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So does anyone here have GTA 4 for Playstation 3?

Kind of need help doing Team Mafiya Work, Car Jack City and Team Car Jack City.

Plus, I'm kind of avoiding on asking gamefaqs, such a horrible site that is for sure, though it seems like I might have to do that after all.

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Not sure if this is the best place to post this anymore, but anyway I kind of need help with the trophy

mostly just a few game modes that need Team Mafiya Work, Car Jack City, Team Car Jack City and Cops & Crooks both on All for one and one for all

I'd do this myself, but can't find matches for those game modes, so any help would be appreciated. need 3 more people I think for this.

and my PSN ID is NIghtstream88 if anyone wants to add me for that.

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And once again I seem to be playing too many games at the same time on my current list
Nintendo 3DS/DS

Pokemon Y
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of TIme
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
Yoshi's New Island
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon Heart Gold

Playstation 3
Enslaved Odyssey to the West
Drakengard 3
Watch Dogs
and getting online trophies to games, while working on my 28th platinum, which I plan on it being Enslaved Odyssey to the West

I also did buy DLC for Drakengard 3, which is the first game I've done that for.

As for online trophies I finished getting Red Dead Redemptions, and almost done with GTA 4 need 4 people for the remaining game modes.
Still not sure to whether or not I should continue Aliens vs Predator or Tom Clancy's Hawx. Other games I'm attempting are Brutal Legend, Assassin's Creed(all of them) And maybe after I get all of GTA 4 online trophies I might go after GTA 5 next. I also have other titles for online trophies I want to get as well. Wish Rayman Legends didn't have them only need 1 left on that one.

Too bad some online trophies are Time consuming like get to level 55, 42 or some other level.

As for Pokemon my strongest ones on Pokemon Y are Ninetales, Absol and Megain hanging around level 65 I think.

Also have Aerodactly, Tyrantrum and Flygon hanging around level 50.

Also bought Pokemon Battle Revelution and Xenoblade Chronicles for Nintendo Wii, managed to find Xenoblade Chronicles for $50 at gamestop.

As for Xbox 360 haven't played it much other then game demos. still want to buy Fable Anniversary sometime.

And as for E3 already planned on buying Wii U and PS4, but now I might get Xbox One as well at some point since I want to play Scale Bound and Phantom Dust. One on Xbox was one of my favorites as well.

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That I've been mostly playing games on Playstation 3.

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Speaking of forgetting things, I seem to forget about gamespot an awful lot. not sure when the last time I signed on the site was.

So wonder if I missed much

As to what I've been doing, been to busy playing games on Playstation 3.

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Looks like I can finally use internet explorer on gamespot took them long enough

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Been Grinding levels in Tales of Symphonia trying to get each character to level 100 before starting a New Game+ Sure took forever. I already completed the Story of the game but trying to work on getting the platinum for Tales of Symphonia. About all I've been really playing

I also did get Yoshi's New Island and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Collection. and Spyro Year of the Dragon and Carnivores HD I think.

I also preordered Watch Dogs, Kirby Triple Deluxe and Drakengard 3.

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At least Princess Luna was in it took them long enough. Now wonder where Princess Celestia has been.

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Haven't been on this site much mostly because I don't feel like opening up google chrom half the time just to come on this site.

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Currently playing Tales of Symphonia Chronicles and Lightning Returns on PS3
on 3DS playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, Pokemon Y, Battle of Giants Dragons Bronze Edition and think that is it at the moment

And for pokemon I have currently have my team
Absol-level 32
Servine-level 22
Vaporeon-level 30
Meowstic-level 31
Vulpix-level 26
Skarmory-level 9

and in my PC Box that I have used
1.Ponyta-level 15
2. Zorua-level 24
3. Braixen-level 17
4.Elgyem-level 22
5.Tyrunt-level 29
6. Honedge-level 27
7. Vivillon- level 32
8. Bayleef-level 29

Had to switch some of them out because their levels were getting to high. Also plan on using Milotic, Trapinch,Deerling,Chinchou, Mudkip,Oshawott, Aerodactly, Finneon, Phanpy and some others eventually. Currently have Two badges. Trying to use some Pokemon I haven't really used yet. Absol is one of them, along with Honedge and Meowstic and as well as Zorua and Vaporeon.

as for Tales of Symphonia I do want to get the Platinum for the game, but not so sure I want to get all the Titles for each Character. Some of the Requirements look to be a bit of a pain. Trying to get Colette's first since it is my favorite character. But trying to keep all the character's alive at a certain point is bit of a pain. Since I can only carry 20 Apple gels with me. Not looking forward to the I hate gels title either for Genesis since he likes to die alot. Wonder if Titles and levels carry over on a New Game+. Been a while since I played the game so I can't remember.
Now I just want a Legend of Spyro HD Collection along with Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog put on PSN.