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Some stuff you don't know about me (shameless idea rips)

1. After the prom, I made out with my gf in her hotel room. No, no sex (missed oppurtunity, i kno ryt???). We suddenly stopped, looked at each other, and suddenly started laughing. IDK WTF we were thinking, but...indeed, that happened. 2. When I took driving lessons some time ago I almost: a.) Drove into a sewer. b.) Broke the transmission of that clunky junker of a car. c.) Hit a row of motorcycles (a la Mr. Bean). Such is the awesomeness of my driving skills, epic, no? 3. I asked for an electric guitar for christmas, was overjoyed to see a big box under the tree. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on you), it was Guitar Hero 3 for the 360. 4. Once changed the sex of my grandfather in photoshop (much to his great amusement, if i may say so). Liquify+dodge+brush tools=win. 5. I'm a bit sad at how unpopular I am in deviantart. TBH, i've seen some real crap get lots of views, and I may not be the best designer out there, but hey, I try. 6. I tend to be playboy-ish at times with girls, although I definitely do NOT want to be that kind of prick I try to keep faithful, and so far, I have. 7. I can't for the life of me remember my MSN log in details. my new one would be khami.kaz3@gmail.com I'm absent minded. 8. I used to want to be a mod for about a month. I have since awoken from that horrible nightmare. I mean, why would you want to moderate a forum filled with whiny kids? 9. I care about what people think about me. It's my water loo. 10. I wish I lived in a first world country, then bring my entire family and friends with me. Seriously, that would be awesome. Or I could just help this god forsaken country rise to first world-ness. I'm just bored, if you're noticed. Taking a break from doing a vector (it's in photoshop, but it's 100% vector data). So far I have to do: Left eye hair clothes background. Should take me a few more days at most.

Almost there

My 2 month vacation is so close, I can almost taste it. Whored figure of speech, but it gets the message across. As some of you may already know, the schedules of classes over here are different. Vacation is april/may. To celebrate the nearing conclusion to the year, let us celebrate with...wait for it......wait for it....SIGS??!          I have no shame. I'll get to your blogs tomorrow. I just have to finish up on some final assignments and crap like that.

A new way of spreading christmas JOY

Oh joy. The neighbors have a stupid party. They're blaring christmas music at what seems like top volume. I have two exams for tomorrow for God's sake...I just decided to take a break since I can't concentrate anyway:|. Geometry and Filipino (tagalog equivalent of english and literature). I'm thinking of some good revenge tactics. Maybe blare some bass heavy stuff at them. If I feel really mean and/or PO'd, I'll blast some porn at them:lol:. But then that would just be ***** since they have kids...Mama and Papa don't want the kids to hear moaning. Maybe some repeated loops of Dora the explorer's most annoying songs...or leekspin (not meatspin, ugh that was damn disgusting). Which reminds me...the pain olympics. It's just a warning, that video was easily the absolute most disgusting thingsI have ever seen on the internet (I'm talking about the finals). Blows all other videos completely out of the water...easily. All our bloody neighbors are effing noisy. One plays jazz music and revs the stupid engine of his car at 4 in the freaking morning. The other has some muscle cars, the other regularly have parties in their backyard, one has frequent arguements, and last, but most definitely not the least, ho ho no...their 2 kids are addicted to High School Musical...and they like to sing the stupid songs as loud as they can. If they had good voices, I wouldn't mind so much, but they have high screechy voices. Argh...I have a headache.

It's been 3 years in the making.

I've started sigging 3 years ago, and have since branched to vectors, planet making, and 3d renderring, and yet I have yet to actually win anything in OTCars:(. I'm not asking for votes or anything, mind you, only phailures@life do that...(seriously, you're going to beg for votes on an internet forum?), I'm just...wishfully thinking that this might be my time to actually win crap, lol. Maybe...just maybe...this might be my time to shine (*stands up proudly, sticking out testosterone-filled hairy chest out*)! Anyway, to heck with that if nothing happens, I'm used to it anyway, lol. It's been ages since my last blog post, to tell you the truth, there's not much to say. There is, however, a strange urge to continue typing out a rather lengthy blog post, even if you don't have THAT much to say. It's an odd feeling, maybe it's related to that elusive feeling - fun. Heh, elusive's the word to be linked with good signatures. I haven't made any good stuff lately, so little instpiration...and stocks. Yes...blame the lack of stocks. maybe winning might be harder than ever. Tell me, are there any good artists out there? In OT specifically. Oh yeah...there are those dudes with funny sigs...they always win:roll:. Good for them, actually. This blog was more like a conversation in my head, rather than any semblance of a dialogue with another person. Go me.

Good Appollo!

Heh, Coheed and Cambria isn't so bad after all. Interesting vocals, but generally good enough to make me want more. So about gaming, correct me if Im missing anything, but my wishlist: Halo 3, Assasins's Creed, Mass Effect, World in Conflict, Devil May Cry 4, GTA4, Beautiful Katamari. Upgraded RAM to 2gb, so HA! I still need to finish: Command and Conquer 3 (argh, damned 360 controls), Ninja Gaiden Black, Dota (not really finish..) Tomorrow is a huge day for me. So my school has this annual event wherein the different batches of the highschool compete in a presentation cheering for their own batch. It sounds really corny, but it's totally awesome since there are kick*** drum beats, awesome guitar shredders and whatnot. I hope my batch wins tomorrow, so wish us luck! A lot worked their ***es off to make tomorrow possible, so I hope our efforts don't go to waste. Get this, the theme of our presentation is loosely based on 300, mostly the patriotic, Spartan-y battle spirit. It's totally awesome, if I may say so (I'm fairly excited for tomorrow, can you tell?) Check it:   If I have time, I may make some for you guys too, plus it's scalable, so you can make them the size of the bloody galaxy, if you want to:P. Just post and maybe I can, but don't get your hopes up. Sorry this blog is so badly written, I just want to get an early start for tomorrow so I'm in a bit of a rush, apologies!

Large Piece!

Finally got around to making a full-fledged large piece. Planet scene, photoshop. Click And another one. http://kaz-3.deviantart.com/art/World-of-Ice-65118187

How dissapointing...

Yeah, it's really dissapointing to go to OT and pretty much know no one. *sighs* WTF happened to everyone? I also have a bunch of other priorities in life, but I somehow feel the need to come back and post just a little bit with y'all. Everyone here seems to be all tangled up in school, college, work, PC problems, getting drunk, getting bored with OT, etc.

OT..I'm sure none of you want to hear another rant about how lousy it is ATM. IMHO, it all started with GS cracking down and laying down the law more strictly. It's become needless and stupid to even bother trying to post a lot of things since they come down like vultures to a dead cow. It's not the mods' fault, so..yeah. Anyhoo, I want to post in LL, but everyone seems to be asleep at these times (unforgiving time zones), so it's pretty much a ghost town over there.

Well...my exams are over, so it's smooth-sailing from here on out. Great gaming sessions, graphic design, and general laziness are on the horizon, stuff you basically can't do when you have impt. **** to do.

Over and out, I got **** to do still.

it is, in a word, obscene..

..how such complex beings are reduced to mere text in the world of forums, no?

It's just a thought that popped up into my head, we can be whatever we want to anyone we want (minus the ridiculous). It's..almost stupid how much trust we give to one another.

But thinking about it again, it just broadens your perspective how much underlying trust we have for one another. I'm supposed to treat all of you with copious amounts of suspicion, but I open my mind to you guys! Lol, it's illogical. It's impractical. It's...fun?

Heh, that's the reason I like posting here (well, duh). It's..enjoyable. It's..ironic. It's...an overuse of the word 'it'.

I haven't been posting much in OT anymore, nor in my blog (as youcan very well see). There simply is nothing of any particular significance to post when you're a teenager. Really important occasions are few and far between when you can't even drive without an adult to be beside you (but knowing thedevious bastard that resides in me, I may just test the law..or not). School is typically dull if you take away my friends. I'd tell you guys all about it, but our cultures differ so greatly considering we live in modern societies. Come to think of it, I'd like to converse with an aboriginee (SP?), native american and/or some out-of-the-way tribe person...dude.

I need to get to bed, later guys and happy posting. BTW, if anyone's interested:
Here's a sig tutorial from yours truly
I'll post in your blogs when I can.


As of this moment, it's my birthday, July 5:D.

As some of you may know, school for me starts mid-June and ends at late March. The cool thing about this is that when your summer ends, I'll already be a fifth done with the year:P.

My cla$$mates are cool, lots of friends. Suddenly school got a bit harder, but it's nothing some extra-work can't handle.

I got a credit card:D. Thinking about picking up both Halo games, C&C3, and GH2. Hopefully,I get the last (and most expensive game) from my Dad. I got a cupcake from my friend, thay was really nice of her. Another one gave me Kasabian (cd). What else...I'm going to learn how to dive already! That's definitely cool.

However, my planned celebration on Saturday may get cut short because of the driving lessons, I'll probably have to move it to next week...That kind of sucks, I suppose. There were like 12 people going to go play DOTA and Counter-strike with me.
Whatever, I want to learn how to drive:P.

I tried out Illustrator, it's pretty effing frustrating. It's so confusing compared to Photoshop. Apparently, it's a bit notorious for having a steep-ish learning curve for Photoshop vets. Something that normally takes me 2 seconds to do is causing me hell now. I can't make anything good because I can't effing figure something out. Took some time of and did other things, I can always go back, I guess.

I haven't been posting much since I've been having some fun with my 360. Might post up some reviews some time.
*Thinking about upgrading to TA, any good?

Reinventing my digital art.

After well over a year of sticking to sigs, I feel it's time to move on. Deep within me (I promise there won't be too much drama in this post:P), I always thought that sig making was on the cheesy-side. So right now, I've decided to take the path of the Vectorer. For those who don't know what the crap that is, here are a few examples:
One of my favorite abstract pieces.
My favorite vector of a person
The reason why I chose this path was simply because I'm not that good i anything else. I can't draw for ****, working in 3d is boring, and photography is still a bit beyond my budget. Actually, I enjoy photography, but I'm limited to such few subjects, I can't go around to fantastic places everyday. I'm definitely going to use Adobe Illustrator cs2 (or cs3 if I'm lucky). I'd be happy with either program anyway. I love color, and that's what makes a lot of vector pieces really "pop". There's less emphasis on textures and lighting and more on colors and shading. I guess you could say that I'm cartoon-ifying things. Previously, I used to vexel in photoshop. Vexelling is kinda hard to explain, you use similar techniques, but the end result is fairly different.
I will probably dabble in photo manipuations, but they'll all be Large Pieces. I'm not completely quitting sigs, however, I might go back once in awhile.

Bare with me while I rediscover myself in this new facet (bit thick, yeah).

Oh, and by the way, Billnye really dislikes vectors, sorry dude, but my mind's made up:P.

And I leave you guys with a really skilled vectorer.
*some of his work is 3d.

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