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2 years out! Felt like commenting some TV shows!

Hey guys! I've been out for 2 years now! I don't even know if my old friends still come here anymore, but I felt like commenting the TV shows I have been seing lately! First, my discovery of the decade: Buffy the vampire slayer! I know, old show, old news! But I can't believe how much time it took me to watch it!!! I think maybe it was my prejudice with 'old' productions...but it became one of my favorite shows ever! THEY HAVE TO MAKE A MOVIE OF THIS SHOW!!! I NEED A CLOSURE!! Yesterday I started with Awkward. I'm in love. Already finished it! It's a very silly story, but just the kind of one I love! Right now I'm cheering for Jenna-Jake, but I want a Jenna-Matty in the end! Game of Thrones: it's cool, but i'm only watching because of the social pressure! Everyone watches it and I can't stand to be out of the topic! Second season way better than the first. Falling Skies: awesome tv show! keeps getting better and better! Started Saving Hope right now. Not sure if I like it. Usual medical show stuff with a scent of Grey's Anatomy. By the way, WHAT WAS THAT LAST GREYS ANATOMY EPISODE?????? Can't wait to watch the next season!! Disappointments that I can't even watch anymore: 90210, Breaking Bad, Nurse Jackie, Chuck, Nip/Tuck, Terra Nova, Alcatraz, Gossip Girl and The Mentalist (although the last two I plan to watch to see the end) Well, of course in the last 2 years I have watched tons of other shows! Happy to comment with you, just say and I'll reply if I have seen it or not! Byeee!

Question for u, Better Off Ted, BF, stuff!

Hey guys!

I started to watch Better Off Ted because of grace87! Thank you very much, I loved it!

It's a 'clever' sitcom, with cult jokes! Really fun!

Does anyone knows if it's still on? Or was it cancelled?

I can't believe 10 Things was cancelled! It was the best teen show since The OC!!

I think they chose the cast badly. The actors are good but Patrick and Kat are old and not attractive!

Common, they don't seem 17 at all!! Kat is pretty, but she looks like a woman, not a girl!

And Patrick, he had to look older a little but he alse had to look hot! I'm sorry, but he's ugly!

Music: Brandon Flowers is going solo!! I can't believe it!

I'm not very happy because I'm worried with The Killers future! i really hope this doesn't mess up with the band!

Other than that, I'm happy for Brandon and lookinf foward to hear the album!

My life in short: had 4 tests, nailed one and sucked on the other 4! That means I'm f*cked!

My friends are very fun but they never want to go out and I like to go out!

I gave myself the deadline of 25 years to set up my life. So, when I'm 43 years old, I'll tell you what's gonna happen!

Now I have a question for you guys...do you have someone in your hands? Someone that likes you, you don't like him/her, but you keep it just in case?

More than 1 year away from here! How are you doin'?

Woww!! It's been more than one year since I last came in here!!

How are you doing guys?? What's new??

Well, I'm good, thanks! In short, here's what's going on with me:

2 year of eletrical engineering, without any reprovation yet! \o/

My old computer passed away Cry, but I won a laptop from my parents! Laughing


I got the chance to watch my favorite bands play live!! I went to Oasis, The Killers and Coldplay concerts! It was one of the best moments of my life *.*

(I think my last blogs were deleted, I think I remember posting about Oasis here...)

I started taking German classes. But I still suck very very much! Hallo! Wie get es dir?

I have a lot of tests in the next 3 weeks, and I have no idea what I'm doing coming back here, in one of my past favorite time-wasters!

Now, let's talk about TV.

I'm still very addicted to tv series! But I have less time to watch it now...

Gave up on Heroes, Gossip Girl, 90210. I'm really late in Greek, House and Skins, but I still intend watching these ones.

Started and finished watching Friends! Oh-My-God, this is one of the best tv series ever!! I think it's my favorite show! Too bad it's over!

My feelings about Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice come and go. Right now I like these 2 very much, can't wait to watch PP's next episode!

My guilty pleasure right now is Vampire Diares. I know it's a really stupid story, the actors aren't very good (they could've found a better Elena, common!) but I like it! XD

Supernatural is woww!! From all series I'm watching, they have the best episodes!

Lost is crazy as always. Don't know what to say about it!

Well, let me go back to my studies!! Come back later to read some blogs!


Last Night + TV!!

So, last night I went to that party I talked about last blog! I didn't go driving because my mother remembered there is too much traffic on Saturday nights. It was an useless concern.

The street was empty! There were lots of parking spaces and the traffic was pretty calm! i shouldn't have worried at all, I could have gone by car easily! But that wasn't the worse. The worse was the party was empty! It completely sucked! Most of the people of the party were my cl@ssmates, but not the ones I like, just the popular snobe ones! Last blog survey I said I wouldn't push anyone of a mountain, but guess what? I changed my mind! I'd push them all! LOL

Last night I also found out I'm the worst brazilian ever! :P It was a pre-carnival party so it was an axé music band, playing typical carnival songs and everybody was dancing. I tried...but after the same drunk girl bumped into me for the 50 time, me and my friend Barbara gave up decided to sit down! We just kept talking about our favorite rock bands (mine The Killers, hers Mcfly) and travelling abroad! Wespend the rest of the night talking to a few friends of mine (not the snobe ones) and then went home pretty early!

Today my parents wasnted to go to the movies to watch Marley & Me (or is it Marley & I? I don't remember :P). I called there at 3pm and the lady said the movie would be on at 5pm and 9pm. We decided to go at 9pm but when we get there it had began at 8pm! WTF?? I'm 100% sure I didn't hear wrong! :(

Changing subjects...

I started writing about relationships but it sounded too silly...so let's talk about TV!

I don't know if I'm the only one but I feel like my shows are letting me down! I currently watch 20 tv series and only 6 of them are worth!

Fringe, Grey's Anatomy, Kyle XY, Heroes and Gossip Girl are letting me bored! I have many episodes of them to watch, which never used to happen! Even House isn't very interesting anymore!

The only shows I look foward to see episodes are How I Met Your Mother, Lost and Skins! Lower in my scale are Supernatural and ER (The 6th one is Dexter but it's paused).

I really hope the shows get more interesting or that my patiece 'grows'!

Tonight + Valentine's Day Survey!


Tonight, me and my friends are going to a danceclub next to my house...there's gonna be a pre-carnival party there and also it's a goodbye party for my two friends that are moving out of town tomorrow!

But now I have a doubt...should I do something illegal? (no, not drugs or anything like that! ahahah)

My parents said I can go by car if I want to. I don't have a license and I'm not afraid of cops (though I know there's gonna be a bunch of them around). My problem is I'm not sure I know how to park! LOL...I think I can make it if there is a big space! Should I go?

Guess what? I'm bored again! :D

So I stole this survey from xlovedust...I didn't even know it was Valentine's day, we don't have this here...i think there's a date in June where couples should exchange gifts that's pretty much like Valentine's day...but I don't have a boyfriend so I don't care (and I'm not intending on having one soon, too much trouble)

Anyways, here we go

This is a Valentine's truth survey. So don't lie:

Do you like anyone?

Do you love anyone?

Are you a player?
No. I'm an avoider! hahah

Would you get back together with any of your exes?
Maybe the first one...

Have you slept over at the opposite sex's house?
No...I'm not counting relatives!

Do you prefer group dates or single ones?:

Small kisses or makeout sessions?:
*cough* makeout sessions *cough*

Do you like cuddling up and watching movies?
Yeah...who doesn't?

Any plans for valentines day?

What's the best valentines day present for a girl?
Something that reminds the girl who gave to her!

Taken or single?

If you could push one person off a mountain, who would it be?
I'm not saying I love everyone, but I don't have enough hate of someone to push him/her!

Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
Really cheap store...I only wear comfortable stuff at home!

Do you get attached to people easily?
Not really

Should gays and lesbians be given a chance?
Yes, why not?

So how'd your first kiss go?
I'm pretty sure I was shacking! LOL

Does anyone like you?

Do you think Valentines Day has a special meaning to it?
No, like I said, we don't have this here!

Have you played seven minutes in heaven?
No.I don't even know what that is!

Have you fallen for a celebrity?
Of course, a bunch of them! hahaha

Do you remember your first crush?

If you do, who was it?
It was one boy of my clasroom called Caio!

Chocolates or flowers?
Brandon Flowers :P...just joking...Chocolate

Pink or red?

Do you make the first move, or do you wait until that "person" does?
The person! I'm too shy!

What would be considered the worst gift to give to the opposite sex?
Something that belonged to your ex! hahahaha

At what age did you start crushing?
I think 8...but I was naive, I swear!

Is it cute when a boy and a girl are a couple at toddler age?
No! It's weird!

Are you considering marriage yet?
No! I'm not sure if i'll ever get married!

GIRLS: Is it cute when a boy hugs you from behind or in front?

Do you believe that exes can be friends?

What's your reaction when the person you like confesses they like you?
Anxiety and butterflies in my stomach!

Do you believe in Cupid?

Does it really matter to be with someone the same race as you?
Not at all!

What do you think of "Twilight?"
I love it!! I'm totally addicted!!

Do you turn red when someone you like kisses you?
I don't know!

Who's your dream person?
Today I say Kellan Lutz...or Adam Brody :P

Nothing to do = blog!

Heyy you all! How are you doing??

Warning: this is a very random blog because I don't have much to tell because I'm doing literaly nothing these days! Being on vacation is nice but after awhile you just get completely bored!

And because of boredomness, my TV addiction is totally back! I'm watching like 10 episodes per day! I started watching 90210 a couple of days ago and I loved it! I thought I'd hate because it's not really my type but in the end i got completelly addicted!

Today the university released the schedule of semesters! I got in the first semester so classes will start at March 5th I guess! Mom is freaking out! She cried a bunch of times today because she doesn't want me to move out (detail: I'm moving in with my grandma, i wonder what whould she do if I was going to live alone!)

Last night me and my friend Barbara had a 13-year-old moment and I'm ashamed confessing it now! We were talking of how gorgeous/hot/cute tv celebrities were! Plus I was saving a bunch of pics in my pc! Commom, we are almost 18 now! hahahahaha...Now my sanity is back and I stopped fangirling! (Though I ain't deleting those pics! :P)

Okay, my blog is completely useless, I was going to put a quiz or survey but couldn't find one interesting enough! :(

EDIT: I've just watched the episode 4.15 of How I Met Your Mother that apparently is only going to be broadcasted in March 2nd! Don't worry, i'll give you no spoilers! It's soooo awesome, I laughed a lot!! :D

Aren't my friends lovely?


Today I went to a barbecue at my friend's house. We were talking when someone remembered that I hadn't "celebrated" my university admission. Damn!

My friends got a red lipstick and wrote UFPR in my forehead, and painted my arms, face, neck! What a mess!

I tried to clean myself in the bathroom but it didn't work! It only made the boys call me shrimp, indian...I didn't get mad...afterall, most of them will need to study all over again while I'm gong to uni! hahahahah

I was calm, sit next to the table with my friends when the boys decided I needed to go to the swimming pool!

I fought! I attached my feet in the table and grabbed the bench, they couldn't move me! But then one of the boys pulled the bench away and I lost my support: they lifted me up and threw me in the swimming pool!

Despite all the things they did to me, it was a cool day!
Now I'm going to the movies to watch that Keanu Reeves film, I don't know how it's called in english! lol

Heyy I'm back!!

Hello everybody!!

How have you been??

I haven't been here in a loooong time! I had given up on tv.com last year because I was busy studying to get in university and the layout change really let me down! But now I have lots of free time...I started to blog last Sunday and then I gave up, but today I was talking to Daria and I remember I missed here, so decided to get back!

Let me tell you the news since I dropped here....hmm the most important is I graduate from high school and I got in university!! I'm going to course Electrical Engineering now at UFPR, a great university located in Curitiba, one of Brazil's biggest cities. I'm going to live with at my grandmother's house :?

Currently I'm on vacation...i don't know which semester I'll start in university, so I don't know how long they'll last! I'm already pretty bored!

I'm a little less obsessive with TV series now...I eased my addicition when I needed to study! My obsession with The Killers is still the same. I got a new obsession while I was in the beach (i spent three weeks there with my family, unfortunatelly there was a lot of rain!), the Twilight Saga!

Hmm I guess I'm done! I'm a little out of practice on blogging, that's why this one is so random and boring! I'll try to get better! lol

TV Game for bored people: find the tv series

I found this cool game where you have to find the tv series and type the name, and I thought about sharing with you guys! It's a brazilian site, but you just have to look and put the name in english, so it shouldn't be a problem!

I found 31 out of 35 so far without looking anywhere...now I can't remember more names, I'll have to look at a list of tv series names!

Here it is: http://tv.globo.com/Entretenimento/Tv/Noticia/0,,AA1690635-7175,00.html

To play you must click where it's written "CLIQUE AQUI PARA JOGAR"

EDIT: I found a problem - when you find "90210" you must write the brazilian name "barrados no baile" - it means "not allowed to enter in the party" (I know, translated names sound stupid)

I finished but I had to cheat the last four! lol

Life is a b!tch

That's all I want to say.

Next life I want to be a polar bear.

Wait, I don't believe in second life! Damn it!!

btw, it's 5:41am and I just got back from a lame party that only made me lose money!