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I liked the command posts, but i'll play the game without it - it doesnt bother me. But what will they have? Objectives for each side? I can't wait to see what they do.
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thanks, i just hope they incorparate some of these ideas in the next possible game
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you should be able to play commander like heroes like commander cody or whatever his name is. Also the should be special and rare weapons set up in random placs (it needs to be random so ppl dont rush to the weapons at the start) weapons could include things like stronger guns or homing rockets or the electro-staff thing the magnaguards have - finally units could defend themselves against the jedi. Or even heros can change like if ur jango and u hate his gun you could grab an electrostaff.

Better vehicles like the big AT-TE lookin thing but with wheels - how awesome would that be it could be a command post too and quickly take troops where u want them.

Bring back air vehicles for land battles. - ships to have bigger internal area just make it like tantive or sumz like that.

Have special hero veicles that are super effective when a uses them but less effective when a soldier uses it - but its still better then ordinary vehicles

I was talking about the insides of capital ships kinda being like tantive inside. I thought of sum new s*ht to add.

- there should be corridors leading to the bridge - which once you reach you can pilot the ship if you friend or foe. - if the bridge gets destroyed you lose navigation to your ship and whoever is inside will die. the airlocks on the doors leading to it will seal and you wont be able to reach it.

-there should be a room where there keep their fuel and stuff that u can set time bombs on and detonate, once the time bombs go off on all the fuel containers the ship has 1 minute or something before the entire ship explodes

- there should be a big room with a whole lot of cannons or whatever they are called like off ep 3, you could control them or destroy them.

- you should be able to close the doors to the ship if you wish but it takes a very long time to open again and it can be destroyed.

- There should be rayshields in the corridors of the ship to stop intruders but it wares off after a min or so - ppl outside cannot shoot you, neither can you shoot them. But once you are caught an alarm is sounded and all available troops surround you and wait for you to be vulnerable.

- you should also be able to damage ships from the outside like the front might break off or the bridge collapses on the ship and causes damage.

- jedi in space with personal ships that other soldiers can use though.

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[QUOTE="avengefulreign"]Perfection is a great word to sum it all up. It was perfect wasn't it?tigerboy11

sure was

except for the part where jedi's managed to survive and the empire didnt have the rescources to maintain all the planets thus it failed.

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Republic, they are the most effiicient unlike how the stormtroopers were portrayed in the original trilogy as being not as good. The republic also have better classes within their side.
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that would be kicka$$ for all unions VIVA LA REVOLOUTION