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Picture missing and forum twitching

Ok, this is just plain weird.For one, I don't see the logic behind Gamespot's invention of the new and ,,Improved'' Forum system, it is just wrong. Ok, so it added the bald, italic, and underlined text, but was that really necessary? and they added tons of other icons 90% of people don't even use. The new forum system is really bugged, and every time I press Enter to skip a row, the forum ignores my spaces, and then I have to correct them later my self. Second, my avatar keeps disappearing from time to time, and it is really annoying. I got the name, I got the sig, but the most important part, the Avatar, just keeps going away for a brake. Not to mention that those three aspects of this user are somewhat connected, but that doesn't matter.


Ok, we dont know why, but we couldn't make a blog, for like ages. Finnaly we got a chance. Hallelujah 1211212112, we are two people. Dejan, who created this user, and a friend, Alexander who is using it more than Dejan, and leveling it up. He has also shanged some things, and for that, he will pay Ok, so we will just put the basics: Dejan - A person who is always in touch, knows numbers, and can't live without his cellfone. He is in contact with almoust everyone, and he likes it when people call him ,, The information Service ''. Likes nothing more than a good Raid in World of Warcraft ( Just bought BC recently ), and a good battle with his 2500point Ogre Kingdoms army ( he likes it even more when he wins, duh ). That would be it. He lives a simple life, but very tidy ( but he is not a dust freak ), and likes it when things are too easy. Swore to be the best Dranei Shaman that the World ( of Warcraft ) has ever seen. Often is happy and in a good mood, ready to laugh his pants off. Alexander - a very weird person, who refused to see any of his bio written in public, and so it was removed.