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43: Spirit, Nicolae: Rise of the Antichrist and Marly&Me

Well today I got 2 books anyway from the left behind series

Nicolae: Rise of the Antichrist the third book in the series.

And I also got

The remnant: On the Brink of Armageddon the tenth book in the series

And I got them at good will for $3.16. I have 7 out of the sixteen books in the series now and most of them I got at goodwill And oddly enough there all in excellent condition at least I think there are. Although I may rebuy the remnant again in soft cover and I may also re-buy the tribulation force and left behind again too. Of course I haven't read them yet as I am reading the first book Left Behind. And since I mentioned goodwill I got an application there too but I haven't filled that out yet. I also saw a couple of ds lites at goodwill for $50.

I saw this today. Well I didn't have any plans to see this however my mom wanted to watch it and my aunt let us borrow the movie. Well As for my thoughts on the movie I didn't care to much for this movie and it isn't a bad movie I also liked this movie better than babylon AD at least. For some reason I felt it was like something that has already been done before but I'm probably wrong. Not sure what score I would give it can decide between a 6/10 or 7/10


I saw this movie a couple nights ago. not sure if I mentioned that in my last blog. I bound to repeat myself eventually. Anyway After I put off on watching this movie for who knows how long I think we owned the movie since probably it came out. Reason why I haven't watched it is because I didn't think it would be a movie I would like well I guess I was wrong huh. anyway I thought this was a pretty good movie although I still can't come up up with a reason for liking things. but I'll just score this 9/10 for my score ^.^. The horse's name in this picture is Rain I didn't post a picture of Spirit because that is what my current avatar is.

I also heard in the news some j*rk lit a cat on fire and they said the cat was lucky enough to survive and the cat has third decree burns.

I suppose that is it for now. I hope your all doing well.

I know there are probably enough pictures in this blog but.

Edit: I also forgot to mention I got nintendo power a couple days ago I'll list a few games that were added there is lots of new games addedif I listed them my blog would be big.

Nintendo DS

House M.D.

Starwars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

Nintendo Wii:

Sonic&Sega All-Star racing

Mr. T

The Grinder

Gladiator A.D.

Pokemon Red/Blue: Rival Appears


42: Well, my parents bought a new car(suv) today.

I would upload a picture of it if I could. I have my own camera for it but my computer doesn't have an SD card slot so I may do such a thing on the computers downstairs. when there not home. And it is a 2006 GM torrent I think according to the paper I seen. And the color is darker blue. We do have 4 vehicles but were selling the Chevy Lumina sometime which ain't worth much because it doesn't start after raining and the seat belts are attatched to the door. And that car was bought new in 1994 and is 15 years old now. My mom also bought a blue car a grandam I think it is. And well the reason why the car was bought today is because my sister keeps on taking off with it and she thinks the car is hers. And we also have a red truck but that isn't really safe to drive but it is safer than the lumina.

Anyway As for other things going here are some games I recently completed for the first time

Sparkster- I loved this game a lot and was fun and I like the music alot. Although I completed this game on Easy and maxed out the continues and lives meaning 4 continues and 5 lives I think it was. But hey at least I completed it finally after I had owned the game for so long.

Some games still on my list I'd like to complete for the Sega Genesis

- Sonic the Hedgehog

- Sonic the Hedgehog 2

- Sonic 3d Blast

- Sonic Spinball

- Lion King

- Ecco the Dolphin

I may also play Pirates of Dark Water later since I haven't in a while.

I also completed Starfox 64( but It I think I mentioned that already.)

I also recently watched Ice Age and I would like to get the Second Ice Age on dvd sometime although I did see it in theatres once. Which reminds I still ought to get spider-man 3 on dvd sometime too I saw that in theatres before too. I'll probably by both of those when I have money for them along with a warriors book I'm not sure which one I'll get in that series.

I'll also be level 12(again) tomorrow.

I hope everyone else is doing well.

Random Picture for the day:


41: Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July.And here are some of the dreams I was going to share in the anthro lounge. I also put in some others as well but wasn't sure if they were appropiate to post. I'm sure there appropiate to post here and I added a few more dreams of mine that I found interesting This one dream I had here is kind of odd not sure if I shared it before. I had two dreams at the same time my left eye was seeing my room and my right eye was seeing a frozen lake and I think I was standing in the middle of the lake. and I saw a white light that had an eye in it or something. ending the dream. That My sister and I had the same dream before too I was driving a car from my grandpa's house to where I currently live and it was dark out. The only odd thing here is that both me and my sister had the same dream. I also had one where I met Jesus Christ around the part where the world went into darkness for 3 hours which was pretty cool to see.

And some of my wolf dreams. A couple of them I'm a grey wolf male and one of them I'm running down my street and get shot somehow. In a different one I guess I'm the father of some wolves and I seen at least 4 of them running aroun in an open field and I seen trees and the mother as well. In my other dream I'm a grey female wolf and I get pregnant somehow and give birth to wolves.

and some of my dragon dreams I am black female dragon in all of these oddly enough. In this one I'm chained to a wall facing the wall and I'm in a prison and my wings are spread out forcely from chains from the ceiling and in this dream I was being whipped mostly throughout the dream on my wings and back of course the odd the thing in the dream is I enjoyed it and it was some shadow creature of sorts doing it.( Didn't know I secretlyliked being tortured O.O and I probably did something to deserve that anyway.) And in this second dream I got pregnant somehow and this dream ended when I was almost giving birth to dragons. in this third dream. I was above the ocean with my hands tied to a pole at the edge of a floating platform being whipped in this dream too I also heard some voice saying something about the United States, Russia,Israel, and Japan not sure what about. And something it also said I started world war 3 or world war 3 has begun. and some of my other animal dreams I have been a lion,hawk,horse and dolphin =^.^=. I crashed in a tree as a hawk and as a lion I got shot after I flew. Dolphin I was swimming around in the ocean dn horse I was running around in a field.

And some of my video game progress In Animal Crossing: City Folk The painting wasn't fake and this weeks was. I saw 8 taratnuals and caught 1 on July 1st. I also saw 2 scorpions didn't get any. I also added numerous amounts of bugs into my collection at the museum. July 2nd I saw a good amount of scorpions and caught 1. I also caught the fish called jar and added a few more bugs to the museum as well. Nothing much happened July 3rd. I also completed starfox 64 and found the last boss rather easy even though I almost lost the one in starfox adventures I found a little more difficult even though. Nothing to much else going on in gaming. I've kind of been posting on darkspyro and serebii. Other things I been busy at Church yesterday on the 3rd. I'm also still reading Eragon and Left Behind book. I've also been watching the left behind movies kind of wish they'd make a fourth but it is not going to happen. Oh yeah I did play spyro: A heroes tail. forgot how far I got though. I also had a tarantualand scorpion chase me down throughout the town in animal crossing at the same time.


Pocket Monster's Theme: Let's Run

40: Tomorrow is my Grandpa's Birthday.

Well tomorrow is my Grandpa's Birthday. I wanted to do a blog about it. And He will be 85 tomorrow Ibeilieve and I also beilieve he was born in 1924. And my grandma would have been 79 years old on June 26th. So I'll probably be a little busy tomorrow going to church and to my grandpa's house for his birthday.

Some other recent events

I maybe be going back to trade school on 9/14/09 for a 5 week thing. I also got my bike which I haven't rode in a few years. I might do that Monday since the last two days were to hot to go outside for a long period of time. I also pretty much been reading Left Behind the first book a little bit. Although I would like to get the prequels from the series and start with the rising. But the only books I can find at the familychristianstores is Kingdom Come and Left Behind( I may get another copy of this eventually) both kind of expensive. I also want to get The American apocalypseand/or the late great U.S.A. I'm also going to start reading Eragon again and read what I forgotten. I also need to get around to reading the chronicles of narnia. I also been drawing a bit. I drew a gatomon and Pikachu that looked half-decent. My rattatta looked a little deformed and meowth was strange. I might try to practice 1hr or so a day if I want to get any better.

As for gaming recent events

I beat Eragon although I already mentioned that.

Been playing Animal Crossing: City Folk which reminds me I need to see if the painting I bought from crazy redd is fake or not although I'm 99% sure it is fake because the last 2 paintings I bought from him weren't fake and it wouldn't be like him to sell me 3 no-fake paintings in a row.

Also Been playing Sparkster, Lion King, Ecco the Dolphin for the sega genesis. I also pretty uch been playing playstation 1&2 demos of games along with Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future

And other games I've been playing on the Wii: Super Mario Galaxy, I may play more games and I'm going to go play spyro enter the dragonfly and a heroes tail today or later this week.

That some of other sites have been better. I have been posting a little bit more on Darkspyro and serebii. Maybe I should be a little more active on gamespot than I normally am. And as for more usernames on sites I joined Serebii my username is -Vulpix- same as here. Dark spyro my username is Vulpix. Devian Art it is Cynder-Vulpix and youtube it is CynderVulpix and gamefaqs my user name is Ecco_Cynder. I also have facebook and myspace but anyway.

Nothing too much going on or too interesting going on.

2 pictures perhaps.

And a song I've been listening to

Not sure if there are spoiler for he legend of spyro games or not. I don't think anybody would care anyway.

Bring Me to Life

I hope everyone else is doing good.


39: Eragon

I got Eragon for ps2

Made by Sierra. I haven't played this yet of course. I got the game for $5.00 or maybe $2.00 over at Sears. And pretty much the reason why I get older games is because A). I missed out on them the first time around B). I never have money for new games C). Other And Old games are still fun even today. And Whenever I get a job I may try to rebuild my nintendo 64 collection. I also been playing Sega Genesis and a lot of games there. I also cheated on the Lion King and Ecco the Dolphin for the genesis and used a level select code to face the last bosses for the games.

One of these days I want to go beat Ecco the dolphin without cheating. Although I might use level select code to go to a stage I left off on. Same thing with the Lion King. The furthest I gotten on the Lion King was Simba's Destiny. I also got new jeans today mostly for helping carrying rocks. Oh and around 3:00 AM the Dog escaped again during a storm. Of course I helped my mom get her back in the cage. And yet a few times she tells me to go back inside because of lightning and of course I didn't. I really didn't show any concern of my saftey and I was kind of hoping to get hit by it and I was also holding scissors, by a metal fence and under a tree all at the same time. Lightning was pretty bad but no pweroutages at least.

I also played Sparkster for a bit on the genesis I think it is a very fun game. I also played Desert Demolition which is a game that has the Coyote and the roadrunner. I also played Maxmium Carnage and Seperation Anxiety.Although I mentioned it all ready I completed my pokedex with all 493 and I'm raising a team. My team now is 1. Vulpix- Knows Flare Blits and Energy Ball a grass type move. 2. Pikachu- knows volt tackle and thunderbolt at an early level 3. Gastly 4. Chikorita- knows vine whip 5. Espeon 6.Absol maybe

And when I do get a job the system I might get first is the ps3 mostly because of spyro the dragon 1,2, and 3 and that I heard final fantasy VII was out on missed that one too. I also hope Lion King: Simba's mighty adventure comes on it looks like a good game. I also hope Beast Wars comes out on the playstation store too which was a fun game. After that I'll more than likely be getting Spyro: Seasons of Flame, Attack of the rhynocs, Orange and Shadow Legacy.

"Look I behold a Mystery: We shall not sleep but change in a flash in a twinkling of an eye" " On that night two people will be in one bed one will be taken and the other left. two women will be grinding grain together one will be taken and the other left"

Edit Small review on Eragon

The game is pretty decent. Graphics could improve though. But I suppose that is the only issue I have with the gam. But I think I might give this one a 5/10. But at least I didn't pay too much for the game. It is not a bad game or a very good game so pretty much in the middle. And while I mentioned Sega Genesis I was playing VR Troopers the Computer guys are awful they pretty much use the same move over and over again and they dodge my projectile attacks most of the time as well but I ended up winning against them by returning the favor in kind.

Random Picture for the Day

Renamon's digievolved form and I forgot the name.


38: After a Power outage

Had a Power outage probably due to a storm. Maybe lightning hit the wire I don't know didn't see any trees down. And one of our dogs escaped during that time too. Which I was helping my mom fixing the fence back up and as well as increasing my chances by getting hit by lightning I was holding a pair of scissors, by a metal fence and under a tree all at the same time. Oh well maybe next time.

Oh and I started a new game on Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and I left off at the beginning of the first dungeon. In Ecco the Dolphin I'm still at four ways of mystery. And in pokemon Pearl I got these pokemon off of GTS





Now I just need to transfer a Mewtwo and get a Deoxys even though my pokedex is complete. I might be trading a Raikou for Arceus for pokedex entry but haven't heard from the person I was going to trade with yet I wonder where they went too now. That it probably was a good thing I wasn't playing animalCrossing During the time the power went out otheerwise I would be acused of resetting. I might play Super Mario Galaxy today and maybe Animal Crossing: City Folk to catch a Shark,Hammer Head Shark, and some bugs.

Oh yeah I forgot I just turned level 11 Atomic Punk. I hope nobody misreads that now. I also got a new youtube.

Random Fact in my life:

One time my parents were going to name me Ecco( At least I think that was the spelling for it I don't know. Maybe Echo >_>) I suppose either way I wish that was my name was that instead of my current name mostly I don't like having a fairly common name. And I'm probably postive it would have been Ecco. I also have had two last names. One I was born with and my current one through adoption. And if my name was Echo I probably would have had it changed to Ecco when I was adopted. At least my nae would be more unique if it was and I would have the same name as Ecco the dolphin but I'm not sure if Ecco was around in 1988 I could be wrong about that I'd have to look it up.

Currently listing to:

Super Mario Galaxy: Good Egg Galaxy

Random Picture for today: Nobody Expects

I spammed my blog oh no


37: One Year after my graduation

Well, it has finally been a year after my graduation. So far I don't think I've accomplished anything. I would like to get a Job someitme soon. And I really don't want to go back to MTCI which is the school I went too and I'd rather go to a different one. I also got another copy of gameinformer Issue 194.

And my Progress on Ecco the Dolphin

I got: SOng of the Fish, Song of the Shark, Song of the turtle and power of Vigour. The game is pretty fun actually. Right now I'm in an area called 4 ways mystery or something like that. After the first time battling a Great White Shark he ate poor Ecco. That reminds me I managed to get Cynder ate in spyro dawn of the dragon. And one thing I would really like to know in the beginning of ecco the dolphin I wonder how the baby whale gets under a pile of rocks so fast. I was just talking to her and the next I know she gets trapped under rocks must have teleportaion abilities or something. Another note I think the controlls could have been better but there still good.

And here is one of my favorite songs from the zelda series

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Ages- Evil SPreads

Some games I plann to play this week

Super Mario Galaxy

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Pokemon Pearl- Mainly to raise teams for online matches even though I don't plan on eving or IVing anything

Animal Crossing: City Folk- More Bugs and Fish are out. Oh and crazy redd didn't rip me off this time with a fake painting serously though I would have shot him already if I was aloud to.

Maybe a legend of zelda game and starfox game too.

Hope everyone else is doing well too


36: Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future

Ecco the dolphin: Defender of the Future

I've finally got the game and it is getting pretty hard to find too. I have't played it yet. But I will probably after this blog.

And games I've gotten this year so far:

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian-Ps2

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly- Nintendo Gamecube

Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future-Ps2

I may not get a new wii game or nintendo DS game anytime soon.

I also bought

I think my subcription starts with the July issue. Assuming it doesn't get lost in the mail. And the Next game I hope to get is Eragon for the Ps2.

And just because I can:

Sorry just one of my favorite pictures of Vulpix. And I saw the video on Metroid: Other M the game looks pretty cool. But I'm still waiting for a Kirby Platformer at the most.


35: Terminator: Salvation

Saw the movie finally today. It was a good movie I think I'm giving it a 9/10. Well at least now there in the future and not the past/present. I won't really say to much about the movie so I don't spoil it for anyone that once to see it. I also saw that the movie 2012 is coming out too. I saw a trailer and thought it was a fake. But I may go see that too or wait for it to come out on dvd.

I suppose two movies that remain on my list:

2012 the movie

Harry Potter and the half-blood prince

Angels&Demons( When it comes out on dvd of course I may watch it)

The Knowing( When it comes out on dvd of course)

Transformers 2( I haven't seen the first one yet either and may wait for this one to come out on dvd too)

Really nothing to much going on for gaming for me anyway. haven't really played anything.

"If you are listening to this you are the Resistance....This is John Connor"


34: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Offically terminated

The show ended with two seasons. Kind of lame that they canceled it. I'll still end up getting Season 2 when it comes out on dvd as soon as I can. My faith in fox has dropped even further though. I suppose well at least I still got fringe I can watch and along with House and 24 since those haven't ended well at least not that I heard of. Although I was kind of hoping terminator would make through 3-5 seasons at least. I found this out when I was roaming around on the internet. Nothing else really new. here. I might try Job searching again next week maybe. I should be able to get one somewhere.

So anything new with you guys?