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512: Dynasty Warriors 7, Digimon Season 3

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Anyway, bought more books and stuff

The Serpent Sea

Price: $12.14

One Second After

Price: $8.99


Price: $11.16

Just like Game of Thrones, I highly doubt I'll like this one either

The Lost World



Price: $9.00

Cowboys & Aliens

Price: $7.19

How to draw and paint science fiction art

Price: $14.47

The Thirteenth Unicorn

Price: $9.10

Bought the 2nd book already, now bought the first

Return of the Dragons

Price: $10.76

The Smoke Thief

Price: $6.29


Price: $13.19

The Children of Odin- Book on Northerine Myths

Price: $8.99

Book of the Dragon

Price: $11.67

A Practical Guide to Dragons

Price: $10.41

Also bought some posters being these ones

Although I don't actually like red dragons, bought for the sole purpose to see if I can trigger a memory I need. If not guess I'll have to think of something else

bought the first one because I liked the picture alot.

Now I just need to buy a frame for them.

also bought this one

A My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Poster

Also bought a couple more things

Digimon Season 3

Price: $35.99

probably my favorite season of the show, never watched anything past this one....


Dynasty Warriors 7

Playstation 3 Game #108

Price: $23.89

Never played a Main entry title in the series, was going to get Dynasty Warriors 8, but didn't want to spend $60 on the game, so I bought 7 instead, I do have and played Dynasty Warriors Gundam 1-3 and have liked all three of those titles. so guess I'll find out about this one

Found this picture, while looking up pictures of dragons. Faries don't exist on enterna though Then again Unicorns don't either or anything else related in that area, other life forms do exist within that world I know that much.

Anyway, I did say I was going to start drawing, and have been everyday for the most part. and here are a select few that I did... May not be the greatest, but am just pretty much starting out kind of wish I did back in elementary school.:






Twilight Sparkle

Pikachu, Tepig, Snivy and Applejack could've been worse, Twilight and Fluttershy didn't turn out so well, I'm sure I messed up with more then one thing. Guess will try again later. Though what I do actually rather would want to draw is Dragons in realism, but guess I am starting with this though.

So pretty much have been busy drawing anyway and doing other things

That reminds me As for Video Games mostly been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf

Here is my Friend code for Nintendo 3DS


Name: Cynder

Town Name- Enterna

Had the game since June 13th, already have quite a bit of the museum completed, aside from paintings Funny thing is first non-fake painting I get is Famous Painting and First Fossil I find is T-Rex Skull, and T-Rex ends up being first fossil completed....

Still have yet to find series theme items in the game that I actually

Though I kind of Time Travelled a bit......., but actually haven't Time Travelled for a few days or so.....

And as for other games, played Grand Theft Auto IV for a bit, doing nothing in the game really.......

and been watching Fringe, on season 3 at the moment finished with Disc 1, also still trying to figure out what book I want to read first, and here I just bought more and will likely buy some more in a couple weeks or so.

And not sure if anyone on PSN has noticed that my PSN avatar changing everyday, yeah kind of figured since I bought that many avatars, some of them I haven't and figured I might as well use each of them at least once. think I have over 50 PSN avatars, not sure and likely will buy some more since I do want to get that Watchdogs avatar.....

Suppose other then that I got nothing else..... Though I did answer some questions and posted the answers on facebook, would have to go over there to see the answers.....

Then suppose after Fringe may watch Prison Break, and Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles haven't seen either of them in a while.....

and also think I am going to start typing blogs on wordpad, since gamespot is completely unreliable, and I could always come back later and finish the blog, plus my computer likes to go into some non-responsive program then does a recover program thing and ends up erasing everything.... Hopefully at least this way I don't have to re-type a blog over again.

Picture for the Day:

~Cynder of Riverclan

511: E3 2013-The Order 1886, Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy XV

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511: E3 2013

Currently my avatar, at the moment

anyway Now that E3 is done here is the list of games I am interested in

  • Tales of Xillia
  • Watch Dogs
  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • Kingdom Hearts III
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • The Division
  • Assassin's Creed IV(Not paying $60 for this game, this time)
  • Splinter Cell Blacklist
  • Dead Rising 3
  • Crimson Dragon
  • Pokemon X/Y
  • Yoshi's Island
  • The Order 1886
  • Ryse
  • Battlefield 4
  • Wolfenstein The New World Order
  • Bayonetta 2
  • Rayman Legends
  • Fable Anniversary
  • Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII
  • Project Spark
  • Halo Spartan Assault
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Beyond Two Souls
  • Killzone Shadow Fall
  • Dragon's Crown
  • Dragon Age III
  • Infamous Second Son
  • Destiny
  • Diablo III
  • Metal Gear Solid V
  • Deep Down
  • Legend of Zelda Link Between Worlds
  • Rainbow Six Patriots

And as for the Conferences themselves, kind of found Ea's and Ubisoft's a bit boring, though they did have some interesting games shown, liked Sony's the best, and Microsoft at least did better then there Xbox 1 reveal....

And apparently Microsoft changed their policies, guess I might think about getting Xbox One, waiting to see if they pull some stunt like they change their policies now, and once Xbox one systems are sold they change their policies back, and if that happened when I bought the system I would be selling it.

Probably going to get Nintendo Wii U and Playstation 4 Next year, I don't really trust launch systems...Plus 2014 will likely have more games out by then, probably not going to buy digital content much next-gen. I also might get Watch Dogs for both Playstation 3 and 4 same for Battlefield 4, but not spending $60 on Battlefield 4 either and trailers I posted are games I am interested in the most.

And as for Super Smash Bros I will likely be getting it for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Also heard something about Xbox 1 renamed to 180 or is that not true? Downgrade from the Xbox 360 then. Should of just named it Xbox 720

and here are some Emblems I got

Now have 70, 30 more to go until 100, which might take a while

Well, I could of made the blog sooner, but couldn't find time for it, either was working, playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon or some other games, plus was moving some bed up to my room and was cleaning that, or have been drawing and doing other things....

And was going to get Dynasty Warriors 8 think I am going to get 7 instead, since I don't really want to spend $60 on 8. And also have some sort of humming/buzzing noise in my right ear, currently considering on chopping the thing off.....

And speaking of Animal Crossing New Leaf here are some images from the game.

*turns town into a tyrannical government* Would if I could.

I have Only been in love with a silver dragon so... This guy is starting to get a bit creepy, I'm sure if he wanted to he could take you out to sea stranded in the middle of nowhere, then rape you and feed you to the sharks, not sure if I want to be in the same boat with this guy

Other then that silver dragon I am not capable of that..

So, guess I am mostly going to be doing that, playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, Should catch up on reading since I do have alot of books I haven't read yet, have been trying to draw every day at least, kind of wish I started sooner guess better late then never. likely would have things posted on facebook.

Also posted a video there.....

And will probably continue to Watch Fringe, and maybe Zoids New Century Zero again

Love the track that plays when the guy falls to his death

Picture for the Day:

~Cynder of Riverclan

510: Forged by Fire, Outlaw, Assassin's Creed Forsaken

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Well, any typing this on wordpad so not sure how it'll turn out since gamespot isn't being a bit glitchy don't really want to type the blog over again in case gamespot signs me out. Kind of surprised I was able to copy images from photobucket to wordpad didn't think I could.

anyway bought some books, and books on drawing and here is what I bought

Drawing Made Easy: Getting Started: Discover your "inner artist" as you explore the basic theories and techniques of pencil drawing

Price: $8.96

Drawing Made Easy: Understanding Values: Discover your "inner artist" as you explore the basic theories and techniques of pencil drawing

Price: $8.96

The Art of Drawing Animals: Discover all the techniques you need to know to draw amazingly lifelike animals (Collector's Series)

Price: $7.98

Drawing: Landscapes & Vistas: Learn to draw an assortment of outdoor scenes-step by step (How to Draw and Paint)


Price: $8.06

I Love to Draw! My Little Pony: How to create, collect, and share your favorite little pony!


Price: $8.09

How to Draw Pokemon

Price: $5.39

Drawing Dragons: Learn How to Create Fantastic Fire-Breathing Dragons

Price: $13.25

Also bought

How to Draw the Human Figure (Famous Artists School: Step-By-Step Method)

Price: $10.44

I can't post the image otherwise gamespot would probably ban my account

and here are the books I bought


Price: $13.49

Storm Cycle

Price: $4.04

Assassin's Creed: Forsaken

Price: $8.99

I am Legend

Price: $7.91

The Dark Griffin

Price: $7.19

Travelling to Parallel Universes

Price: $8.09

The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos

Price: $12.85

Dragon in Chains

Price: $8.39

Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy: A Dragonlance Omnibus

Price: $10.08

Dragon Wing(Death Gate Cycle book#1)

is it bad I just noticed dragonlace and dragon wing are written by the same author?

Legacy of Light(The Dragon War book 1)

Price: $10.79

Dragon Champion

Price: $7.19

Forged by Fire(Dragon Temple Saga book #3)

Price: $4.00

The Fire Within

Price: $7.19

not sure if this was the first book in the series or not.

anyway and if anyone actually has paid attention to my blogs, you would probably know that some of these have been on my list for quite sometime, others just got thrown on there recently.

Like: The Fire Within, Outlaw, Hidden Reality, Storm Cycle, The Dark Griffin and always wanted to read an Assassin's Creed book, Forged by Fire got put there recently along with the rest.

was going to get What the Night Knows, but ended up not probably will get it some other time along with 1984 and some other books.

As for Video Games

not really sure what I've been playing, have been playing Spider-Man The Edge of Time for a bit, not sure what is in my PS3 at the moment. Also played Grand Theft Auto IV, and Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages for a bit.

and have watched Fringe Season 2, still got ways yet before finishing it. mostly been on gamespot following E3, which I'll probably mention in another blog later. after it is finished probably

Speaking of Gamespot, looks like it is a glitchfest espicially around every E3, which is why I don't want to take the chance of typing the blog on their wordpad type thing. Plus I can't access Fuse to see if I got all the E3 Emblems or not. hopefully I did. still trying to get to 100, which still may take a while since I am at 65.

and should also be getting Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon(PS3), The Eternal Night(GBA), The Black Dragon(Book), Fringe September's Notebook, Elements of Harmony(kind of like Fringe September's Notebook I think), and Animal Crossing.

So I'll be playing those all day tomorrow since I don't have work tomorrow.

Animal Crossing New Leaf I am already going to name my town Enterna and use my first name for the game which is Cynder. Kind of hoping the villagers I get are Tangy, Victoria or Kiki.

and I have work 11am on Sunday, too bad I wake up at 1-2pm. they said it won't be as busy as Mother's Day, which really wasn't as bad as I thought it be....

Speaking of which, guess I've been told if the place I do work at had an Employee of the month thing I'd probably get it, though they don't have that so... And here I am ultimately convinced I do a poor job at everything, and doesn't help I second guess about everything I do, which I pretty much only do since I am also convinced my perception of reality is messed up.

and apparently they hired someone new recently, and hear that on Moday or something they got out at Midnight and the place wasn't even busy so that would be 600PM to Midnight I think, and it wasn't busy yesterday and I got out at 9:30PM and I start at 6:00PM, and here I thought I gone slow, guess not.

But anyway guess I'll mention E3 next blog probably when E3 is over with.

and will also put my Friend code for Animal Crossing Next blog too.

and here is my facebook out where I usually upload pictures and some videos at

Cynder Luna facebook account

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~Cynder of Riverclan

509: Level 54- Simon Says Bleed

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Well, made it to level 54 anyway, not sure what the level name is from...

and 2 days left until Animal Crossing New Leaf

also finished Fringe Season 1 will start on Season 2 later.

not sure what I posted last blog, but did play Spider-Man Edge of Time for a bit anyway.


Couple things I wonder about is when someone makes a topic on gamespot saying What kind of books you read or something similiar they reply that they don't read, and when someone makes a topic saying what languages you speak they sit there and post computer programming languages when that isn't what is being asked. Plus you get plenty of idiotic replies on yahoo answers. I also sometimes wonder why I have 400 people on my friend's list..... And haven't been caring too much lately about putting any effort in blogs either..


And looks like E3 is next week, I don't hype it since hype things up to high otherwise it leads to disappointment

and wonder if Activision is going make a Spyro game that isn't Skylanders. They pretty much done nothing with Crash Bandicoot....

And hopefully by next Friday I'll be playing Animal Crossing New Leaf and Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon, though I could always play it on Nintendo Wii.

and as for the trading cards I got, if you want to see the ones I got I posted them on facebook.. So can look there.

Still have yet to figure out why facebook won't let me use my last name. Maybe I could post a list of my favorite games across each platform sometime. Or at least games I liked fairly well anyway.....


Other then that, currently reading Touched by Venom, and trying to draw everyday in hopes of getting better, right now I am convinced I am terrible at drawing so, might try digital sometime too if possible...

As for Touched by Venom I probably wouldn't recommend it too most, unless you don't care too much about the themes used in the book, since I'm not bothered by much I'll probably end up liking it.

and apparently The Last Guardian is listed for E3, hopefully we'll see something been waiting on the game forever.

Probably should buy an Algebra 1 book too see how much of it I actually remember or forgotten about, since that is where I left off in math....

And also looks like Microsoft decided to leave it up to the publisher for used game thing, which is a better approach then what they originally stated, but still don't think I'll be getting the Xbox one. Maybe I could Fable IV will be on PC and if I can actually get a PC that can play games I'll get it then. odds are Halo 5 or Halo 6 probably won't be I'm guessing?

and one other thing is think I have almost every game in my collection rated, ones I have rated yet, is likely because I haven't played it or played it enough to give it a score.

Picture for the Day:


~Cynder of Riverclan

508: After Earth

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Picture from what my current avatar is

also did see a movie in theatres Sunday being this


After Earth

Score: 5.0

could of been better, the only other movies I want to see in theatres are Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters and Catchingfire.

Guess other then that haven't done too much else did play GTAIV, Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages, and Legend of Spyro A New Begining

Think I am nearing the end of Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages which still may take a while

Wonder if it is bad I haven't earned a trophy from a game in a month or more?

And mostly watching Fringe still about done with Season 1 then will start season 2


Also 4 days Left until Animal Crossing New Leaf, I already order it from amazon, but looks like I will have to wait longer

and 5 years after High School I still haven't the slightest idea what I really want to do... and think next week or so I may order books instead. Might get a couple of drawing books should try and start picking that up, too bad I draw terribly..... As for careers the only thing I really had in mind was Computer Programming, wildlife biology, archaeology, and law enforcement maybe.... though law enforcement might be a problem since I am no longer following the rules and laws of this world....


Probably before or if I go back to college, probably should get an Algebra 1 book just to see how much of it I actually remember.

At this point I haven't slightest idea...

and apparently The Last Guardian is listed for E3, for some reason at this point I am not counting on it.

on another about the used game fee thing, if Sony did the same thing I wouldn't buy a Playstation 4 either well unless The Last Guardian, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy vs XIII all come out for the system that is.


have fun.....

Since the last game I did play was Legend of Spyro A New Beginning guess I am now married to Spyro:| Well at least it's a dragon. Though if sylver found that out he would likely have me tortured or killed.....Speaking of which did see him in a dream though of course I don't view dreams as dreams, but anyway apparently I was a dragon too and saw I no longer was what I was doing fighting and ended up sinking my teeth right into is neck only then was I allowed to regain control only to watch him draw his last breath, I'm starting to think someone is toying with me...

ignoring that part

also started to read the book Touched by Venom, book isn't too bad

and also looks like I may reach level 54 soon.

and I'm also going to leave these here

Also have heard Fable HD is coming out for Xbox 360, was going to get it on Xbox, but guess I'll just wait for it to come out on Xbox 360 and get it then, along with Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World coming out on PS3 next year....

wonder what other HD collections will be coming out next year or this year....And to think were already half-way into 2013,

Picture for the Day


~Cynder of Riverclan

507: Elements of Harmony

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Come to think of it can't remember if I posted this picture before or not, and don't really care enough to check

Anyway Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons and Ages will be on Nintendo 3DS VC tomorrow, been wanting to replay the titles forever since my Oracle of Ages battery died and not sure what happened to Oracle of Seasons. already have $20 sitting there waiting so bought some other things too.


Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon

Playstation 3 Game #107

Price: $29.88

I actually already own this on Nintendo Wii, and may get again on Xbox 360 along with Eternal Sonata, and GTAIV.


Legend of Spyro The Eternal Night

GBA Game #17-I think anyway

Price: $11.99

Also have this on Nintendo Wii, and may get again on Nintendo DS and PS2.

Also may get Legend of Spyro A New Beginning on Xbox, GBA and Nintendo DS.

still would like to see a Legend of Spyro Trilogy collection on PS3 with trophies.

Also bought/Preordered


Animal Crossing New Leaf

Nintendo 3DS Game #11

Price: $34.96

Another game I've been waiting for a long time on.

also bought


Battle of Giants: Dragons Bronze Edition

Nintendo DSI game #1

Price: $7.99

hope I can buy on Nintendo 3DS anyway is on the store.


Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Nintendo 3DS VC Game #4

Price: $4.99


Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons

Nintendo 3DS VC Game #5

Price: $4.99

Well, guess might be a while before I get another Nintendo 3DS Card.

also bought some other things


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Trading Cards Series 2

Price: $42.54


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: The Elements of Harmony

Price: $14.19


Fringe September's Notebook

Price: $33.18

wouldn't be the first time I spent about this much on a book.


Touched by Venom(Dragon Temple Saga Book #1)

Price: $6.78


Shadowed by Wings(Dragon Temple Saga book #2)

Price: 12.49

hope, I bought these in Paper-back can't remember if I did or not


The Black Dragon

Price: $13.19

And Black dragons are my favorite along with Silver dragons.


Suppose aside from worshipping Princess Luna, I'd also pick Ninetales, Renamon, Kyubimon, Sylver,Mistystar, and Riverclan.

anyway about all I bought

also completed a game a while back being


Pokemon White

7th game completed for 2013

completed a week or two ago I think.

Other then that been playing Animal Crossing City Folk on Nintendo Wii, GTAIV on PS3 for a bit, Yugioh Decade Duels Plus and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time might also replay Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, Wind Waker and Link to the Past sometime too.

Speaking of Animal Crossing I did write a love letter to Victoria only tell me the letter was creepy/and or they couldn't understand it.

Also thought of something if your Character from Animal Crossing married one of the Animals in Animal Crossing would that count as Beastality? Suppose if Marriage was allowed in the game anyway. I just hope Sylver doesn't find out about otherwise he would probably kill me for it if he could that is.


I'm also watching Fringe from Season 1 and until the end of Season 5.

Yeah, think as of late I find myself rather wanting to replay games I already completed rather than finish games I have yet to complete for some reason.

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~Cynder of Riverclan

506: Guess, it was fun while it lasted.

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Well, suppose all good things must come to end eventually

And this isn't a leaving gamespot blog so.....

Anyway looks like Microsoft next system has been announced

and looks like these have been confirmed to be true

-Always Online

- Have to Pay a fee to play used games

-No Backwards Compatibilty

=No Buy, And was going to get Microsoft/Nintendo systems this time around instead of Sony/Nintendo Like I usually do

so looks like Xbox 360 is going to be the only system I ever own from Microsoft, kind of a shame since I did like the system.

and it might also be the only I get, unless I get Xbox 1 so I can play Advent Rising that is.

As for my first comment and topic title if I do get a Playstation 4, by if it currently depends on what games come out for the system now. likely might be the last system I get from Sony, since I'm not conviced the Playstation 5 is going to be heading in such a good direction either. So looks like after this gen probably I may just switch to PC gaming and stick with Nintendo, but looks like my console gaming may slowly be coming to end from the looks of it. Then again I probably don't need to buy anymore game systems anyway and probably should start saving money so I can go to college, move out and for a vehicle.

The beginning of the downfall of the Video Game industry. Unless they come out with Virtual Reality games that is, and if that is the case I want Pokemon and Zoids virtual reality games then. or maybe I am just over thinking things, and too far into the future yet.

anyway on another not finished some books


Fringe The Zoidac Paradox

1st book completed in 2013

Pages: 355


Percy Jackson & The Olympains The Lightning Thief

2nd book completed in 2013

Pages: 375


Warriors Dawn of the Clans- The Sun Trail

3rd book completed for 2013

Pages: 313

Well anyway finished these three. Kind of took me a while for some reason to get some books finished.


As for Video Games, I'm just about done with Pokemon White, likely will finish it later tonight probably.

and got Majority of the items I ordered, still waiting on some. And if anybody wants to know what cards I did get, I posted them on facebook.


And think we know by now I worship Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon:|

now to convert gamespot into Lunaism

Anyway I'll also probably preorder Animal Crossing off of Amazon next week comes out June 9th, and will be getting a Nintendo 3DS Card so I can get Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons and Ages. Have been wanting to play those titles for a while.

Also did play Assassin's Creed Revelations for a bit and Nier, and I'm not sure what else


I'm pretty sure Twilight couldn't have done any worse then what I've done.

Anyway guess I'm going to be playing Pokemon White

reminds me, if you are the Mayor in the New Animal Crossing wonder what happened to Tortimer?

And have played every Animal Crossing since the first game on Nintendo Gamecube, then again not that hard to since there is only 4 games I think.

Picture for the Day:


~Cynder of Riverclan

505: Two Worlds 2(plus 35 other items purchased)

by on


Anyway bought about 35 more items off of amazon which ended up costing me about $260 all together. and here they I'm not listing the prices for all of them since it would end up taking forever. and hopefully I can get through this blog without it screwing up somewhere in between.


Two Worlds 2

Playstation 3 Game #106

Price: $9.99

was told this was better then first, but I guess if not at least I didn't spend too much on it. hopefully it doesn't make feel sick if I play it for a long period of time

also bought


A Fringe-Obeserver T Shirt, a Dragon T-shirt and a Pokemon Reishram-Zekram tshirt

prices ranging from $17-$20 each

also bought



Pokemon Movie/TV.Show animation cards x 2 each I think for first movie and t.vshow and 1 for pokemon 2000

and bought


Digimon Cards

and also bought


Card binder ring along with more Binder sleeves x 2, hopefully I bought the right sized binder this time, if not guess I'll try walmart instead.

also bought


Pokemon Card Theme Deck-Green Tornado

Price: $14

and bought


Shadow Tamer and Light of Intervention

used to own these before so bought them again

also used to own Swords of Revealing Light, Monster Reborn, Mirror Force and a Dragon Card I forgot the name of.



Bought Prime Material Dragon and the rest of these cards all because I like the card design wonder if that is bad

almost forgot bought these cards too


I'd say Light and Darkness dragon is fitting for me and sylver, elemental dragons of light and darkness.

also bought more Pokemon Cards



Flareon, Glaceon and Zebstrika Card along with


Black/White Booster pack x3


Dragons exalted x5

and also bought My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Cards



price: $45


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Tin

which cost about $20

so I just spent over $50 on My Little Pony cards, and who knows how much on cards in general


reminds me think I took some lion king quiz years ago and score Kiara at 98% wonder if I should be concerned.

and was looking on amazon at posters for dragons and saw this epic picture


As for other things Pokemon White I caught a Deino which I'll be leveling up to a Hydreigon then going to the Elite 4

and played the Resident Evil Revelations demo for PS3 just as good as the Nintendo 3DS game. so might buy it on PS3 sometime too

and 15 days until Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons/Ages on Nintendo 3DS VC.

after not buying cards in years I turn around and buy a bunch. after buying this many probably should take a break from buying them.

and there is another Fringe shirt I want to get sometime along with a dragon and wolf one and Mew shirt but that is at Hot-topic.

and still waiting on some of the other items I ordered last blog or two which I should get May 17th I think

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~Cynder of Riverclan

504: Level 53-Zenny

by on


Well gained another level. not too long ago


Anyway, suppose after this blog I should go to bed otherwise I might stay up till 6am and have to wake up at 8am-9am for work tomorrow at 11am will be working until 8pm maybe later not sure on that really.

and also looks like some more pokemon have been announced and if you can ride pokemon now I'm definetly trading Rapidash over.

I'm also still hoping for a Ghost type eevee evolution just to see what one would look like.

and speaking of which did get all 8 badges somehow I don't think I don't think I'll beat the game with a level 60 Swanna and everyone else in there 30s-40s.

Hopefully I'll be able to get a Hydreigon in Victory Road.


Also been re-watching Digimon Season 3, about done with then my might re-watch Wolf's Rain, Revelations and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic since I haven't seen any of them in a while.

also changed my avatar to


Kyubimon this time. Champion form of Renamon.

Guess I don't have much else to post on since I haven't been playing much other then trying to get Pokemon White finished.

and at the end of this month I'll have to remember to geet a another Nintendo 3DS card so I can buy Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons/Ages been wanting to play those games again for a long time.

and would also like to see a dolphin type pokemon.

So far the only pokemon I liked that are announced is Sylveon and the fire type starter.

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~Cynder of Riverclan

503: Fringe Season 5, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 2

by on


Anyway bought Quite a bit of things off of Amazon and here they be


Fringe Season 5

Price: $27.99


Fringe-The Zodiac Paradox(Book)

Price: $7.19

Think there are two more books coming out this year too.



Playstation 3 Game #105

Price: $19.99


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Princess Twilight Sparkle(DVD)

Price: $10.49


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 2

Price: $31.49

Also bought a bunch of Pokemon Related things


Pokemon Binder Card Holder

Price: $6.99

Also bought Extra of these things


And there is a reason for that, on another note I actually haven't bought Pokemon Cards in Years last pack I bought was Neo Genesis that had Espeon in it aside from buying Ninetales Call of Legends Card earlier this year so......I bought some more


Pokemon Emerging Powers Cards x5

end up costing $13.25


Espeon-Call to Legends

cost: $1.99


Espeon-Diamond and Pear-Majestic Dawn

Cost: $0.68


Espeon- Black/White Dark Explorers

Cost: $1.24


Leafeon-Platinum Rising Rivals

Cost: $2.29


Latias- Dragon Vault Pack

Cost: $10.15


Rapidash-Platinum Set

Cost: $0.20



Cost: $0.20


Vulpix-Heart Gold/Soul Silver

cost: $1.87


Swanna-Emerging Powers

cost: $0.68

Is also my current avatar


Deerling-Emerging Powers

Cost: $0.50


Keldeo-Boundaries Crossed



Boundaries Crossed pack x3




cost: $$0.68


Snivy-Black/White-Emerging Powers

cost: $1.50


Espeon-Undaunted Theme Deck

cost: $12.50


Snivy-Box Set

cost $14.59


Pokemon T-Shirt

cost $22.94


Liepard-Emerging Powers

cost: $0.87

think cost me about $214 for everything


Anyway, mostly been playing Pokemon Games playing Pokemon White at the moment and my current Pokemon Team

1. Swanna-level 37 2. Zebstrika- level 27 3. Liepard-level 27 4. Servine level 27 5. Unfeasant-level 34 6. Krokorok-level 32

likely will change since I want Hydreigon in there somewhere. Current Badges-5

haven't played Xbox 360, PS3, or Nintendo Wii much did play Hyper Dimension Neptunia for a bit, and not sure what else. in the past couple of weeks.

and getting tired of gamespot signing me out at random, along with some other sites. Wonder if it is possible to eat 1,000 calories think my weight should be 145 instead of 183, so I might try to get down to 170-165 this year if I can if I am still alive at the end of the year that is.

anyway guess I'm mostly going to continue to play pokemon games

and other then that I'm not sure what else to post, since I'm kind of rushing this blog.

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~Cynder of Riverclan