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finally beat ffx

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yesss after two years i finally beat ffx...and i must say the ending was depressing...

Xmen legends 2 and Timesplitters 3

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Yeaup so i got the games listed above...and im LOVIN them.  Although i still want to get my 60 in WoW, i'll be playing these games a bunch.

madden 06 is cool

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im not normally a madden fan, but this year i joined the hype. im loving all the additions and the superstart mode makes me wish that i played nfl street 2. i think ill be playing this game until the next madden

i bought wipeout pure

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well lke the title says i bought wipeout pure....actually incredibly fun, just makes you want to get gold...but anyways iw as trying to online thingy browser and i went to the store where i founda decent connection. i do the scan thing and i find it but when i ake the connection as well as set the dns server it says connection error..anybody know waht thats about?it would help if someone did.

i bought lumines and metal gear acid

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well lumines is awesome. very addictive and a unique concept that definitely should of came with the psp instead of me shelling out 40 bucks for it. but ti was worth it. metal gear acid is also awesome although i kno a lot of people would disagree. yeah its turn based(which i love) yeah it has cards (not so much) but its still an excellent game for those of you that love strategy. so im gonna go have fun with my two psp games heh

i bought a PSP =D

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yay i bought the psp value pack. bhut no games or anything else. bummer.

i need a new game to buy

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well before i couldn't buy games very much, just around the holidays. but now i have a job and can buy new games more often. i need a new game to play, preferably an fps. any good ones for ps2? and any good ones with bots?

The tekken union is awesome

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Well this is my first entry, so iom just gonna say the tekken union is awesome and i am an officer and im gonna hgelp make the union cool =D