanks or structures, commanding your squad to attack/defend certain targets, and a full strategy mode with base-building in the Strat game-mode.
Powered by Unreal 3 Engine, BIONITE: Origins will be released digitally through Steam and other distribution sites.




Giving away BIONITE: Origins Multiplayer Free for the first 800 Likes on FB!


Everyone who has Liked us on Facebook so far will get a FREE copy of BIONITE: Origins Multiplayer when it's finished and the next 500 (going up to 800) people who Likes us will get a FREE copy of Multiplayer too! This will include the full Multiplayer for free, a free Player Profile Page, plus 2 months free subscription for the Ranked Servers. The Ranked Server subscription includes the Persistent Worlds, Stat Tracker System and the Command & Ranking Systems. This will all be accessible through our website.

BIONITE: Origins now on Kickstarter + Extended Trailer!

We're proud to say we finally finished the Extended Teaser and our Kickstarter page. The extended teaser is only viewable on Kickstarter for the next few days. We ask, if you can, to become a Backer of the Game, if you can afford it. Your support will give us the means to finish this Project and make it the best possible game it can be.

Click the image below to visit our Kickstarter page
User Posted Image

Also, we kindly ask, that everyone please spread the word about our new teaser and Kickstarter page--we only have a month to raise the funds we need, and we'll be able to do even more with this Game if it exceeds its funding amount. If it's through game forums, your signature, facebook, twitter, face-to-face or any other possible way to get the word out, then we thank you!

BIONITE: Origins is a reinvented genre - eFPS, or "extended FPS". A hover-tank video game created by hybridizing two of the world'smost populargaming genres - First-Person Shooter & Real-Time Strategy.

We are reinventing the FPS/RTS game genre and creating a newgaming experience in the video game world. The concept is to reintroduce the FPS/RTS genre in a more simplified & refined fashion to reach out to a wider audience, while still staying true to the hardcore FPS/RTS gamers.

To do this, we have to maintain a perfect balance of first-person shooter with a simplified real-time strategy HUD, so that any gamer can pick this game up and not have assteep of a learning curve as previous illustrations in this genre.

BIONITE: Origins will be release on Steam for the PC, but the possibilities could be endless with the Game on other platforms.

User Posted Image

BIONITE: Origins iOS/Andorid App!

Here is a demonstration of the upcoming App we're going to have. Still much more work to do--that is why this is for demonstration purposes. Still some minor design work left too that I have to finish tonight. :cool:

BIONITE: Origins - A Slew of Content

BIONITE: Origins is a developing FPS/RTS Hybrid Hover Tank Game that takes place on Venus, Mars, the Moon and Europa--for the PC.

Just to give the guys who don't want to or can't go on our facebook page or twitter (which is tempoarilry down)--I'm going to show everyone some of the hard work that's already been put into this game by a very passionate team. We started a content countdown over on facebook leading to a surprise we have for everyone. Also, we want to make this game about the public. We're really confident in our game so we're going to be having public betas that people will be able to sign up for on our website--which is due to come out soon as well and help us build this game too.We like to think of this game as a community game.

Anyways, enough talking.




That's it for now guys. If you do happen to have facebook please do like us and help spread the word! It would be greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for much more to come in the near future!

Dan Rhodenizer,
Platoon Studios.

Countdown to teaser time--BIONITE: Origins

BIONITE: Origins is a developing FPS/RTS Hybrid Hover Tank Game that takes place on Venus, Mars, the Moon and Europa--for PC.

We have started our content countdown campaign on facebook & twitter leading up to the release of the official website and another big surprise you'll have to follow!

Explore the harshest and most exotic environments ever known to mankind--from the diabolic world of Venus to the blood red planet of Mars.

Return to the spiritual feel of Battlezone 1998-- reborn into the modern gaming world.

Pilot state-of-the-art hover war-machines powered by anti-gravity devices and jet propulsion--allowing you to execute agile maneuvers and access the most brutal topography.

Issue fast paced tactical commands to A.I. wing-men to support you in your mission.