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Any plans for the holidays?

Brrr...Its really cold nowadays. Too cold. I miss the warm weather.

Any cool plans for the holidays? I think im staying home and hanging with my friends. But ill probably end up going somewhere with friends. No clue right now tho...

Hello everyone!!!

Wow. Im here!!! for now that is...

well college is awesome! Partys and hanging with friends every weekend haha. Study during the week. But its awesome!! im taking alot of humanities.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?! Mine was alot of fun. Finally came home and saw my family and my friends. Had a turkey of course. It was excellent!

so whats up around GS. I heard Kingdom got banned. veryy sad. Chazn prob doesnt come alot. o well
Where do you guys post at. And my union seems dead. JOIN IT!! haha

o yeah. at college i have my PSP. Any good new PSP games? I sold my ps2. Never played it. And im going to sell my xbox stuff maybe.

Anyways. if im not back for a while. See you later!

hey guys

whats up everyone!?

im bored right now so i came on to gamespot. my union is doing fine it seems :D.

so what games ahve you guys been playing lately

Im Leaving GS...

Hehe...Im only leaving for a month

Bye Bye take care all. Leaving tommorrow.

Heading off to Portugal and Spain for a month.

Ill leave the union in charge with chAzN. . Hes leaving this weekend for 3 weeks. So Ill leave the union in my good buddy Kingdom

Im coming back August 5th

July 4th - w00t!

Happy 4th of July/July 4th...whatever.

I love the fireworks. Going to that at about 5pm. Meeting with some guys and gals. Should be fun. What are you guys doing?