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No more Total Access for me!

Oh how the mighty have fallen. My Total Access subscription has run out and I'm thinking it isn't worth resubscribing when the benefits feel so minimal and the exclusivity so minor. Bit disappointing as I've been a TA subscriber for a long time, but the way things are now there isn't much reason to fork out the cash when you don't really get anything spectacular for it.

So back to joining the scruffy ranks of 'regular' users now. I feel dirty already.

No E3 chat makes me sad :(

Like all the cool kids blogging about this. I'm just going to say it's saddening to see the Chat won't be active during this years E3 broadcasts by Gamespot. Most disappointing as last years E3 had a brilliant atmosphere in the Chat and a lot of good discussion going on. I was looking forward to that same experience this year, I guess I'll have to make do some other way.