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It has been a long time!

Wow! It has been quite a lot of time since i last posted a new blog. I actually dont have anything new except in gaming because i still didnt find any decent job yet.

Luckily one of my friends lent me inFamous 2, i later bought a used copy of Alpha Protocol. Then another friend lent me L.A. Noire. I started playing Alpha Protocol racked up a few hours then started playing inFamous, now i completed it for the second time enjoying both endings. After trying L.A. Noire for a while i felt bored, because i think when a game is sometimes over realistic it wont be a video game anymore. Many of the aspects of gameplay are really realistic, aside from the motion capture which i felt to be scary(but great!).

One of my friends who sells his PS3 games for really cheap prices got his PS3 YLoD'ed(fat), then in summer he bought a new one and started his trading business again. I sent him a pm on Facebook to notify me once he has games available to buy. After about a month he sent me a list with a brand new Mass Effect 2 game included for about $35. Too bad at that time i didnt have enough extra cash to buy it. About a 10 days a go i got some money and ready to buy it from him set an appointment and bought it on Sunday, started playing on Monday because i had to keep the PS3 overnight due to the Cerberus Pack download size. Nothing more can be said about it everyone knows what the game has to offer, it is pure fun till now and the story looks promising. I like that Illusive Man he reminds me of Liquid Ocelot (aka Revolver Ocelot) from MGS. I mean what else could you ask for in a game once you have a highly advanced Space Ship at your disposal?

Well it is time to go everyone hope you enjoy this year's school/university/college.

A New Beginning

First of all the bad news is that i stopped teaching my spoiled or over-spoiled students about month ago only to start a new job by working in a money exchange store. I have been teaching the student for about a year and a half but due to some problems with the parents i stopped. Though the child was suffering from loneliness and lucky for him a 20 year old gamer was a solution, which was me. I used to play with him Yu-Gi-Oh cards and some chess (not to forget PS3) just to get him to study then i decrease my interest a bit due to getting bored of his spoiled attitude. The stress peaked last month and by an un-respectful manner i was "fired". To complicate things if the childrens parents travel they put me in charge of teaching the 3 boys ages: 8, 10, 11(my student)........blah lets get to business.

My new job is almost same 100% responsibility because i have millions of Lebanese Liras(or Pounds) and thousands of dollars in my drawer. I meet alot of people from Europe like Germany and Great Britain. Alsoi sell prepaid mobile phone "dollars"(virtual) cards. Pretty interesting new experience but still in summer the work there will triple. The guy who i work for works in real estate too, so he has a lot of business people who could be potential opportunity for me to work in the future.

That was Kareem Nasser Reporting from Lebanon.....Over

It looks Bad!

Well i told someone to get me DAO Ultimate Edition but what he actually got was DAO and region 3 too. So my relative in Sweden is going to buy me the Ultimate Edition. After i bought the DAO and played it, i actually liked it a lot and found that an Ultimate Edition is worth it. So after i handled everything with my relative for the shipping and money transfer he is now waiting for me to send the money. What do you think is that a good decision.

Btw i am currently playing FFXIII hooked to the game i dont know why, also still waiting for the Animus Bug patch on ACB because i have been in the bug for over 14 days. For FO3 GotY edition i didnt complete it yet buti am thinking of selling it then buy Batman: Arkham Asylum (though i complete it on X360) because i want to buy Arkham City so like Assassins Creed i want the full experience and trophies :P. OR i can buy Just Cause 2 which i have played a bit, add to that i completed Just Cause 1 on PS2.

After the GT5 Event

First of all the GT5 event is closed and the winner was....check the website.

The marketing manager here told that she may call if there was another event, yup so that i can a become an official PlayStation buddy. :P There might be another competition after 6 months from now.

TRON??? I never heard of it before but after i have read some reviews of the game and movie then i concluded that it is a CyberPunk which i may like if i tried first. Buying the game is an afterthought for now but i may watch the movie in 3D.

P.S:Gonna keep reading the plot of the first movie which was released back in 1982 on Wikipedia.

At last but not least Merry Christmas to all. :)

A Gran Turismo 5 Event in Lebanon

I was elected topromote(as a blogger)the event and i received those details:

Major Update:

Qualifying Sessions for the Grand Final will still be taking place on both the 17th and 18th! (The final race will be held in the evening of the 18th once all qualifying has been logged)

Under 18's are now ALLOWED TO enter!

You can choose to race with either a steering wheel of PS controller!

Racers can have more then one attempt to get a time down!

For full Terms & Conditions and detailed info, visitwww.gt5me.com

GT5 Brief
Event: GT5 Time Challenge 2010 – Sony PlayStationwww.gt5me.com
Date: 10th-11th December, 17th, 18th December
Competition Timings for 10th, 11th, 17th.
Dubai - 1400-2200
Oman - 1400-2200
Qatar - 1300-2100
Bahrain - 1300-2100
Kuwait - 1300-2100
Lebanon - 1200-2000

Competition timings for 18th (day of the finals)

Dubai – 1400-1800 and then break until final: 2000-2200
Oman – 1400-1800 and then break until final: 2000-2200
Qatar – 1300-1700 and then break until final: 1900-2100
Bahrain – 1300-1700 and then break until final: 1900-2100
Kuwait – 1300-1700 and then break until final: 1900-2100
Lebanon – 1200-1600 and then break until final: 1800-2000

Competition Mechanics (how it will work)

• People will get directed to the GT5 Microsite via FB, Twitter, web banners, word of mouth etc.
• Once they are on the site they will have the option to register their details, including name, DOB, Country & email address.
• When they submit their details they will receive a confirmation email which will also include a list of the locations and timings in which they can go to a store a race in one of the pods.
• This information is collected and passed onto the relevant markets so that they can pass it on to their promoters who will be in-store/on-site.
• The promoters will then know roughly how many people to expect at certain times. They can also give priority to those who have registered. So if there is a queue, they have to place the people who pre-registered at the front.
• People who have pre-registered to race and general public are welcome to visit the pods and race. The promoters must take the name, email address, phone number & city of residence of every person who races. These details MUST be recorded.
• Each time somebody races they will get 3 laps in which to post their best time. The promoter must be the one to record the laps and make sure that the racer has the game on all of the correct settings (which are detailed below). If it becomes clear that somebody was not on all of the correct settings the times must be void.
• The promoter will be the one who will keep a record of everybody's lap-times and will pass these onto the blogger for them to upload.
• Everybody's lap-time should be posted onto the board. At the end of the qualifying period the Top 10 racers in the GCC will qualify for the finals.
• There will be a 2 hour break before the qualifying starts to give people time to make it back down to the racing pods if they are in the Top 10.
• The finals will start at the same time and each person in the Top 10 will get 3 laps only in which to record their fastest time.
• They will be racing against each other and any previous fastest times from the qualifying rounds will be null and void. The only times that decide who wins will be those recorded whilst in the finals.
• If a racer is still racing when the competition officially ends they are allowed to finish their current lap.
• The bloggers will be updating the blog with the results from the finals so in theory we should know who has won the competition as soon as it ends.

Game Settings

The promoter will ensure that the following settings apply to everybody;

Racers will do a 3 lap time trial. Every contestant will drive solo around the track and aim for the fastest lap time. The drivers with the fastest time will compete in the finals that will commence during last day of competition.
• The competition should always be played in 3D

• qualifying round they need to use ORIGINAL CIRCUIT > DEEP FOREST RACEWAY

• SLS AMG 10 (no other cars are allowed)

• ABS – 1

Changes on game options menu (needs to be done during game set up)

• When in the main game menu
o General settings > Arcade > change number of laps to 3
o Hardware settings > 3D TV MODE : ON > PARALLAX : 5 > CONVERGENCE : .50

1st place

o Fully paid trip from one of the participating destinations (Oman, UAE, Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait and Bahrain) to Stuttgart and back including accommodation
o Visit to the Mercedes-Benz Museum followed by lunch
o Visit to the DTM race including hot laps at the Hockenheim circuit
o Visit the AMG factory in Affalterback including an SLS emotion experience.

2nd place
o 3D Sony TV with 3D Transmitter and 3D glasses
o 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player with Blu-Ray demo software and titles
o A PlayStation Console with GT5 Signature Edition

3rd place
o A copy of GT5 Signature Edition

Each of the 10 people who qualify for the finals will receive a copy of GT5 Collectors edition.
The fastest 3 people each day of the competition in each location will receive a Limited Edition GT5 Hooded Sweatshirt.

Disclaimer: I edited the original one and kept what the gamer needs to know only.

A New Update

I bought ACII and playing it though i bought AC:B first but i want to complete the second first.

I had some probs with AC:B with getting an "unreachable" error some of my friends said that because i am on NAT3 though i have UPnP enabled and i tried Uncharted 2 multiplayer and it worked well. Any help appreciated though i think it is on Ubisoft's side so an update will solve it.

My personal update

Umm where should i start, oh well......First i got a 46" EX500 HDTV which i ma using for the ps3 of course. Had some probs at first because of the calibration but some pics i have found on Google to help with the calibration have been useful and also NFS Hot Pursuit demo has a calibration tutorial which is great too.

I bought a new game FFXIII and a relative of mine he lives in Sweden came 2 days ago and bought for me a gift which is Uncharted 2:Among thieves and i have been playing it since yesterday. Like Crash Bandicot was to the original PSone Uncharted is for PS3 so thank you Naughty Dog.

My gaming update on PS3

I am having fun with GTAIV and FO3: GotY from time to time.

But i have completed DMC4 and will do so to SM:Web of Shadows it is easy.

I am gonna buy Assassin's Creed 1 and 2 though i have played them on X360 but i want to play them on my ps3 t from 0 till 100% to prepare myself for AC:Brotherhood.

Your Preparations for E3

So guys i hope you finish your exams when it goes live. My last exam is on 15 but will try to watch it and if not i will download the whole thing (yup the traffic).

As usual every company has its won auditorium to challenge the other and deliver what they have for next year, and also they the line-up for all 3 is going to look a great as usual.