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!!!!First Entry in 3 Months so I better get some Dang Comments!!!!

Hope you haven't forgot about me. I've never posted in a long time because I've never had the time. So anyways I'm getting Galaxy tomorrow. I hope its as good as they say. I also hope it doesn't take a while to learn because I just wanna jump into it. Also I'm getting GH3 next week on Tuseday. It sucks butt I have to wait so Long to get it but thats when my mom gets paid.

Super Mario Strikers

Look"Here is what I was able to get from a Google Translation, apparently CoroCoro Comics ( a source for many Pokemon revealings) is going to release a guide on December 15 detailing all the characters in the Brawl. Is this really true, I cannot really understand the rest of the article based off of the horrid Google Translation, so some assistance from your Japanese understanding abilities might be necessary. If this does include all the characters in the game, hopefully, all flame wars on the Brawl character board will be put to rest. Thank you for your time."

Here was his response:

It does indeed say that all characters will be revealed alongside an issue of CoroCoro Comics magazine (in a separate booklet) on December 15, but then the article states that CoroCoro might just be showing all of the starting characters, not the secret characters. This would be very likely given what CoroCoro has pulled in the past in regards to Smash, and it would make sense that we'll have the full starting lineup of characters soon.

So we could find ourselves with the full starting roster soon. If Sakurai plans to release one character each week leading up to the release of this booklet, we are looking at four more characters being added to the starting roster that we do not know about yet, putting it at 25, exlcuding Sonic and Snake who are likely to be hidden. However, if it does include the full roster (including hidden)..... oh boy...
at the post below to see what I already have.

Virtual Console Games,Harry Potter

Okay So Lately I've become addicted to the Wii's Virtual Console. I was going to buy another card since Paper Mario comes out soon but instead I'm going to get Overlord on the 360. Here are my VC games:

Nes:Legend of Zelda,Super Mario Bros,Kirby Adventure,Ice Climber,Kid Icarus,Punch-Out,TMNT,Super Mario Bros 2,& Pac-Man

Snesonkey Kong Country,Super Mario World,LoZ a Link to the Past,& Diddy Kong's Quest,Super Castlevania 4,Mystical Ninja,& Street Fighter 2

N64:Super Mario 64,Mario Kart 64,Loz Ocarina of Time,& Star Fox 64

Genesis:ToeJam & Earl,Ristar,Ecco the Dolphin (it sucks),& Streets of Rage 2

Turbographx 16:Bonk's Adventure

Anyways I also just got the new Harry Potter game. Haven't played it yet but the movie was great.

Brawl Hints Clues

Thats right, just to make it simple, i wrote down things on the sight (www.smashbros.com) that waa either in the picture, OR in the text. 0% of these could be right... doubt it though.

Wings of Icarus- This either flies around freely then shuts deactivates, or pit simply gets less and less lift overtime.

The "hog" appears to be an item...
Wario Waft may be used to recover... (sends him up a bit in the picture)

in the final smash caption...(BambambambambamBAM!) the last bam in caps implies his final blow may be heavy...

"The only character whose apppearance hasn't changed from melee". This implies that all characters will either:
Make it into Brawl
Look different than Melee versions.

Reflector- "take it out to initiate" this implies it is NOT instant anymore.

lots of characters get "new flavor"... "if you thought they would all be the same..."
wait. they ALL? this implies all will make it again.
GigaKoops may be too big to make flinch = holy %$&#.

"You must recover!"
Mario makes an amazing comeback...

"Smash Attack"
Picture hints players won't flash yellow when charging...

"Standard Combos"
"others may do 3 slow swipes with a blade" Does this hint Ganondorf?

"4 kinds of control"
this text implies Brawl will have Rumble...

Delfino Plaza
Bowser Jr. ? (Each stage gets character logic is implied)
Lylat Cruise
Wolfen seen in backround during World Trailer. This implies Wolf... sorta...

Bridge of Eldin
Bulbin in video looks like it was gonna kamikaze the bomb...

Slider makes same exact entrance as Trailer 1 newcomers... K.K.Slider is implied here... ?

Gooey Bomb
seemed to stun characters when transferred... (anyone smell a free smash attack coming?)

wee... can stand on em. whoopee...

(What are ATs?)
in nintendog pic, Mario is awefully low... revealing what could be a super giant stage...

S. Goroh
runs while swinging.

Dr. Wright
possible temporary platform?

ssbb happened

Princess Peach
Pit (but was replaced by Jiggypuff)

Princess Peach (finally added to SSBM Roster)
Bowswer (Finally added to SSBM Roster)
Toad (was dropped)
Pit (couldn't added because he was difficult to create with his wings. Also Melee dont have aerial battle)
Diddy (Was dropped due to time restricted)
Wolf (was dropped due to time restricted)
Balloon Fighter (same reason as Pit. It was in Beta Verison)
Wario (was dropped due to time restriction)
Ridley (was dropped due to time restriction)
Snake (was dropped due to time restriction
Sonic (I am not sure if it is true but I heard that Sega did asked but Nintendo told them it was too late)