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Sometimes shit like this gets me thinking, would it be easier to be the one people are scared of or be the one scared of people? Sometimes I just want to find someone who has killed or has hurt other people and take them out so that I can make my mark and be the one with power for once.

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The fact that this happened is probably funnier than the movie is anyway.

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I put a sock over my rat terriers head and a friend photoshopped him to look like Darth Sidious.

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Depends what's in your heart I guess. I know some girls who aren't that attractive but I wouldn't mind dating them. However, I AM still attracted to them so, it kind of argues with what you are asking. If you have any kind of attraction then yeah, you should but if not then you probably shouldn't since you'll want to date someone you are attracted to. Looks aren't everything but they're still important. Everyone has different tastes and views on what is attractive. Some of us only want the hot models on tv, some want the girl who is just cute, some want the more masculine type, etc. I'm the type who digs the kind who is cute but who is looked at as "just another girl" by most other guys. Reason being because I can relate to them more and they're not constantly getting their asses kissed by other guys making them stuck up and conceited.

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Yes. Pizza Hut is the last place I think of when it comes to ordering pizza. Get your wannabe pizza out of here!

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@Motokid6 said:

@Brutal_Elitegs: That... Uh.. I liked that. Lol that didn't look to bad. I don't know about Kahleesi shooting a desert eagle with one hand, but.. not bad. Love Arnold. ... How a robot ages is beyond me though.

The terminator itself doesn't age, the living tissue on the exoskeleton does though. From what was explained, the living tissue lives and ages like any other living tissue but the terminator itself will not rust or lose flexibility/movement like normal humans do because they don't have bones. Bones weaken with age and the terminator does not. We'll see how they try to explain that when Arnold can't keep up during the running scenes though, haha.

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Also, after watching this video and seeing what has become of that situation, is that how all you "fuck the police" people want shit to go down whenever there is a crazy person around? What if he had a gun or a knife? Would you want him attacking the cops (who are trying to take him down for your and their own safety) and possibly attacking you and the people around you? Take the police guns away and shit will hit the fan all the goddamn time. Seriously, consider that. Not all cops are trigger happy and not all cops are like the guys from Training Day. Get the Hollywood crap out of your head and realize that you're not the badass you think you are. The little scenarios you make when you think of the things you would do if a guy put a gun to your face is complete fantasy. You would shit bricks in that situation.

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Cops aren't trained to kill. They're trained to use lethal force if they have to and cops are human beings too. Not everyone is brave enough to pull the trigger of a gun. Stop labeling every officer as the same guys who fuck up and you will bitch a lot less about these types of situations.

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I think we should not judge the lightsaber until we see it in use. It may look goofy to you guys (I think it looks awesome) but the hilt might not be guards and with the siths or assassins fighting style, he probably kicks a lot of ass with it and uses it for different fighting techniques. We should chill until the actual trailer that could show us the saber in use.

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Looks beautiful. The shot of the X-Wings and the Falcon are perfect.

I almost shed a tear when the original SW music hit while the Millennium Falcon flew across the sky. Seeing that beautiful ship take flight again after all these years man... That really hit me.