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2: October already

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And I still haven't started college or have a job yet. I'm disappointed with that. 4 months wasted. Anyway 20 days until Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon comes out. I wonder what the do wilth spyro after this game is out since it is the last in the triliogy. And the chances are I won't be getting on release day. I don't think I ever got a game when it came out actually maybe I have a couple. Red Steel and Loz: TP maybe. And here is a list of things I hope to get this year somehow.

Los: Dawn of the dragon

Animal Crossing

Brisingr- the third book in Eragon

Ds lite- probably won't happen unless I have money by then

A ps2 game,Ds game,GBA game, GCN game. Not sure what yet.

I finally reached level three so I can post pictures now. here are the ones from my last blog that went missing.

I scored Ninetales my first try. well I got who I wanted. and A trainer card randomly posted below. I already wish it was summer weather again *moves to Arizona* One of the reasons I don't like winter is it doesn't like cars. I had a car shutdown on me before during winter at a stop sign. Well the car is old too. I might start up a new game in windwaker after this blog I just need to hook up my gamecube.

See you all next time

1: -Vulpix-

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If I track you I hope you track me back. This will be my new universal name though I'll end up using both accounts this is my new main account. Largely because I'm using the same name on serebii.net. I'm hope nobody mines me Joining the same unions and tracking the same people and different unions and people along the way. it will also be funny if this account get past my other accounts level in a short amount of time. Sonic: Try to keep up.

I scored Ninetales. My first try. I guess I picked my favorite pokemon correctly. But I didn't think I was that negative. And the completly random trainer card posted below.

hehe *makes a sneaky edit, I wonder if people know if my blogs have been edited?

See you again soon.

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