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Currently playing Tales of Symphonia Chronicles and Lightning Returns on PS3
on 3DS playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, Pokemon Y, Battle of Giants Dragons Bronze Edition and think that is it at the moment

And for pokemon I have currently have my team
Absol-level 32
Servine-level 22
Vaporeon-level 30
Meowstic-level 31
Vulpix-level 26
Skarmory-level 9

and in my PC Box that I have used
1.Ponyta-level 15
2. Zorua-level 24
3. Braixen-level 17
4.Elgyem-level 22
5.Tyrunt-level 29
6. Honedge-level 27
7. Vivillon- level 32
8. Bayleef-level 29

Had to switch some of them out because their levels were getting to high. Also plan on using Milotic, Trapinch,Deerling,Chinchou, Mudkip,Oshawott, Aerodactly, Finneon, Phanpy and some others eventually. Currently have Two badges. Trying to use some Pokemon I haven't really used yet. Absol is one of them, along with Honedge and Meowstic and as well as Zorua and Vaporeon.

as for Tales of Symphonia I do want to get the Platinum for the game, but not so sure I want to get all the Titles for each Character. Some of the Requirements look to be a bit of a pain. Trying to get Colette's first since it is my favorite character. But trying to keep all the character's alive at a certain point is bit of a pain. Since I can only carry 20 Apple gels with me. Not looking forward to the I hate gels title either for Genesis since he likes to die alot. Wonder if Titles and levels carry over on a New Game+. Been a while since I played the game so I can't remember.
Now I just want a Legend of Spyro HD Collection along with Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog put on PSN.

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This episode wasn't too bad either.

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Episode was pretty good, at least they acknowledge that Twilight is a Princess, Which I think more then half the time they forget.

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Episode was pretty good. Sure seems to be alot of songs this season. Although out all of them my favorite has remained This Day in Aria from Season 2.

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Also finished watching Card Captor Sakura. Not sure what I'll watch next.

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My Current one and has been for a while

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Moslty been listening to these two soundtracks [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiXmB3nWGwo]Legend of Spyro The Eternal Night Well of Souls[/url]

and this one

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffkfX_hUc74]Legend of Spyro The Eternal Night Black Powers[/url]

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okay, guess if that is the case didn't think I made that many since the board was revived. Since I don't really come to the site as often as I used to.
Been to busy playing games on Nintendo 3DS. and think before the union returned the last time I came to the site was December or January

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What is this based on? Thought for sure I've made more then 19 post on this union.

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Now I'm currently playing aside from what I posted in my last list

Nintendo 3DS/DS: Pokemon X, AC NL, Pokemon Black and Black 2 trying to complete Pokedex. I have 235 Pokemon to go or something like that which might take a while.
Also playing Ocarina of Time, Okamiden, Pokemon HG/SS, and Platinum.

Playstation 3: Okami, Diablo 3, Blacklist, Gran Turismo 6 and will be playing Lightning Returns soon.

and on Wii might add Twilight Princess and Legend of Spyro The Eternal Night to that list.

I can't seem to stick to playing one game or two. Anyway I did finish Explorers of the Sky sort of. well the main post story, but I guess there is another Final Boss after that.