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Catching Up

So I do hardly post. I'm too lazy to post I guess, but at times when I'm just on the computer I feel like typing. So you poor people get the result.

It is the middle of the summer, I lost two of my lawns and have taken a serious financial hit to my gaming habit. I've been accepted to UOIT for Business and will begin this fall. I got a new PS3 controller finally. I downloaded Flower finally. Also Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty. Both are just fantastic games, I highly recommend you download both. Albeit, Flower is a bit too short for how simple it is. I've been playing lots of Fallout and Battlefield 1943 on my 360 side, and borrowed Bioshock from a friend. That is a pretty decent game.

Anyhoo thats a short little catch up, back to the grind now.

Resident Evil 5 is GLORIOUS!

Wow. That is one word in which RE5 can be described. I picked it up today and man I'm loving it. I'm up to chapter 2-2 (which is pretty good progress for only a couple of hours of play) and man is it fun. I played a little bit with Sheva, then a friend joined. It is fun without a person and fun with a person. The graphics are amazing, the game play is crisp and tight. I have no idea how anyone could complain about it. This game is absolutely fantastic.

Killzone 2 is the hotness.

So I picked it up on Friday after some dinner. Played through a bunch of the campaign and got into the multi-player. I also downloaded Worms on XBLA just for some kicks.

As someone who owns a 360 and PS3 I gotta say that Killzone 2 is causing conflict now. I've got a bunch of great games and downloaded games that are just fun to play and chat with friends, while the PS3 has games that I've had a blast with and continue to, and Killzone 2 which is by far the greatest FPS I have played to date.

What I like about Killzone 2 is how intense the fights are with so many players online, and when grenades fly and explode and guns are shooting with bullets whizzing by your head. Real intense. Its like a bigger and better COD4, which by the way I happen to have played over 40 hours of online. That is because I liked it, I most certainly played Dragon Quest 8 longer and of course the game I've sunk the most time in is the addictive life draining mass murdering World of Warcraft. Therefore Killzone 2's online should provide plenty of kicks, or shots.

I'll probably just play Killzone 2 with my 360 on so I can chat with friends at the same time.

Worms is also fun, I was surprised. I tried the trial and thought there was not much, but took a chance and purchased it and I'm having a blast with it. Not to partial to the online though since its a turn based style game. Plus everyone ganged up on me...

You should go play games now, or eat. Whichever you prefer.

Game Break

So the 360 is a pretty good console. I've determined that the PS3 has better hardware but the 360 appears to have better communication software.

Left 4 Dead rocks. Mass Effect was over hyped and let me down but is still fun. Gears 2 was a great game, but I found Uncharted had more charm to it and better level design.

I really need to repair my PS3 controller soon to get Killzone 2 and Resident Evil 5 demo was fantastic. This year is going to be one of the greatest years in terms of releases.

Killzone 2

Resident Evil 5

Assassins Creed 2

Uncharted 2

Guild Wars 2

Street Fighter 4

Halo Wars

White Knight Story

Mass Effect 2

Lots more. Too many games. So little money...

Happy New Year

So I have to mention, that I have sold my Wii and it along with the accesories more than covered the cost of a 60 GB Xbox 360 and Fable II. Just something to think about if you own a Wii that is collecting dust. Plus the kid looked real happy getting it, which made me feel kind of good.

For christmas I got Gears of War 2. So now I have played MGS4 and GoW2. GoW2 is more fun, MGS4 is graphically better. End of story. Only slightly graphically better though, as GoW2 is impressive. I also got some MS Live Gold membership for a year, and some Live points. I have already purchased Doom as it was five bucks, its a bit hard, but thats expected of an old game. I plan on purchasing the Fable II DLC and Banjo-Kazooie.

This year I plan on getting Resident Evil 5, try to fight my MMO craving by not giving in (we all know I will, just don't know when), I would like Killzone 2 but my PS3 controller is kind of broken. Probably after getting angry at Farcry 2's unfair AI. The right analog stick is a little loose which is not bad for Assassins Creed but terrible for any FPS. Hence it would be a problem for Killzone 2. I would like to rent Afro-Samurai. I hope Guild Wars 2 comes out this year and is better and just as monthly feeless as the first. Otherwise its back to WoW... Uncharted 2 appears to be shaping up to be a fantastic sequal, and I can not wait to play it.

Peace out.

Got a 360

So I got a 360 and Fable 2 today. Right now I have all 3 consoles of this generation although I'm selling the Wii. Haven't even opened the 360 yet, doing home work. Can't wait! Oh and Farcry 2 is awesome!

My picks for the next two months, is short.

To be honest I have to purchase my games now. I only make money by cutting lawns and that is seasonal here. Season is almost over. I've got a couple hundred cash, and good games are just around the corner so I need to conserve. Therefore for this season I'm finishing off the year with hopefully two games, Farcry 2 and Midnight Club Los Angelas. I know I know, very short list but those games promise some excellent replay value with addictive game play. I need to conserve for Resident Evil 5 and what comes out after Christmas.

So the big season of gaming approach...

School is a week in and the season of big name titles for 2008 is beginning. School is good, last year of secondary for me. Got to choose a post secondary school at Christmas. I'm playing World of Warcraft mostly right now (Burning Crusade). Level 48 Gnome lock and 11 Blood Elf mage. I have been dabbing my feet in Age of Empires 3 finally. Its a pretty good game, I think in terms of RTS recommendation I still would suggest Black & White 2.

So my thoughts on this years big lineup. Worst lineup ever. Seriously. I only feel like buying Farycry 2. Fallout 3 is turning out not to be what I expected. The guns look stupid and to me that detracts from the experience. Spore apparently doesn't live up to the hype and from the complaints I can picture how. Wrath of the Lich King looks good, but of course as customary with Blizzard no release date "it will be out when its done". My new wanted list.

Farcry 2

Killzone 2

Wrath of the Lich King

Resident Evil 5

Diablo III

Starcraft II

Still holding some hope for White Knight Story.

Thoughts on E3 are not too optomistic.

So I watched all three keynotes and I think in my eyes I can sum up each keynote.

Microsoft- New layout is a rip off of Apple, Avatars rip off of Nintendo, Final Fantasy ripped off from Sony. Xbox 360 = Rip Off.

Nintendo- We have stopped making games and we laugh at all gamers who bought the Wii. F*** all you gamers BWAHAHA!

Sony- We are really desperate. Look its Resistance 2!!! You all want that right? Right? The PS2 was a huge success lets talk about that!

All three keynotes sucked. In order of best though, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo won't be on the list at all since they didn't even announce a single game. I really hate Nintendo now. I'm not going into the presentors for each except for one, because its really mean to make fun of people, its hard to present in front of thousands. However, Duffie's performance for Microsoft was horrible. Her singing reminded me of suicide and how much I wanted to kill myself while she screeched into the microphone.

In all honesty though, if it wasn't for Microsoft stealing FF13 Sony would have won. Square is releasing it multi-platform to make more money so I'm not going to get it. I spent over 500 on the PS3 because of that game. This isn't a matter of loyalty for me its money. Just like Square.

The only game I can say I will get is Fallout 3.

Summer Play List is Short.

So after four (easy) exams I activated my World of Warcraft account (now level 40, love the mount) then today purchased Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots: Tactical Espionage Action Limited Edition. Never played an MGS game before so I thought the bonus material could help sum up the series for me.

I love MGS4. The game play is so crisp and intense, the shooting is very detailed and reminds me of RE4 (and I loved shooting in RE4!) but better since you can move and stuff. I finished act 1 so far and can't seem to make a Konami ID to play online, they appear to have some issues with their servers. I would assume that the biggest release they'll ever have they would have thought to have better servers...

Anyhoo, gonna go game now, you should too.