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14: The chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe

I got it for gamecube yesterday, I haven't played it yet. THat makes it my 70th gamecube game. I might as well go for 100 since I'm just 30 games away. I'll have to go to gamestop or ebay though which kinda Su*cs. In Pokemon Diamond I finally got Staraptor making it my third strongest pokemon, ny first strongest is crobat and my second is Luxray. I also got my fifth badge and raising my team to get my sixth. I also been switching between starter pokemon. right now I'm using chimchar which evolved, later I might use turtwig, or cyndaquil. I might trade in chikorita,totodile,squirtle,charmander, or bulbasaur to diamond. I also know some of the stuff I got for christmas.


Nights: Journey of Dreams

No more heroes(I think)

Okami(I think)

Tomb raider: underworld


Legend of Spyro: dawn of the dragon

Final fantasy IV



My birthday is on the 31st. I definetly want to get animal crossing, maybe terminator season 1, a ds game maybe another wii game or two and maybe a gamecube game or two. I might also aim to get a ps2 game. I'll also be 20 this year and next yea I'll be 21 though I see know difference between 20 or 21. And my mom says she's going to buy me diapers for my birthday:|'d probably wear them see if it makes her concerned for thelulz I wonder if I should use them too? At least I wouldn't be wearing diapers for punishment for once though I secretly like wearing them Ah Crap and I thought I was good at keep secrets too :? Now gamespot knows that Ido D$Mm1t awe whatever As long as knowbody thinks I'm a Dragon I have nothing to be concerned about..As for my 21st birthday I don't plan on buying alchol or getting drunk whatsover.

I guess that is it. I'll be playing the game and cleaning my room since it is a hellhole.

I also saw george bush dodge shoes and the secret service came in after the second one.

13: Back for the Holidays

I'm back for the holdiays. A lot has happened between the times I was gone. The on one of the weekends I came home which was the second one

I got a dvd portable player along with two movies wanted and the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Capsian( I got these as early christmas gifts). In the same weekend I bought a DS lite( black), I also bough Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass along with it. A weekend after that I bought Pokemon Diamond, though I really didn't plan on getting this soo soon, but done it anyway. Between the full 2 weeks I've been gone I've been back on weekends. I also got a different roomate so soon, I didn't really like the first one I had anyway. Though I didn't make the request, My first roomate's mom made the request I guess it is because we weren't talking or something and I think I made him paranoid easy.

I was suppose to be back later tonight, but I got back yesterday We didn't have classes today due to an Ice storm that is suppose to hit or snow.

I also finished Eragon and now I'm reading Eldest which the book is pretty good[spoiler] I find it funny that The dragon gets drunk in the second one [/spoiler]

As for Wanted and The Chronicles of Narnia, I didn't really care much for wanted so I guess I give a 5/10 and The chronicles of Narnia was a lot better than the first one so I'll give that a 9/10. And for Legend of Phantom Hourglass it is a pretty good game, right now I'm tring to figure out how to get pas the fog. I also guess the correct amount of trees in the beginning of it all. As for Diamond, It was already a good game and my team right now is

1. Staravia- level 23

2. Luxray- level 32( My seceond strongest pokemon and the first one I caught in diamond.)

3. Crobat- level 37( My strongest pokemon)

4. Onix- level 9

5. Chansey- level 16( trying to get blissey)

6. Shellos- level 8

I got 4 badges so far. and in pearl I got a two star trainer card from the capture the flag game

I'm also typing this up on wordpad and not gamespot and testing, seeing how this works out.

12: Final Blog before I leave

Unless I can get onto sites like this over there anyway. The only sites they let you on are educational websites. I could tell them this site is educational which might be partially true.

And *post a random video*

Pokemon Heroes spoilers

[spoiler] Ash falls out of the swing [/spoiler]

Speaking of Latias. I got one at level 2 in a trade and yes I plan on using it stats haven't been messed I know that. I also change my avatar to Latias. And yes my favorite pokemon is still Ninetales/Vulpix then closely following Latias and Glaceon/espeon/umbreon closely by as well. I caught more pokemon in pearl too and my play time is 222:22

My team: 1. AIpom- level 8 2. Yanma- level 5 3.Squirtle- level 10 4. Leafeon- level 10 5. Gligar- level 5 6. Mareep- level 5

I also saw Hancock it was pretty good movie better than I am legend so I give 8/10

Well you won't even notice I'm gone so I guess that is it

11: I'll be leaving December 1st

And I'll be back on break december 16th. Nobody would notice if I suddenly went missing anyway. I also got 4 new books off the left behind series they are

- Tribluation Force- second book

- The Indwelling- Seventh book

- Apollon- the fifth book

- Assasins- the sixth book

they were 99 cents each and all in very good condition.

I also beat the Elite 4(5) November 10th I used my transfered team and I got the national dex before elite 4 I used







I also hatched 105 eggs already I think I have plenty of Chikoritas And Play time is 132:03 most of it I left my Ds on. I also doubt I'll be able to use the internet when I'm gone I might get a laptop because I reall don't want to carry a computer around. I think the two wii games I'll be getting for christmas are ANimal Crossing and Tales of Symphonia II. I might also get a DS lite for my birthday if I don't have the money for it before that. I guess that is it nothing else and it is Latias the legendary pokemon below.

10: Rayman Raving Rabbids

I got this yesterday. I was hoping it would be a platformer. But oh well it is still a good game. It took a while to figure out some of the games on the thing like the dancing. Though I was really looking for an Action Replay for DS, oh well. Action replay is only useful to get infinite items everything else is useless of.

In Pokemon I am at the Elite 4 furthest I got was The final Elite 4 member. He only had 2 pokemon left for me to beat but I really didn't care if I got past him or not because I would have been destroyed by the champion. I haven't reached her yet and probably won't be until my pokemon are all high levels. I wish you can buy Max Elixir and Elixir. It is kind of cheap that the Elite 4 has doesn't have to worry about running out of PP. Here is my team I'm going to use against them on a real attempt right now I'm using them to level up my pokemon which is going to take a while.

1.Palkia-level 57

- Water Pulse

- Heal Block

- Dragon Claw

- Spacial Rend

2. Alakazam- level 51

- Psycho Cut



- Recover

3. Empoleon- level 48

- Metal Claw

- Whirlpool

-Aqua Jet

- Peck

4.Vulpix- level 41

- Ember

- Flamethower


- Quick Attack

5. Pikachu- level 26 or Lapras-level 21

-Slam/Water Gun

- Thunder Wave/Brine

-Quick Attack/Ice Shard


6. Houndoom- level 31

- Beat Up

- Ember



This their current levels and moveset I probably won't bea the elite 4 untilt they're level 70-80. And that will take a while.

And GTS is useless everyone seems to want legendary pokemon for a pokemon like a common bidoof or chimchar. Play Time: 70:00( Most of this I left my DS on) Seen 147 Caught: 49. I will be an I Icon on gamefaqs in 15 days which is 1000 karma.

Until Next time

9: Wii Play Pokemon

Here is what I got yesterday

Wii Play


Pokemon Pearl

Today I got

POkemon Diamond and Pearl Boxset 2

Here is what I done in Pearl so far

I choose Piplup

First pokemon I catch is Shinx then a starly

On my team

1.Prinplup- level 17

2. Staravia- level 19

3. Buizel-level 10

4. Buneary- level 11

5. Geodude- level 7 only caught because I got tired of looking for an Onix and an Onix appears right after I catch it.

6. Pachirisu- level 12

I also caught Onix ran out of pokeballs the first time second time it almost koed my party which was piplup,shinx, and staravia/starly,Ponyta(2),Pachirisu(2),Misdreavus( was a pain in the @$$ to catch like Onix was), My Shnx is now a Luxio now at level 19 and of cousre I got my first badge and in some eterna city i think it's called.

Also few things about the game

walking is slow, that the way I heard everying about it they made sounded like you weren't going to get any fire pokemon until the elite 4 or something and that pokemon apear every 3 steps or something misleading.

that is the end of this blog

8: Happy Halloween

Though I could care less about this day. *gets eggs and waterballoons ready to throw at random people* That will teach to cause trouble inb4teamrocket.

Random picture I found o the internet.

What better way to end it with this

7: I got Pokemon Diamond and Pearl BoxSet1(Not the games)

I got this today

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Box Set 1

The second one comes out next month and the third one comes early next year. I also probably going to get Pokemon Battle Frontier Box set 1 and 2 this year as well Hopefully I'll have a Job for that to happen. Then I'll try and get a ds lite this year along with pokemon diamond and pearl(the games). I guess for the First season I'll have to order off of ebay and if they done master quest I'll have to order that too. They still haven't released the third season which is Jotho. That why do they allow stuff tp disappear to become harder to find and instead of just making more copies. Anyway I got something to watch while I read Eragon. I also gained to level 7. Hopefully level 20 will be easier to go through this time around. I play catch up with my other account which I haven't logged onto int a month.

6: I just thought of something(not important )(random blog)

I don't think I ever read the rules on any sites I signed up on. I know I haven't read any of them stick message board rules. I'm not going to start either. I also might get Pokemon Diamon and Pearl boxset 1 tomorrow before the 2nd one comes out on 11/4/08. I also found out how to use the link word thing like I did in my blog header thing it link's to my youtube profile,darkspyro,profile,serebii.net profile and myspace( I avoid going to this or just don't view the pictures. Weeding out the weak. I am.

I also wrote a review for dawn of the dragon I know it is a terrible review I'm sure I can do better. I gave out 3 score for it pretty much and gave it 7.0. I am also playing through the game again. I need a new wii-remote my other one will connect but it will disconnect for some strange reason. I also am at 105 post. And I'll be level 7 soon too.

5: Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon( My first review )

Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the dragon

I finally got the game. I got it yesterday. It took me a while to figure out the controls since they changed from the eternal night. So far the game is good. Though I'm stuck at a part trying to figure out how to keep the game closed without enemies coming in. I already know I have to use fire breath. Now my wii collection is

1. Legend: of Spyro: dawn of the dragon

2. Legend of Spyro: Eternal Night

3. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

4. Super Mario Galaxy

5. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

6.Metroid Prime: Corruption

7. Red Steel

8. Trauma Center: Second Opinion

9. Sonic and the Secret Rings

10. SoulCalibur: legends

11. Link's Crossbow training

12. Wii Sports

So it is my 12th wii game the first game I bought since brawl. I might get Rayman: Raving rabbids too before it becomes too difficult to find. Same with Elebits. I thought I had 13 games. I also got a new book.

Countdown to the apocalypse

I haven't started it yet. I also got prohecy in the news magazine and gameinformer yesterday. I also saw Indina Jones the 4th movie the movie was pretty good I might give it an 8/10. Now to go log on to my gamefaqs accounts and then back to spyro which my father is an idiot because he thinks it is barney and he also thinks it the same game from the orignals all he does is wines and plays racing games. I should put a barney background on his computer and delete his icons. I got more books than I read this year but I'm taking my time no need to rush through them then forgot what there about. I also made a darkspyro account it is the first website where I get to use Vulpix as my name :D

My review is below you know what to do. I know my review is terrible. IF I ever improve on reviews I'll edit it. but first spyro review ;D So if I violated the Terms of service on gamespot on my blog I wonder if anyone would see it? hmmm.

Until Next Time.