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34: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Offically terminated

The show ended with two seasons. Kind of lame that they canceled it. I'll still end up getting Season 2 when it comes out on dvd as soon as I can. My faith in fox has dropped even further though. I suppose well at least I still got fringe I can watch and along with House and 24 since those haven't ended well at least not that I heard of. Although I was kind of hoping terminator would make through 3-5 seasons at least. I found this out when I was roaming around on the internet. Nothing else really new. here. I might try Job searching again next week maybe. I should be able to get one somewhere.

So anything new with you guys?


33: Prison Break( Will add spoiler tags)And My Gold&Silver progress

Well the show has ended. It has ended pretty well. I also hope I can get the dvd season soon. But Fringe and terminator are kind of at the top of my list as well as well as 24 since I've missed most of that season but I haven't seen 24 season 1-4 and I think I started to watch 24 in the middle of season 5.

Prison Break spoilers below. I don't care if you hurt me for clicking the spoiler tag. I warned you now.

[spoiler] Before I get onto that. Something I wonder whatever happened to Gretchen? I mut've missed something, but I missed half of some episodes and didn't get to watch some of them due to school. I was surprised to see some characters returned in the last episodes Paul Kellerman returning surprised me thought he got killed off at the end of season 2. And Benjamin Miles Franklin surprised to see him thought he was allowed to leave or something another. Kinda of Scks that michael dies four years later. Overall it was a good show. All that is left for me to watch is 24's season finale. [/spoiler]

Silver's Progress: New Game


Chikorita: Level 10

Pidgey: Level 10

I haven't done to much in Silver, but I've done pretty good so far I think.

Gold's Progress


Kadabra: Level 27

Growlithe: Level 23

BayLeef: Level 24

Noctowl: Level 29

Scyther: Level 21

Flaafy: Level 25

Other Level ups:

Furret: Level 20

Butterfree: Level 22

Graveller: Level 25

Rattatta: Level 19

Pidgey: Level 13

I also caught a lot of pokemon who will make it to my team eventually. I haven't gotten around to pikmin yet I might play when I wake up assuming I go to sleep. I might go play it after the blog anyway since my bed is still probably wet. Or I might play it later in the day. Since it is also saturday I'll be playing Animal Crossing too and maybe put in starfox: assault. I also played Sonic Riders recently and my last save was 12/20/06 lol. I've done that on prince of persia too. some of my last save being 2-3 years ago mostly because I get stuck on a part then I quit then 1-3 years later I beat the part I was stuck on kind of weird.

I hope everything is going well for you guys.


32: Fringe and maybe other things( I'll add spoiler tags if I add spoiler)

Fringe ended pretty well. But it is the only show they previewed coming again in the fall. I hope to get Fringe season1 when it comes out or as soon as I can same with terminator season 2-hopefully there is a third season.- and prison break season 4. others I may wait on when the price drops to $20 like 24 and house. I may also decide to get lie to me and dollhouse though I didn't watch either of them and maybe bones eventually as well.

[spoiler] The episode awas pretty cool. They open portals to alternate realities. Which is another version of multiple Earths but things done differently. And did I miss something Peter Biship died in 1985? He is still alive at the end of the show. That I think any other reality is better than this one. And a little off topic from here mostly for lols. My mom ask me if I needed to be in depends. I'm thinking about saying yes just see if she does it. Not that it would matter to me either way [/spoiler]

On another note with Soul Silver and Heart Gold announce I started a new game on gold. before I go off to that. I was talking with a user on serebii.net and I said to them I think it would be neat to have a pokemon other than pikachu to follow you and that same day they show a picture of a chikorita following you. Though I was talking about doing that for the next generation of pokemon mostly but still kind of weird. Anyway here is my current progress on Pokemon Gold

I named my character Cynder and my rival Paul mostly because he acts like him from the diamond and pearl show. am also currently outside of golderod city raising my pokemon to level 15-20 to face whitney.

On Team:

HoohtHoot- level 17

Butterfree- level 16

Bayleef- level 17

Pidgey-level 9

Furret- level 16

Rattatta- level 13

Recently caught:

Mareep- level 6

Geodude- level 11( caught it at level 3 and used it to beat falkner)

Sandshrew- level 6

Gastly- level 4

Wooper- level 6

Zubat- level 6

Spinarak- level 4

Speaking of my parents I don't think they know that I still like pokemon though I never hated it at any point in my life though I had some movies that were sold and kind of wish I didn't and I'm glad I don't get the cards anymore I mean $5 a pack is kind of expensive. So are batteries. that I also keep secrets from them on purose and it wouldn't matter to me either way if they found out anyway. I hope I can see the series finale of prison break and if Fox reads moving shows like that to fridays are a bad idea. I may watch prison break it all depends if I go to the Variety show(which I really don't want to go) at the variety show is at my school that I graduated from I went there today to visit and saw them practicing and it is kind of bad. If they expect to do good on friday. When I was in that we were actually doing pretty good by the last week we had.

I suppose this is all I got for now. I might also start playing pikmin this week sometime. See ya on next blog. And have a nice day.


31: Phoenix Down and Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Announced

I suppose that leaves me with 10 more levels until level 20 I get to go through that again assuming I last that long.

Nothing interesting happening around here. I updated alot of my accounts around and changed things. I made a new myspace account, right after I account Suicided my last one. took them long enough though. As for games I hear that Red Steel 2 is suppose to come later this year, I'm going to give it another chance and hopefully they imrpove it dramatically and improve on the multiplayer like adding more levels to play on. I would also like them to allow you to use a sword on multiplayer. I suppose I'll search for a Job after my sister's graduation since I really need to get one, I'm kind of almost willing to do anything as long as it is legal and doesn't involve killing animals.


I found out that the remakes of Gold and Silver are coming at serebii.net

Slated to come out Fall of this year and Called Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I'm defintely going to try and get both of them when they come out. About time too. Now if only they remake legend of zelda oracle of seasons/ages and pokemon yellow.

Anything new with you guys?


30: X-men Origins: Wolverine( No Spoilers)

I saw the movie last night and thought it was pretty good. I suppose I would give a 9/10. One movie off of my list.

Next one up is

Terminator: Salvation

Since this blog is short. How about a pic.

Not really my favorite character, but hey. I suppose mine are Storm,Gene, Magneto, and the blue girlthat works with magneto( I'd probably butcher her name). Mistuge I'm guessing, Am I right or am I close? I'll check later. I wouldn't mind having storm's and gene's abilities then I can send a bolt of lightning and burn my neighbor from across the street, I'd use it to burn his house down:twisted: and if he is in it or not I don't care.


29: May 1, 2009- The beginning of Summer

We finally reached May and it looks like it maybe a busy month same with next month. My sister graduates this month and next month will be 1 year since I graduated and so far I've accomplished nothing, I'm useless.

Also X-men: Origins comes out today. Don't know if I'll be seeing or will get to. Prison Break has 2 episodees left for series finale. A new system has been announced with the release date this winter I think is what I heard.


That is just me or a are there too many 360/ps3 exclusives and the wii is left out. Some games that I am interested coming out this month.





X-men origins: Wolverine

THe Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Athena

Terminator: Salvation

And some songs I've been listening to.

Okami: Shinshu Field II

Okami: Sunrises

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles: Sarah Connor's Theme

Which reminds me I need to check and see what bugs and fish come out this month on Animal Crossing.

End of this blog for now anyway. See you again soon assuming I'm not in Jail or something.


28: X-men triliogy, Bablyon A.D.

I got the X-men triliogy for $10 yesterday, even though I've seen all the movies already. I also got that even though I have the original on VHS, the second one on dvd. But I didn't have the third at all. And Since I still seen that third one invdidually still cost $10 as well I figured might as well get all 3 for the same price. Got it at wal-mart. I also watched Bablyon A.D. didn't really care for that, It wasn't too bad of a movie, but not the best either maybe give it a 5.0 or 6.0. I suppose that is it, really nothing new with games for me anyway. That internet was down all day yesterday for me anyway, but I really could care less if it down or up. I suppose I've also been playing games I haven't played in a year or so. That is about it anyway.

And a list of movies I'd like to see this year.

X-men Origins: Wolverine

Terminator: Salvation

Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince


27: Baten Kaitos: The Eternal Wings and The Lost Ocean

Fairly long title, Anyway I had this game for probably 2 years or more on my first game it says my last save file was 3/4/2008. So I started a new game. I got pretty far though still trying to get the hang of the game right now I'm in the fishing village something or other forgot the name. I named my character Cynder unfortuntley. Kalas is level 7 and Xelia is level 5. Speaking of leveling I don't really like having to go to the church to level up and I'm still wondering how the red flowers open. So far I got 3 hours and 30 minutes into the game. And here are some other games I have that I'd like to complete


- Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones( Stuck on a part, moving statues or something)

- Baten Kaitos: The Eternal Wings and The Lost Ocean

- Viewtiful Joe 2( Not sure if I beat this game or not because I beat a couple bosses in row and the screen went black)

- Lost Kingdoms II

-Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly and a heroes tail

- Amazing Island( Close to completion anyway)

Also in Animal Crossing I got the house paid off and now I have to pay off the 398000 one the second floor. Shame the design patterns on Animalcrossingcommunity don't work on city folk I was kind of hoping to do spyro and krystal. It also looks like I might have to go to the store and get the new gameinformer. My mom also bought Bablylon AD( It's not even opened yet got it friday.)


26: Global Warning: Are we on the brink of World War III?

Global Warning: Are we on the Brink of World War III?

I got this book today. It originally cost $24.99, But got for a on sale for $8.97 Couldn't resist the price. As for the question I think world war 3 is overdue I bet there all planning this on a certain day on purpose. I'm onto to there scheme. Anyway I also saw Ikaruga at gamestop shame I didn't have $40 on me maybe I'll have to get the thing when I do have the money. I'm also looking for these games: Phantasy Star Online Episode 1&2 and Skies of Arcadia for GCN too(though I'm still giving this game a 1.0 all because of a comment I read.) I also saw terminator: rise of the machines and dawn of fate for the ps2 a fye's under $10 I may have to get them on of these days too and I've seen I've also seen that the first three pokemon movies are now on a single dvd for $15 maybe the next $20 I get I may go pick that up.

I also wonder if Terminator: Salvation is coming out on the wii or not if not I guess I have to get a ps3 or a 360 if I want to play it. I haven't searched for a Job yet either. maybe when the time is right I will.

Games Recent Happenings:

Animal Crossing: City Folk

-Completed the egg furniture set

- Got spring Blossoms from K.K. Slider

haven't played much else yesterday or anything today.


25: Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles: Born to Run(Spoilers I guess ok)

[spoiler] So terminator season 2 has ended and was a good episode of course it was ended with a cliffhanger. I wonder what Catherine Weaver is doing. She said she was trying to build something to stop skynet. And they left John Connor and Catherine Weaver in the year 2027 or something and left Ellision and Sarah in 2009. And they left John in a future where he doesn't exist. Kind of a shame I was hoping they leave him a future where he does exist then he can meet his future self. Anyway pretty good season and can't wait for the next season hopefully it will come this fall or around august. [/spoiler] And Prison Break begins next friday so I didn't miss the season for that though I wonder if this is the last season for prison break I heard they planned on 4 or 5 seasons so I guess we'll wait and see. And the next Fringe looks interesting. As for games I've been playing Animal Crossing City Folk and Okami trying toget the videos I didn't get before. I haven't watched Dollhouse at all so I don't know if that is good or not, I may end up getting the season for it or something and see.

Happy Easter, Good Friday

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