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Love this song

I've just started getting into Florence and the Machine, and while searching for one of her other songs on Youtube, I found this:

Werewolf-themed songs are usually pretty cool, and this one is no exception. I love the Wolfman quote near the end; it's always been one of my favorite movies. :)

Remembering the days when fish were the most exciting pets ever

A few days ago my little brother persuaded me to take him to a nearby pet store to look at kittens. I don't know why he wanted to go; we have two indoor and two outdoor cats, but I needed to get out of the house, so I wasn't complaining. As he was cooing over a litter of kittens with some bizarre gene that gave them six front toes and five back ones, I wandered over to the nearby betta fish stand. I loved bettas when I was younger, and I still think that they are one of the most beautiful and easy pets to have. There was one betta in a little display tank, and it was noticeably happier than its companions, which were stuck into those tiny betta cups. As I watched the little red fellow doing flips and twists, I was reminded of why I like bettas so much.

1) They're easy to care for. Sure, they require some work, but less than cats, dogs, or mice (a horrible experience :()

2) While they are perfectly happy in large tanks, they can live comfortably in tanks that hold as little as one gallon of water (anything smaller is cramped)

3) They are extremely beautiful, and come in a variety of colors (I had one with a gold head and white body, with a blue shimmer on his fins :))

What you can get from selective breeding

4) They have distinct personalities. I had one fish that was shy, one that would spaz when he saw me, one that would do little flips out of his bowl when it was feeding time, and one that would rearrange the rocks in his bowl until he was satisfied. I was kinda shocked at how much personality these little guys had, actually.

5) They are pretty darn smart. I trained almost all of them to come when called, do little jumps for food, and get into the net when it was time to change their water. That last one was pretty hard though. :P

6) They're tough little things. Story time! My family was going out of town for a week, and I was reluctant to leave my little betta (that gold and white one I mentioned earlier) alone in a house with a cat. But I fed him a lot before I left, and I sent my dad home once during the trip to check on him. My dad said that he was fine, and blowing a nice little bubble nest. Two days later we came home and I rushed upstairs to check on my buddy. I was horrified. The bowl had been tipped into the sink, and every drop of water had dried up. The plant from his bowl was half dead. And there lay my betta, shriveled and dry. With a heavy heart, I went to scoop him up and toss him in the toilet. The minute my finger touched his side, he twitched. I freaked out and put him in a cup of water. He lived for about six more months before dying of old age (fish from the pet store are usually already three years old).

So there you have it. Six reasons why betta fish are nice pets. Man, I want one now...

Creepy :(

Just watched a horror movie. Come upstairs, jump on Gamespot to check up on some threads. On a whim, I look out my bedroom window. It's pitch black, and the moon is yellow, with creepy ragged clouds all around it.

I'm gonna stay up a little later than I thought....

My new favorite movie...

Long post ahead! :D

When I was a wee thing (8 years ago), my grandmother would come over to my house around once a week and babysit my siblings and I. She always brought a movie or two for us to watch. Usually they were Disney cartoons. You know, kid stuff. Tarzan, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Cinderella, etc.

Every once in a while, she'd bring us an old film from the 70s or 80s. Most of them bored me, so I don't remember them too well. Once she had us watch Jaws. I was afraid of baths, pools, the ocean, lakes, ponds, and probably even puddles for months. But what I remember the most was Labyrinth.

I don't know anyone my age who has ever heard of this movie. From what I understand, it's a little obscure. It shouldn't be. It stars David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, and George Lucas is somehow involved (a quick IMDB search didn't yield much information there). I've read that what brought this movie down was its marketing. It's not really aimed at any particular age group, so trailers and such didn't appeal to that many people. Here it is below:

(sorry, I'm not sure how to insert vids into these posts; if you even can)

Looking at the trailer, I can see why it wouldn't send people flooding to the theater. It honestly doesn't do the movie justice. So I'll give you a quick low-down, spoiler-free (as if you were gonna watch it anyway :P).

Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) is a bratty little thing. She complains constantly and treats her stepmother like dirt. One night her little brother won't stop crying. In a fit, she wishes that the goblins would come and take him away. Her wish is granted, and she immediately regrets it. The Goblin King (David Bowie) tells her that she has 13 hours to get to his castle, which is in the center of a massive labyrinth, before he turns her brother into a goblin and keeps him forever. Cue adventure.

This film scared the poop out of me. There are nasty little creatures that can pull their limbs and heads off, creepy goblins snatching children from their beds, and a room full of Escher staircases. About a week ago, however, I saw Labyrinth spoofed, and I decided that I wanted to see it again. Reliving my childhood and all that.

So I pestered my grandmother until she rented it for me. We watched it twice in a row. I loved every second of it.

It was nice to see some puppet creatures instead of CGI creatures; there's a certain realism there that CGI cannot attain. The entire world is trippy and backwards, but in a good, The Neverending Story-ish way. Unlike some movies, you can actually see Sarah grow and develop into a more mature person as a result of her journey. And the songs are insanely catchy. I've been singing "Magic Dance" and "Within You" for days.

Now, I've never been a Bowie fan, but he sold this movie. He's perfect as the Goblin King, and his voice is amazing (kinda reminds me of a purring cat at times), along with his juggling. By far the best character. And he's... oddly attractive. :shock: Just google 'Goblin King Labyrinth.' You'll see what I mean. Or maybe you won't. :P

But one of the best things about Labyrinth is that you can interpret it in a variety of ways. Was the whole thing in Sarah's head? Is the Underground a real place? Are the characters real, or do they represent different aspects of Sarah's personality? Personally, I'm of the opinion that the labyrinth is real, but is influenced by whoever happens to be running it at that time.

If you haven't seen this movie and you like musicals, fantasy, David Bowie, muppets, or all of the above, this is a must-see for you. I mean, come on. It's $3.00 to rent it on iTunes.

tl;dr: Watch this movie. Now.

Just want your opinion...

Wow, it's been AGES. Times flies. :P Anyway, to the reason I'm making this blog:

I've been thinking about getting a naval piercing for a while. I live in Florida, where my tummy is bared often, and there is a professional piercing saloon near me. I have the stomach for it too.

However, I'm not a slut, and I don't want to send that message. Also, I'll only be showing the piercing at the beach.

Do you guys think I should do it? Are belly button rings cute or not?

It's been too long!

It's been way too long! I just have a quote for ya'll. :)

"The price of being a sheep is boredom. The price of being a wolf is loneliness. Choose one or the other with great care." -Hugh MacLeod

Just something to think about. It's been proven true in my own life more times than I can count.