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I haven't played borderlands yet, but it does look quite a bit different from Fallout so it may be unfair to compare the two since one is focused on co op and one is focused on single player.
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Assassin's Creed by a mile. Should put Resident Evil 5 up though, best looking 360 game.
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Some of the choices made sense, but otherwise it was a pretty weak list.
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After Demon Souls won Gamespot GOTY 2009, should we considered Demon Souls as one of the best RPG of all time? And also the best RPG this generation?

I haven't finished Demon Souls, but I think Demon Souls is far superior than Dragon Age Origins, I think GS made a mistake giving DA:O score 9.5 but DS 9.0 (Luckily they gave GOTY to Demon Souls, although I think Uncharted 2 should have won)

So, enough said, I think Demon Souls without a doubt is the best RPG this generation? Why? Because its the only RPG that let you play with other people!! And also the difficulty is challenging for me

But thats only my opinion of course, what do you guys think?

Fable II let you play with other people and you left Oblivion off of the list. That is clearly the best RPG.
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It could very well sell more on 360 in the US, because I think a lot of 360 owners had PS2s so they're familiar with FF, but thanks to sales in Japan it will sell more on PS3 world wide. It will be interesting to see.
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Immature toliet humor and sexual innuendos can be funny in the correct context. Ratchet and Clank is not that context.

Played a few hours of A Crack in Time and find the humour appropriate, the story compelling and the game just mind blowing. Can't recall any toilet humour or sexual innuendos. The series has become more appropriate for kids for this generation. I like to think of it as like a Pixar work, which sure is made for kids but adults will find it equally as entertaining.
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Metal Gear Online requires some skill.
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Its Final Fantasy. If you like FF games, then get it, if not, don't buy it. Personally, I find them to be boring as hell and overrated, but I can't stand a lot of JRPGs in the first place (the melodrama gets to me).

Agreed. Only good JRPG is Dragon Quest 8. That game was made right. Other FFs are bearable only if your kind of into it.
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Your totally wrong. Killzone 2 is amazing.
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Not really a discussion here, it was the best Wii game, glad I got it and played then sold the stupid console.