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503: Fringe Season 5, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 2


Anyway bought Quite a bit of things off of Amazon and here they be


Fringe Season 5

Price: $27.99


Fringe-The Zodiac Paradox(Book)

Price: $7.19

Think there are two more books coming out this year too.



Playstation 3 Game #105

Price: $19.99


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Princess Twilight Sparkle(DVD)

Price: $10.49


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 2

Price: $31.49

Also bought a bunch of Pokemon Related things


Pokemon Binder Card Holder

Price: $6.99

Also bought Extra of these things


And there is a reason for that, on another note I actually haven't bought Pokemon Cards in Years last pack I bought was Neo Genesis that had Espeon in it aside from buying Ninetales Call of Legends Card earlier this year so......I bought some more


Pokemon Emerging Powers Cards x5

end up costing $13.25


Espeon-Call to Legends

cost: $1.99


Espeon-Diamond and Pear-Majestic Dawn

Cost: $0.68


Espeon- Black/White Dark Explorers

Cost: $1.24


Leafeon-Platinum Rising Rivals

Cost: $2.29


Latias- Dragon Vault Pack

Cost: $10.15


Rapidash-Platinum Set

Cost: $0.20



Cost: $0.20


Vulpix-Heart Gold/Soul Silver

cost: $1.87


Swanna-Emerging Powers

cost: $0.68

Is also my current avatar


Deerling-Emerging Powers

Cost: $0.50


Keldeo-Boundaries Crossed



Boundaries Crossed pack x3




cost: $$0.68


Snivy-Black/White-Emerging Powers

cost: $1.50


Espeon-Undaunted Theme Deck

cost: $12.50


Snivy-Box Set

cost $14.59


Pokemon T-Shirt

cost $22.94


Liepard-Emerging Powers

cost: $0.87

think cost me about $214 for everything


Anyway, mostly been playing Pokemon Games playing Pokemon White at the moment and my current Pokemon Team

1. Swanna-level 37 2. Zebstrika- level 27 3. Liepard-level 27 4. Servine level 27 5. Unfeasant-level 34 6. Krokorok-level 32

likely will change since I want Hydreigon in there somewhere. Current Badges-5

haven't played Xbox 360, PS3, or Nintendo Wii much did play Hyper Dimension Neptunia for a bit, and not sure what else. in the past couple of weeks.

and getting tired of gamespot signing me out at random, along with some other sites. Wonder if it is possible to eat 1,000 calories think my weight should be 145 instead of 183, so I might try to get down to 170-165 this year if I can if I am still alive at the end of the year that is.

anyway guess I'm mostly going to continue to play pokemon games

and other then that I'm not sure what else to post, since I'm kind of rushing this blog.

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502: Hour of Darkness


Guess back again so soon

Anyway, Speaking of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon would've like to have seen them make a full season out of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity and Explorers of the Sky, I'm sure the show could've been fairly good, did like the episodes they did show on it. Along with A Pokemon Show based on the Pokemon Black & White 2 intro they did.

Anyway ordered some more games


HyperDimension Neptunia

Playstation 3 Game #104

Price: $32.79

Actually ment to get this game a while back, but ended up buying something else instead. Probably like a few times at least I've done that


Disgaea: hour of Darkness

Playstation 2 Game #29

Price: $17.58


Drakenguard 2

Playstation 2 Game #30

Price: $17.89


Lunar Silver Star Harmony

PSP Game #5

Price: $15.99

Disgaea bought it because I like the Box Cover. Drakenguard 2, liked Drakenduard so bought the 2nd one and Lunar Silver Star Harmony liked the demo for the game so bought it as well.


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team

Nintendo DS Game #32

Price: $24.96

After upon completing Gates to Infinity I bought another Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game, never played this one so.....


PokePark 2 Wonder Beyond

Nintendo Wii Game #28

Price: $33.18

wanted to try the game, but didn't want to spend $50 on it.

I seem to be buying alot of Pokemon games lately along with Playstation 2 games. Not sure If I'm doing that on purpose or not

also bought


Kyurem vs The Sword of Justice

Price: $14.99

Originally was intending on getting Fringe Season 5 and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 2, but those don't come out till next month it looks like so I'll get them both then

Also bought


A Keldeo Plush

Price: $4.50

Used to have a Pikachu Plush years ago, not sure what I did with it.

Might get Deerling and Zebstrika next. and maybe Umbreon and Espeon.


Reminds me is it bad that I buy games without hardly doing next-to no research on them? Also seems like these days no matter how many games I buy I seem to rather play the same ones over again which would be Gates to Infinity, Explorers of the Sky, Legend of Spyro The Eternal Night, Okami, Eternal Sonata and probably Tales of Symphonia along with Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

On another note If I could choose to go to another world, and be forgotten in this one I probably choose go to another world probably without thinking twice, besides if I was erased from this timeline I don't think it would affect too much. probably wouldn't be missed.

Didn't get too much done in Gaming other then completed a few Missions in Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon.

And come to think of it think it has been a while since I bought a PS3 game, then again ben a while since I bought an Xbox 360 game too. Guess I might try and get Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Concivtion or something later. And apparently there are 400 people on my friend's list. still waiting for gamespot to remove that popular emblem off of my profile. or too bad they don't let you pick what emblems are shown on your profile.

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501: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity-completed


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity

6th Game completed for 2013

Wonder if it is bad I completed 6 games, and I'm not sure which 6 those are at the moment other then Pokemon Black 2.

Seems, I mostly seem to be playing Pokemon games lately. Not sure when I played a PS3 game last. did play Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon for a bit. and ended up playing Gates to Infinity more then I thought I would mostly at hours at a time. Regardless of the lack of characters still found the game to be pretty good, and did like the story think I still like Explorers of the Sky better. I might wind up replaying it again just because I found it a bit funny that Keldeo got rejected by Virizion. And game had a pretty good soundtrack espcially some of the dungeons near the end of the game.

Think I ended up giving a 7.5 or 8.5 not sure which. Luigi's Mansion 8.0 I think


Other then that I'm not sure what else. Other mostly been watching Digimon and Pokemon currently on Master Quest season in Pokemon then might go back to Orangle Islands next. Digimon kind of watching Random episodes.


And reminds me might end up ordering more things off of Amazon later, maybe tomorrow sometime.

Also did play the demos for Secret Agent Clank and Jak & Daxter Lost Frontier, might eventually get both on PSP.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep don't think I've gone anywhere with much since I mostly was playing Gates to Infinity.

And Still haven't played anything for Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 in a while either.

was going to play Warriors Legends of Troy on PS3 last night, but never got around to it.

and likely will be changing my avatar to/or is changed to



Gamespot is seemingly dead, or I just don't seem to hear from anyone these days. Guess once I figure out a way to disappear to another world, don't think I'll probably be missed.

Was going to order Fringe Season 5, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 2, and maybe Digimon Season 3, but those aren't coming out till next month plus Digimon Season 3 is still labled at $70 something dollars so think I might wait on that see if it drops to $40.

Wonder if I should do a favorite list of some sorts sometime likely one of these ones

Favorite Games from Each Console(I'll likely wind up posting them all.)

Favorite Video Game Trailers/Intros

Favorite Pokemon

Favorite Video Game Soundtracks

likely will be posting without a reason for it, since I don't need a reason for anything do I?

Well, guess I'm going to be continuing to play Gates to Infinity, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon and some other games not sure what though.

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~Cynder of Riverclan

500: Pokemon Black 2-Completed


Anyway, did complete a game


Pokemon Black 2

5th Game completed for 2013

think I have 162 hours in it, likely from leveling up random Pokemon

and here is the Pokemon I used for the Elite 4



level 63



level 61



level 78



level 60



level 73



level 61

Well guess have that finished also have a Donphan at level 36 now.

and played Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep for a bit along with some demos now that I have a memory card for it

played Lunar Silver Star Harmony, Dissidia Final Fantasy, God of War Chains of Olympus, Valkyria Chronicles, Petz Saddle Club, Monster Hunter Freedom, God of War Ghost of Sparta, Jak & Daxter, and Starwars Battlefront Elite Suqadron.

Think I might get Lunar Silver Star Harmony next. and thought God of War games were better then I thought they be on the PSP anyway, wasn't sure how they would be after playing the HD Collection.

I have several other downloaded, just haven't transfered it to my PSP yet and liking Kingdom Hearts better now that I can save the game.

still waiting on some of the other items I ordered. and mostly been watching Random episodes in Fringe and Pokemon.

and played Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom.

as for the items I did ordered waiting on Digimon seasons 1 & 2, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity and Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon and Drakenguard for PS2.

and do like Drakan The Ancient Gates, wouldn't mind seeing an HD remake of the game, but don't think that is going to happen

And wonder if anyone has had a dream they weren't sure they were going to wake up from? Think I have had a few of them like that.

almost forgot


Saw Jurassic Park in 3D yesterday

still don't care for movies in 3D last one I saw was Avatar, I like the movies better in 2D. Plus I think the 3D hurts my eyes anyway. Avatar did that as well.

guess in the mean time I'll likely continue to play Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, Pokemon Games, PSP and not sure what else.

and will likely be watching Fringe and Pokemon and also did start reading Warriors Dawn of the Clans Sun Trail

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499: Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon


Anyway ignoring the top half.

and are some Games I recently just bought


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity

Nintendo 3DS Game #9

Price: $34.96

Did play the demo picked to be Snivy and had Pikachu as a Partner on Explorers of Darkness I picked Torchic and Chikorita and Sky I picked Vulpix and Chikorita


Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Nintendo 3DS Game #10

Price: $39.96

Did like the Gamecube game quite a bit, so bought this one and other 3DS games I still want to get

  • Kid Icarus Uprising
  • Animal Crossing
  • Pokemon X and Y
  • Mario Kart 7
  • Metal Gear Solid 3
  • Starfox 64
  • Monster Hunter Ultimate
  • Fire Emblem

and bought a couple of PS2 games



Playstation 2 Game #27

Price: $23.27

Since the 3rd game is announced for PS3, thought I try the first game


Drakan The Ancient Gates

Playstation 2 Game #28

Price: $21.98


And also bought a few other things


Hope this was the memory card I needed for a PSP

got it for $12.25

also bought


Digimon Season 1

Price: $38.99



Digimon Season 2

Price: $38.88

wanted to get them before they went up to $100+ dollars. Season 3 they have listed for $70, but I'm going to wait to see if the price drops. Also near the end of the Month I'll get Fringe Season 5 which comes out May 7th, 2013 and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 2 comes out May 14, 2013 along with Princess Twiligt Sparkle dvd. Might get Power complete series as well, since I can't find the show online, and mostly wanted to watch the older shows. Now I just need Zoids New Century Zero, Chaotic Century, Sailor Moon, Godzilla the series and the Old Cartoon one.

and changed my avatar


This time to Zebstrika

and as for Video Games mostly playing Pokemon Black 2 and here is my current Pokemon have 7 badges now

Hydreigon-level 70

Glaceon- level 51

Lapras-level 44

Flygon-level 69

Eelectross-level 68

Zebstrika-level 37

and other Pokemon I leveld up

Luxray- level 34

Absol-level 39

Serperior- level 38

Rapidash-level 47

Espeon-level 51

Vulpix-level 52

Umbreon level 45

Houndoom level 43

Meganium level 42

Gyarados-level 45

Lucario-level 47

and about it at the moment going to level up Zebstrika some then take on the 8th Gym which shouldn't be too difficult. and I'll probably catch a Deerling at some point

and at least now I'll be able to save games on PSP.

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~Cynder of Riverclan

498: Level 52- Spoony Bard

Well Gained another level


Level 52 Spoony Bard, not sure what a Spoony Bard is.


Anyway, got the PSP in the mail today, looks like I'll have to get a Memory Stick can't get one till April 2nd I think though.

Don't think they sell those in stores still do they?

Anyway did try some of the games anyway liked all of them so far. Too Bad I can't save the games:p, Anyway guess whenever I do get a Memory Stick looks like I'll be downloading some demos too.

And looks like I might have to get a few PS1 games too Probably will get Spyro 1-3 and Crash Bandicoot games, even though I have Spyro the Dragon on PS1 and Crash Bandicoot games So I can play on PSP anyway.

And rated all the games already.

And Question about Kingdom Hearts

[spoiler] Isn't Ventus, Roxas? [/spoiler]

And as for other games

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom I'm currently at the 1st Temple, I think or whatever they call it in the game.

and completed a game


Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening DX

4th Game Completed for 2013

Guess I'm not doing to well on completing things again, Probably doesn't help I play more then one game at a time.


That reminds, not sure what Suicune was doing in my dream or if I really want to know......

Guess if Pokemon are starting to appear in my dreams, wonder if that means I might be playing the games a bit too much?

Since Pikachu was in the last one along with Chikorita and Snivy I think and Ninetales.....

and in this one Raikou, Entei and think Ho-oh were in it, can't remember what it was about though.

Anyway as for Pokemon Black 2 Current Pokemon on my Team

Flygon-level 55

Vulpix level 27

Espeon- level 45

Snivy- level 16

Rapidash- level 40

Lapras- level 28

Guess Pokemon I am currently trying to level up at the moment..... Then I'll switch them with some of the others I have.

And after having played probably all the Kingdom Hearts games, and Quite a few Tales of games I think Kingdom Hearts 2 still remains my favorite in the series and Tales of Symphonia remains my favorite as well, Though I think Birth by Sleep, and Tales of Vesperia for Xbox 360 and Dawn of the New World for Nintendo Wii came pretty close. And I'll be getting Tales of Xillia for PS3 too, which I think comes this year and probably will get Tales of Legendia before it gets too expensive too buy.


Facebook Failed, so now it is Failbook. it altered the Photo and Status so I couldn't ulpoad photos.

and wonder how many would recognize this picture


If, not you'll may find out eventually

I should try and get some of my other accounts at higher levels, no one would expect a bunch of high level account alts:p

And I also have work today as well as Friday, Saturday and Sunday even though I'm not usually scheduled for Sundays.

Anyway, guess I might continue to play Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom and Pokemon Black 2 for the time being.

I'll also probably just end up getting a 8GB Memory stick for PSP, I think it is 8GB anyway. Then I probably won't need to be concerned about memory for a while

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~Cynder of Riverclan

497: Well, probably better late then never here is what I ordered off of Amazon


Not Luna, this time unfortently

Anyway, ended up buying this instead


PSP 3000

Price: $99.96

Wasn't sure what model to get bought this and was only $100 so kind of hard to pass that up. Not sure what I need for it. Does it come with a Memory Card/Stick or is that something I'll need to buy?

anyway here are the games I bought


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

PSP Game #1

price: $15.28

Kind of was the sole reason I bought it


Tales of the World Radiant Mythology

PSP Game #2

Price: $17.90


Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

PSP Game #3

Price: $18.64


Sonic Rivals

PSP Game #4


Sonic Rivals 2

PSP Game #5

Price: $19.99(Sonic Rivals 1 & 2 was a Dual Pack)

Also bought this


Warriors Dawn of the Clans: Sun Trail

Price: $11.39

Will also buy Warriors Untold stories and Tallstar's Revenge.

and almost for got did get this game too


Prince of Persia Classic

PSN Game #31

Price: $9.99

Got $10 from Sony for, who knows what reason and bought that game along with some PSN avatars

and Changed my avatar to



As far as PSP games go even though I have them already might end up getting God of War Ghost of Sparta, Chains of Olympus and Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker. and might get Monster Hunter as well.

was going to get Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity, but changed my mind might get them next paycheck I get instead

This explains how Twilight became an Alicorn

spoilers....At this point I'm not sure why I bother

and also found the Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Track I was looking for here it would be

and also probably one of my favorite scenes for Heavy Rain Spoilers for the game

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

As for Game Progress not sure what I've played all week, Played God of War III, Assassin's Creed III, Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening and Pokemon Black 2

Link's Awakening I need three instruments to awaken the Wind Fish

and Pokemon Black 2 current Pokemon I have

Eelectross-level 66

Espeon-level 41

Lapras-level 23

Glaceon- level 50

Flygon-level 50

Braviary- level 37

Milotic-level 38

Umbreon-level 14

Meganium-level 37

Lucario- level 21

Vulpix level 27

and Gyarados at level 20, Luxio level 27

Still have 6 badges at the moment.

As for Assassin's Creed III game kind of p*ssed me off a bit with a Chasing Mission was Chasing Hickey too many times so I quit playing the game then got past that part.

Also reminds think I already have a couple of Digital PSP games, forgot what they were though. And kind of thinking of playing Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom again along with Dark Sector and Heavy Rain.

For the most part I mostly been playing Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening and Pokemon Black 2 at the moment.

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~Cynder of Riverclan

496: Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening DX


Anyway did buy a prepaid card for Nintendo 3DS and bought a few games


Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening(GBC)

Nintendo 3DS VC Game #1

funny thing this is the first game I downloaded and Ocarina of Time was the first 3DS game I bought for the system not sure if I did that on purpose or not. Was one character short for my first name, so I used my middle name instead, anyway already stole the shovel, bow and bombs. like I'm going to pay 980 rupees for a Bow. Didn't look like the Screen Jump glitch didn't work the game I don't think, I do have this on Original Gameboy that still worked.



Super Mario Bros(NES)

Nintendo 3DS VC Game #2

Price: $4.99

Kind of wanted this on handheld anyway, did play it on NES before and still like that controller best for the game, and I also have this game on Animal Crossing for Nintendo Gamecube, though you need an Action Replay to get the game on Animal Crossing.


Super Mario Land(Gameboy)

Nintendo 3DS VC Game #3

Price: $3.99

Had this once before on Original Gameboy and lost it someplace, or at least I can't remember what I did with it.

Now if they can put the Batman, TMNT and Power Rangers game I had on VC that I originally had on Gameboy before as well aside from those had Pokemon Red,Blue and Yellow didn't have too many gameboy games think I had some random football game too can't remember what the title was.

also bought this


Pokemon Dream Radar

Nintendo 3DS E-shop Game #1

Price: $2.99

kind of only bought because I couldn't figure out what else to buy and had $4 left, now I have $0.96 left on it. Probably going to be a while before I get another 3DS card probably not until Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons and Ages come out for it. Wasn't entirely interested in getting Pokemon Dream Radar, but guess it isn't too bad.


Don't think I've been on PSN for a day or two again, mostly because been playing Pokemon Black 2 and here is the current Pokemon I'm using

Elektross- level 54

Flygon- level 50

Braviary-level 37

Umbreon level 14

Spoink level 24

Milotic level 38

Meganium level 37

Currently trying to search for another Eevee to evolve into Espeon at the moment and have 6 badges at the moment. Probably should try to get some of my Pokemon to level 55 before going to the 7th Gym, and need to locate an ice type Pokemon somewhere for the gym. Also do have Gyarados at level 20

Other then that haven't played much else at the moment. and haven't been on Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii in a while either. and haven't platinumed a game this year or finished a book yet. I'll get too it eventually

did finish the Pokemon Battle Frontier season, might watch the Jotho season next then Kanto and Orange Islands. Though I have watched them once before.

Suppose I might play something on PS3 for a bit then and Guess Luigi's Mansion 2 and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Inifinity will be coming out soon will likely be getting both of those next Sunday maybe.

Equestria is doomed.

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~Cynder of Riverclan

495: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness


Anyway, did buy a couple games at Gamestop today. and would be these two


Pokemon Myster Dungeon Explorers of Darkness

Nintendo DS Game #30

Price: $12.99

I take it the Story is the same as Explorers of the Sky since that is only other Mystery Dungeon game I have, I picked Vulpix, and Chikorita last time as for Darkness I picked Torchic and Chikorita.

and the other game.


Pokemon Platinum

Nintendo DS Game #31

Price: $29.99

Bought Pokemon Platinum as well considering it was getting expensive online I think too bad they didn't have Boxes for them.

Guess I'll have to buy them.

Guess all I have left to get in the main entry series is Pokemon Firered and Emerald left. Spin off series I guess up next will be either Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs, Pokepark Pikachu's Adventure, Pokemon Dash, Pokemon Conquest or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team.

On another note did go to the hospital to see what my heart rate was at apperently was at 108 a bit higher then it should be, though I think it has been rather high for past few weeks or so and think they said I had a slightly high white blood cell count think 20.6 I'm not sure something with a .6 in it anyway. and looks like that a local Bar in Town caught on fire as well.


As for Games, can't remember what I played on PS3. or Xbox 360 last. Still waiting on Virtua Quest for Nintendo Gamecube to come in the mail. mostly been playing Pokemon Black 2 at the moment and the current Pokemon I'm using in Pokemon Black 2

Milotic level 27

Flaafy level 21

Luxio level 18

Bayleef level 22

Swellow level 26

Spoink level 24

also using

Lucario level 21

Snivy level 16

Absol level 22

Ponyta level 14

Badges: 3

Might evolve Eevee into Umbreon.

and Pokemon White here is what I have at the moment

Vulpix level 16

Tranquill level 21

Servine level 17

Bayleef level 16

Croconaw level 18

Blitzle level 16

not exactly a balanced team, and quite a bit of starter Pokemon in it.

Badges: 1

Also got 4 Meleotta being this Pokemon


Event is still going on till March 24th I think at Gamestop.

Other then that mostly been watching Pokemon as well. watching Battle Frontier season at the moment then may watch Jotho next then Kanto.

Guess I don't really have anything else at the moment might try and play something on PS3 later I suppose.

Also did forget, did play Kameo Elements of Power on Xbox 360 for a bit got past the Forest Temple not sure what the next location was. Wonder if there using Temple names being similiar to Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. and did play Monster Hunter Tri for a bit on Nintendo Wii and the demo for God of War Ascension for PS3, likely will get the game sometime not sure if I want to pay $60 for it though, but was pretty fun.

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~Cynder of Riverclan

494: Battle of Giants Dragons


Well anyway order some stuff off of Amazon today and here is what I bought


Pokemon Heart Gold

Nintendo DS Game #27?

Price: $38.98

Says it is in like new condition $72 for a New Copy on Amazon otherwise:|


Golden Sun Dark Dawn

Nintendo DS Game #28?

Price: $10.54


Battle of Giants Dragons

Nintendo DS Game #29?

Price: $13.98

kind of wanted to try these games.

also bought PS2 games


Savage Skies

PS2 Game #26?

Price: $8.03


Dragon Rage

Price: $7.96

Didn't put a number on the game since I already have a copy of it, reason I bought it again is because there is this one scene in the game it freezes at so I bought another copy of the game mostly to see if it is the Disc or not

and bought some Nintendo Gamecube games


Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

Nintendo Gamecube Game #78

Price: $18.89


Virtua Quest

Nintendo Gamecube Game #79

Price: $17.47

Wonder when the last time I bought a Nintendo Gamecube game was wanted these two for quite sometime though. Guess at this point I might as well try to reach 100 gamecube titles and maybe finish my gamecube collection.

and bought a Nintendo Wii game


Monster Hunter Tri

Nintendo Wii Game #27

Price: $11.37

never played a game in this series before so....

also bought a Ninetales Card being this one


All because I liked the design, speaking of which last time I bought Pokemon Cards was Neo Genesis which I think had Espeon in it So has been a long time.

Also got this at walmart today


Cynder the Dragon figure, Though I don't actually have the Spyro Giants Video Game. Not sure when I'll get it or if I will.

and on another note speaking of Pokemon not to forget


Pokemon Meloetta Even starts March 4th, so guess I'll be going to gamestop around then to get Meloetta.

Looks like I can get 4 of them since I have Pokemon Black,White, Black 2 and White 2


Anyway, was playing Yugioh game is pretty fun, but the Deck they give you kind of sucks do got some decent cards now at least, though Computer almost always wins. I managed to win a few matches at least. Pretty much have to grind for cards.

Too many card effects I'm not even sure what is going on half the time I see the AI summoning like 4 or 5 monsters in 1 turn or 1 with 3000+ attack points. 1 match ended up being a draw card stand off pretty much no one was attacking or defending since I couldn't

As for Nintendo DS Games, Gamecube kind of want to get some of them before they got too expensive or hard to find was going to get Digimon Rumble Arena 2 for Gamecube but is kind of expensive might get some games on Xbox don't think there were too many I wanted though. Same for some Nintendo DS games from the looks of it.

wonder what PS3 games I should before they get expensive, maybe Xbox 360 as well.

Picture for the Day: Saw this on facebook


~Cynder of Riverclan