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A New Day

Finally!!!! I am rid of the human vampire that was my GF. She sucked the cash, joy and life right out of me. Thank the MAKER!!!

Lesson learned...

For everyone that saw it, what a joke...our team was outernumbered, not sure why but it was an easy win for the other team. The sad thing is that they were talkin ish ike they actually beat a complete team, and not a team that was outnumbered...

Nerves of...um.....(COD 3 Tourny Blog)

Well, i got back late from sac so I only got to practice for 4 hours all weekend. Argh! I am heading off to bed sshortly. I am not exactly nervous about the tournament, I mean, I have no illusions about my current skill level in COD 3. I am average, although my tactical assesment of situations usually works out well. I am not the team leader though. I didnt want the job because this is my first tournament. Maybe in the R6: Vegas tournament. I hope they have a GOW tournament, that would be fun, although I REALLY SUCK at GOW online play.

SO I will  get a few hours of sleep and practice until the tourny. Coffee and smokes will have to do get me through ;) I am happy to have good people on my team. I got the opportunity to play with a few of them and they are pretty good. I have high hopes. I think that if we can work as a team, be aggressive in our tactics, and shoot pretty straight we will do well.

In a day...

Been playing COD like a mofo. Trying to prepare for the upcoming GS COD 3 XB360 tourney. Registration begins tommorow. I have seen a few good players in COD 3 but nothing like the talent I used to see playing it on the PC. Now I just have to bring MY game up.

its awesome :D

SO I got the 360 pro bundle, Need for speed carbon, GOW, and pre purchased crackdown. I also got the plug and charge kit and the BB 2 year covers everything warranty. I have played GOW and carbon and my first thoughts are that they both look fantastic. I am really impressed and since my tv supports 1080i it makes them look that much better. I am gonna focus mainly on GOW tonight, really get down and dirty.

Going to get my 360...

I finally decided to step up and buy a 360...

The main reason is cause I am still working on my case and I am truly bored with my xbox. Plus, I want to get the HD gaming going since I got my TV and whats the point of getting an 1080 i TV if you dont use it, right?? So I am throwing on some presentable clothes and going to buy my new toy.

You can expect me to up all night playing it and I'll prolly post a blog about it. I am getting the need for speed pro bundle and picking up Gears also...Excited!

Gamespot's hacky reporter

I couldnt sleep tonight so I spent a few hours looking aroung GS. I came upon this article HERE

Where did this guy learn to write??? Not only did the title annoy the holy crap outta me but if you read through this sorry excuse for an article you notice that this guy makes up his own words as he goes along. WTF!!

Why, even with the money GS makes from advertising, can't they atleast hire a person that can write. Perhaps it's too much to ask that they serve the community well written, informative articles. I guess they are too busy monitoring proper use of the comma in the forums.

Cool vids

I found a few cool vids in my insomniatic wanderings, The first one is of a bike I would love to own, although it would scare the crap outta me.

Check it out

Okay, these next two...well, I will let you be the judge for yourself, but for me, if these are true, I am definitely scared. Be advised, part one is two hours long as is part 2.

Part 1

Part 2

This next one, I am pretty sure these guys are NOT Spetznatz troops. If you like firearms, definitely check this out...a bit ludacris but fun just the same.


So, those are just a few of the many cool videos you can find to entertain yourslef with.

Goodnight and enjoy

A sad day...

Well...a friend of mine made a mistake he will not soon forget. He bought pretty much the current king of all processors right now, the Intel Q6600 and attempted to lap the cpu. Unfortunately, he didnt follow directions and instead of just making the sandpaper wet, he submerged the whole bloody thing into the water. He tried to dry it completely using a hair dryer but I have recently learned that this probably made it even worse. I even gave him a BUNCH of silica dessiccant and helped him pack the cpu in it. Well, after nearly 24 hours in the silica he reinstalled it into his mobo....and nothing happened, it didnt even power up.

RIP awesome Intel Processor of mighty power...