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523: Fifth and Final Year


Well, today is the day I originally signed up on this account anyway, First Time I originally signed up was August 2nd, 2005

and Due to to gamespot resetting stuff, I pretty decided to make a new account instead

Likely the last account I will be making under the name CynderLuna

pretty much used my first and middle name to make the account also made another, under my first and last name being Stallion.

Well anyway guess it was fun while it lasted, though seems many people are leaving already so wonder how many will be here when the change takes place.

Still wonder where the Friendship is Magic Union is moving too, then again that union isn't really active anyways.

Regardless that I will be staying my activity on the site will likely decline of course that is most likely due to the fact I will be playing these titles


-Watch Dogs

- Pokemon X and Y

-Rayman Legends

- Tales of Xillia

and some other games.

Then again if maybe if my time on gamespot and facebook does decline perhaps I could start drawing a bit more as well as reading, which haven't really done much of. Haven't really finished too many books or games for this past year or two, then again might be because my heart rate has been bothering me, then just this year my teeth started too as well then had some problems with my right ear(buzzing noise or something), Funny thing is I had that one dream then this happens as for the heart rate thing been occuring since 2010, few times or more heart went fast enough felt like it was going explode, quite frankly I'm surprised that didn't kill me yet. Though my parents do know about that they think it has only been occuring 2013.. On another note I did quit drinking soda pretty much quit in one night, so those who said it was impossible it is possible though I kind of probably did that a little too late. Then again I didn't exactly brush my teeth everyday at the time either and the diet I had was pretty poor. Though I do brush them more then three times a day now I kind of lose track of how many times though probably up to 6 or 7. and have been taking up to 6 multivitamin gummies a day though bottle says 2, and they're not the kids ones either.


Which is part of the reason why I'm convinced I won't be be living until to age 50 I probably likely already predicted my Date of the Death probably is August 27th, 2017.....

Then again I'm also not so sure, I'm actually from this world anymore anyways. So guess the two worst decisions I probably have made is coming to Earth and drinking 3-4 cans of soda everyday for the past who knows how many years, well not everyday only when it was bought. On a random note, not trying to start a religious date but wonder how many times I have to cheat death to prove Atheism wrong.

Ignoring half of that, anyway as to what else I have been doing, did start drawing back up again, kind of haven't because I either have been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf everyday or GTAV. attempted to draw Raichu, but didn't exactly turn out too well, though I may post it anyway, I'm sure one of my problems is not taking my time with the drawings and trying to rush through most of them and not correcting mistakes as often as I probably should.

haven't attempted to draw humans yet either, outside of stick figures I'm not sure if I can. Then again so far all I really attempted to draw was Pokemon, MLPFIM characters and Digimon, mostly ones that I thought looked easiest to draw. Though what I would rather do eventually is draw in realism mostly dragons and animals and such, plus would like to attempt to draw dreams as well, though I am not so sure I could draw from memory too well yet either.



Might try and draw something else later, not sure what yet though.

As for Video Games, I already said I pretty much been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf and GTAV, not sure if I played anything else or not think played both Uncharted 1 & 3 as well, about forgot about those.

and was mostly watching Yugioh Season 1 dvd I bought and Pokemon.

and as for other things, think if it wasn't for some people on this site I probably would've left gamespot back in 2008, and as for switching accounts this is likely the third and final time I will be doing that.

and suppose one other thing, apparently GTA fanboys are B!tching about the 9.0 score GTAV got, they're just as bad as The Last of Us fanboys. going to be funny when neither game gets Game of the Year and Watch Dogs steals it. Pretty much the constant complaing over little things is part of the reason why I might take a break away from gamespot and facebook December sometime, plus I'll have too many games to play by then.

Guess in the mean time I will be playing some of the games I bought

Picture for the Day:


~Cynder of Riverclan

522: Batman Arkham Origins


Well, went ahead and preordered a few more games off of amazon and some other stuff


Batman Arkham Origins

Price: $59.99

Playstation 3 Game #123


Uncharted Drake's Fortune

Price: $18.65

Playstation 3 Game #124


Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception Game of the Year Edition


Playstation 3 Game #125

well ordered these


Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds

Price: $ 39,99

Nintendo 3DS Game #12

also got these


Price: $7.19


Warriors Dawn of the Clans: Thunder Rising

Price: $12.59


Yugioh Season 2

Price: $30.99

also bought another poster


price: $7.65

Well on another note this list might be my final purchases for the year here they would be

-Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14

-NBA 2K14

-Watch Dogs

- Pokemon X and Y

-Tomb Raider

was going to preorder Watch Dogs and Pokemon X and Y

but Amazon said Shipping estimate was October 17th, for two-day shipping 5-8 days was 15th and 1 day shipping was 16th

So I will probably just check at walmart for both titles or gamestop.

Games I might get, but not sure yet

Gran Turismo 6, was going to get Splinter Cell Blacklist as well, but think may wait for a price drop on that one

Other games I will probably be waiting until price drops down to $30 at least are these two

Battlefield 4

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

paid $60 for the last game, not doing it again this time around, not that I regret buying Assassin's Creed III at that price I'm just not willing to do it twice.

I also might buy a couple of PSN cards as well or maybe three. wish we could see what was going to come out for PSN for the remainder of year.


Other then some of the stuff I bought, not sure what else I've been doing

Did play Okami, Sonic Adventure 2, Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen, and GTAIV for a bit while waiting on GTAV and other games I bought.

as for GTAV I usually did pick Free-shipping, but went ahead and changed it to two day shipping since I didn't feel like waiting until end of the month to play the game

and reason I didn't buy Uncharted 2 is because I already have the game.

As to what I've been playing recently

got the games I bought yesterday in the mail

So did play GTAV quite a bit played a few missions. Then drove around the city some

probably going to play it again later tonight after work. Also played Diablo 3 quite a bit do like both titles.

and Kingdom Hearts while I like the series, but for some reason I just could never play the first game without it making me feel sick, but have had no problem playing the others, and still think it would happen with the HD version kind of a shame since I do want to finish the first game not sure why this version of the game is the only one I am having a problem with, but I could play Kingdom Hearts 2 and the others just fine.

also played NHL 14 some and Rayman Legends, already gave a score to Rayman Origins.

also the 1.0 for The Last of Us was a ment for a joke, though if I were to score the game based off the demo I'd give it an 8.0 then again GTA Fanboys aren't doing any better looks like there bitching about the 9.0 score, first people bitch about GTAIV getting a 10.0 then they do the same

I probably should take a break from gamespot and facebook in December, should have plenty of titles to play by then, plus I'm starting to think I am getting a bit annoyed by people easier for some reason as of late even outside of the internet. Then again I probably shouldn't click on forums on gamefaqs either well at least not the PS3 forums or GTAV forum, and as for gamespot probably shouldn't read GTAV comments or click on off-topic forums, not sure why I do. guess if I do disappear in December probably won't be missed. will be back if I do though. and I do know that I am complaining about people complaining, but...... They deserve it.


Well, also mostly been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, put almost 300 hours in the game and I'm not even given it Game of the Year:/

still have to play Watch Dogs before making that decision though.

Also did watch some random episodes of Digimon, Pokemon and MLPFIM and think that is about it.

probably should get back to practice drawing too, and reading the books I bought, but New Leaf kept on taking up most of my time.

as for rest of the Week think I might mostly play Diablo 3 and GTAV this week.

Picture for the Day:


~Cynder of Riverclan

521: Diablo 3


Well, anyway made some more preorders on Amazon and such


Diablo III

Playstation 3 Game #121

Price: $59.99


NHL 14

Playstation 3 Game #122

Well that is it for about Playstation 3 games

Currently waiting on GTAV, Kingdom Hearts, and Rayman Legends which I bought earlier at a full price, then I buy these two.

haven't played NHL game since NHL 2005 on Nintendo Gamecube think I might've paid $50 for that game as well, Only other sports games I may get is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, NBA 2K14 or NBA Live 14. Funny thing is though, while pretty much I have no interest in sports I do like some of the Video Games, don't care for football either way I find it boring both on TV and in Video Games, though was pretty fun on Sega Genesis.

and I still will probably get NCAA football and Nascar 2005 chase for the cup just to complete the 2005 series. also did like MVP baseball 2004, but funny thing is I find it boring to watch whether it is on tv or not.

and bought couple of other things


Yugioh Season 1

Price: $28.96

Kind of buying these before the prices go up on them

May buy Season 2 next along with Pokemon, probably not going to buy Master Quest season since last I checked it was pricey.


Fringe The Burning Man

Price: $7.19

Kind of forgot this book came out, so bought it now.

Now if only they re-release Zoids and Sailor Moon, and Pokemon Seasons again or at least some of the older ones.

As for other Game titles I will probably be preordering these off of amazon next

-Pokemon X and Y

- Watch Dogs

- Batman Arkham Origins

Also will probably get Splinter Cell Blacklist eventually, along with Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag and Battlefield 4, just not sure if I want to pay full price for those titles or not.


As to what I have been doing

was watching a few random episodes in Sailor Moon, rewatched Digimon Season 2, and also rewatched The Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which I haven't seen the movie in a while either.

also been watching Pokemon or at least the new episodes that come out each week. and suppose either after this blog or later tomorrow may go back to practice drawing, which I haven't actually done in a while recently, but will get to it.

and 12 days remain until GTAV. and Diablo 3 and Rayman Legends are already out Kingdom Hearts will soon be out as well.


Anyway as to what has been eating up most of my time is probably Animal Crossing New Leaf still, been playing the game everyday since June 13th think I'm over 200 Hours in playtime now. Though once Pokemon X and Y come out, both of those titles will probably replace New Leaf.

I also uploaded a bunch of Pictures on facebook on Animal Crossing New Leaf, probably have to check on facebook to see them.

Also did play Grand Theft Auto IV did some of the missions I still hate The Puerto Rican Connection mission, the other one that I remember that I hated was something involving a coffin and carrying it somewhere.

Some other games I did play were Okami, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Adventure, Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, Super Smash Bros Melee, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Twisted Metal and something else I think, forgot what game though.

Also did play demos for Rayman Legend and NHL 14. Might look up some others.


Out of all the emblems I have I'm probably going to miss these two the most, pretty much liked there designs the best.

Also been switching back and forth between this account and my other account probably going to use my CynderLuna account, which I kind of figured since facebook doesn't want me to use my last name, I will use my first and middle name.

also did play Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance for a bit.

The only other thing I've been doing is working, looks like have work 1 hour early on saturday then with that I usually start.

guess not sure what else I'm going to be doing the rest of this week.

I'll also get around to eventually tracking everyone on my other account, might take a while unless I get the friend request instead of me sending one.

I might also stick around with this account until either the end of this month or end of the year before switching over to my other account not sure when yet.

Picture for the Day:


~Cynder of Riverclan

520: To those who are leaving.....


Well, anyway those who are leaving gamespot wonder where everyone else is going to migrate to?

Even if I do leave, I probably wouldn't know where to go.

plus I may stick to this account for a whole another month, or at least until the website changes, if the changes before the 28th, I may stick with this account until then so it can hit five years.

And if I do stay I already made a couple of accounts on gamespot today

here they are



wasn't sure what name combination I wanted so Made them both. was just going to use my first name, but apparently it was taken.

So feel free to track me on those accounts,

even though I may stay on gamespot, I'm still going to be pissed off about this for a long time....


Though it seems alot of people on gamespot are leaving, so I'm not so sure if I am staying or not

well here is a link to my facebook account

Cynder Luna

As to what else I have been doing

been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, almost at 200 hours am at 195 right now had the game since June 13th.

Also did play Twisted Metal for a bit, and got pretty far in the game..

and played demos for Rayman Legends and NHL 14.

I might get NHL 14 and NBA 2K14(if it is coming on PS3.)

Other games I may get this year are Diablo 3, and not entirely sure what else at this time


Also pretty much been watching Digimon and re-watched Equestria Girls a few times.

Kind of wish it was November so Season 4 would start, Plus Catching Fire and Watch Dogs both come out around then as well.

4 more years then those who do not belong in this world will leave.

I wonder if that is when that Celestial Eclipse was suppose to happen that Voltri told me about millions of years ago or something, I can't remember I lost track of time or haven't kept track after a while. On a random note I likely will probably never get married, because I am married to a silver dragon, plus I don't want to have to explain to sylver how that happen, plus if they found out I'd probably get in alot of trouble for it.


Anyway, not sure where I will be migrating to

Suppose I could always go back to serebiiforums or join a different site.....

and to think next month I will be playing Grand Theft Auto V, and the month after Pokemon X/Y and month after that Watch Dogs......


Instead of getting a level loss, I gained another level, probably last level I will ever reach.

Took almost 5 years getting there and gamespot wants to reset it.

Last time I ever put any effort into anything.

don't really have anything else to add, did find a soundtrack I was looking for though

Digimon The Rise of Skullgreymon

Though I was looking for the version they used in the TV show anyone know the name of the track?

Picture for the Day:


~Cynder of Riverclan

519: The Beginning of the End or A New Beginning?

Well in case if you haven't heard yet Gamespot is changing the website yet, again


-User and Emblem reset

- Unions Cease to Exist

-Along with some other stuff

They say changes for the better, but I can't see anything that is postive in that article.

Plus with User levels, Emblems Resetting and Unions not existing may cause me to either leave the site or make a new account. All depends on how much they piss me off on it. Which would explain the title

Unless this some cruel april fools joke then ignore all of this, If not then I am done.

So whether is a I am leaving blog or not, now depends on what gamespot does

and bad thing is I don't really want to leave the site either, but if gamespot goes through with this plan, then I may or may not disappear for good.

And I guess if levels are going to reset I probably could always find out how many point losses I can get before then and get my account suspsended.

On a random note, never have got a moderation on this account either so.......

Guess I will have to find another site to post on... Think I have most people I remain contact with on Facebook, PSN or Xbox Live if not here are the names of those accounts again

Facebook-Cynder Luna

Xbox Live-Cynder Luna


I'll likely be pissed if Unions disappear since I do post in the Friendship is Magic Union it would be a shame to see that union disappear

Since I am kind of going to post this blog ahead of time, I may preorder these three games on Amazon, Since I don't know if I will remain on this account or not I'll just number the titles and prices as I always do.

Rayman Legends

Playstation 3 Game #118

Price: $59.96

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix

Playstation 3 Game #119

Price: $39.99

Grand Theft Auto V

Playstation 3 Game #120

Price: $59.99

Not sure if I preorder all three tomorrow or not since I do want to get a USB Phone cord charger and a Nintendo 3DS wall charger as well depends on the total price, if not I may delay GTAV and just preorder it September 3rd.

Also saw this movie as well

Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters

Score: 9.0

Think did improve on it pretty well from the first movie, kind of hoping they make Titan's Curse now

Well, guess if I do still come onto this account may post a blog every so often assuming they'll exist still. Well suppose now time for more Pricess Luna pics:P

As to what else I have been doing, kind of mostly been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, Some other games and Tales of Xillia.

Characters are about level 15 I think at the moment....

but yeah was having problems with my 3DS Charger light wouldn't come on to charge the system, so I am buying another one and hopefully it is just the Charger being screwy and not the system.

also re-watched Equestria Girls again, and even though Princess Luna is my favorite character in the show, can say I like her human form in Equestria Girls.

So, I suppose if what that one demon said in the dream is true wonder what would happen next That I am not from this world, and that I am actually princess of the dark crystal and am from another world, and was a dragon and wielded the element of darkness....suppose for some reason I do seem to have memories of that world.

Anyway, ignoring that

And in another apparent news

Playstation 4 comes out November 15th, As soon as next-gen comes out I may come on here and say the Playstation 4 and Xbox 1 have been out for too long and they need to hurry up and release the Playstation 8 and Xbox 7.

and PC isn't getting out of this either PC graphics are outdated.

Well, anyway hopefully around November I'll be playing Watch Dogs, Pokemon X and Y, Watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 4 and Catching Fire(In theatres)

And hopefully I will get some of the books I have bought finished

and should practice drawing more, haven't really drew anything recently

Animal Crossing and Tales of Xillia took away most of my time

Well, guess if in fact this is one of my last blogs on the site guess it was nice knowing everyone, and if it weren't for some people on this site I would've probably left the site sooner. but I guess if gamespot wants to go ahead and do this shit, I am done or I may just migrate over to Fuse.

Shame this account almost made it to year 5._.

I do realise I posted quite a bit images in this blog, and if this is my last blog that would be the reason, and if this all Joke then I must be an idiot for believing gamespot in the first place, and if that is the case all of this will be ignored.

was kind of hoping to stay around longer.... What is also a shame is I been on this site since 2005.

On a random Note, if I am not heard from again I probably would gave my Game of the Year for 2013 to one of these titles

Grand Theft Auto 5, Rayman Legends, Pokemon X/Y, Watch Dogs, or Tales of Xillia

and if I do just make a new account, I think those who know me well enough will know what username I will pick.

Pokemon Adventures in Unova Theme Song

OKami Reset(Thank You Version)

I also don't care if I broke any of gamespot's rules in this blog either, I'm not editing anything out of it.

and if Fuse is still around when gamespot changes I just may think about staying, but if not guess **** this then.

Picture for the day:

~Cynder of Riverclan

518: Rise From Your Grave-level 55


Gained another level

never would of thought this account would reach that level, anyway at least the name is better then Simon Says Bleed.

don't care if I put in any effort on this blog, 415..... I'm starting to wonder if gamespot activity has declined, doesn't really seem like it was back in 2005-2008 seemed more active then

anyway did make this blog not too long ago

517: Tales of Xillia

haven't done much else other then re-installing all the games I have on the the new hard drive I bought I got all of the digital titles installed, and mostly been playing Tales of Xillia think for about 8 hours with characters around level 15. Would of been played it longer if I didn't get bother about doing something else.

The Knowing-Door Jam

guess may also see Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters tomorrow, not sure on that yet.

Guess, I couldn't keep this blog to a single sentence either:/.

Anyway guess I'll be playing Tales of Xillia.

Picture for the Day:


~Cynder of Riverclan

517: Tales of Xillia


I'm sure making this blog pretty late, then again I just haven't had the movitation to make blogs much lately really, not sure why that would be.

bought some stuff off of amazon again


My Little Pony Equestria Girls

Price: $11.69


1 TB Hard Drive

Price: $74.99

Took me about 1 year or two to get it, considering I keep getting about down to 500 MB on my

with 117 PS3 games and 30 something PSN games I think is what I have, can't remember on that

Hopefully I bought the right one and it holds a good amount of the games I have.


Legend of Spyro A New Beginning

Nintendo DS Game #36

Price: $13.99

Bought on Nintendo DS this time may get it on Xbox and GBA as well


Nintendo DS Game #37

Price: $18.98

Not really anymore versions of this game I could buy considering I have it on Nintendo Wii, PS2, and GBA I also have Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon on PS3, Wii and Nintendo DS.

also bought


Tales of Xillia

Playstation 3 Game #117

Price: $59.99

Bought this Wednesday off of amazon should be getting it this week.

Though I am more interested in Tales of Symphonia HD Collection that is coming out next year, plus Tales of Xillia 2 is coming out next year as well, and think Dragon's Crown came out the same day will get it eventually.

As for games in general as to what I have been playing are these titles at some point I think:

Eternal Sonata, El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron, Okami, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Dragon's Dogma, God of War Ascension, Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch and Animal Crossing City Folk

As the games I did play I didn't really accomplish anything in them other then Animal Crossing

Have the castle exterior design, and have all rooms, with basement expanded. Also I think I almost have the Fossil section of the museum completed think I need two more, not sure on that though. and have been mostly playing Animal Crossing New Leaf hours on end everyday since June 13th.


As to what else I have been doing, probably not much. Haven't drew anything much really did try and draw Oddish, but didn't turn out too well. and did try to draw Houndoom, but never got around to finishing it and the body didn't quite turn out how I wanted it to either.

Probably should also get around to reading some of the books I bought. and for some reason I was watching The Knowing at least few times last week, also watched Volcano, Category 6, The Day the Earth Stood Still and Equestria Girls.

Also found out Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters released in theatres this week, may see it this sunday if it is still in theatres that is.

Also seems like in almost or every movie that involves an Alien Invasion or The End of the World humans seem to survive in someway, shape or form. You know if more then half those disasters actually occured humanity would probably not have a chance of surving alot of them

and not sure what else.

Guess, since I don't have drawings this time, may post a few dreams I have had that maybe pretty odd, though some dreams, I am not sure if are actually dreams I sometimes wonder if they are memories instead or at least some of them.

Was in a demonic Realm, not sure what I was doing there looking for something I think then sometime after I woke up into another dream being choked to death by a demon which was kind of freaky at the time another odd thing I do remember what the demon said to me which would be this " The elemental dragon of darkness will pay for her crimes, Yes I know who you are Cynder you should of been killed long ago, back on Enterna, Yes, I can see it right in your eyes, no matter what form you intend to take I can see it in your eyes that you are a black dragon and I can see the darkness inside of you, I shall be the one to kill the princess of the dark crystal kingdom, on second thought maybe I should let you live I think I might enjoy watching you suffer much more, then having you killed."
Also couldn't move much for a few minutes or so when I woke up again or move to speak and got a headache from that

What is also interesting not sure when I had that dream, but I do think the 2nd half is in fact coming true Just this year my heart rate has been going pretty fast that it started to bother me, couple of times it felt like it was going to explode, then my right ear kept making some humming noise constantly, but luckly that has stopped, then my teeth started bothering me, likely from too much sugar, and wasn't exactly brushing them regularly, though now I kind of do 3-4 times a day. honestly I am surprised none this has killed me yet. and due to this I just don't see myself living to age 30 either:/

that reminds me not sure what I said about August 27th, 2017 is probably what I did predict if anything, or just another ordinary probably. Assuming it isn't this year.

and for the most part I do have dreams about being in that world, and has felt like I have been there before perhaps lived there long time ago. I seem to remember quite a bit about it.

Was actually a black dragon, think I remember being around a lake area(Lake in my home town) on a 2nd floor of somehow flying in and out of a window/ or dock type area, then the floor below was missing sections of it anyway I saw nothing below, just a black area, then was doing some sort of rescue mission since I was carrying someone out changed shaped when I entered, then changed shape while in the building carried the person and flew out carrying the person, then the building disappeared, then it got darker out then for some reason or another I decided to fly away from the area saw a bunch of trees heading near the school, well some location in that perimeter and saw search lights or something shining up and then saw a portal/ hole open up in the ground and chains came out of it and gone around my neck dragging me below, then ended up in some sort of demonic realm with a darker lighting, and while there I was also looking for a silver dragon only to be captured again and tortured by demons. and was still a dragon in this realm as well. and the building I was going in and out of was at my grandpa's house

Then kind of woke up again, couldn't move much either and think got a headache from that Starting to think demons don't like me going into their realms, I'll try it again for a third time one of these days.. Even if it does happen at random

Couple of other odd ones I have had though I have had two dreams at the same time one part of my eye was seeing me stand on a frozen lake looking at some sort of flashing light, Then the other eye I was laying down on my bed looking at the wall of my room trying to force the other eye open. Then in another dream me and my sister had the same dream before only one that I know of which I was driving a car either to my grandpa's house or from it and towards home or from home I can't remember which Only other thing I can remember is seeing a stop sign and it being dark outside.

Also had a dream that everything was done in reverse, though one thing I did like about that one is the sky was pretty interesting to look at.

As for dreams I remember recently there is this one

saw some girl get executed with a Reverse Beartrap didn't die from since she was crawling on the ground losing a lot of blood from that and short time after died. All I did was stood in the background and watched the whole thing. It kind of looked like it took place during a Medieval time period though. I'll have to admit that did look pretty painful.

Posted that in a topic on off-topic forums. and took a random online IQ test scored 138 on that, one though I do not know why I do since I'm sure there unreliable and on a different one I scored 144.


that reminds me not sure if mentioned before, but have gotten some weird messages on PSN from the same person, who I probably will not mention the name of

Person thinks I live on there street, they live in Australia and I told them at least a thousand times I live in the United States, and they still think I live there:|

which I am starting to think I don't think they know what the United States is.

Then they think I was their High School Teacher's Daughter even though I have told them my last was Stallion, and not the last name they mentioned

They apparently they also thought Nier and SSX is a code name for sex or something:|

I hope they realise that that names are names of Video Game titles.

Then they got some idea that my PSN Nightstream88 is a name they made up and thought I hacked the name or something, which I am not sure I even know how to do.

Anyway as to how I got the name in which I told was based off the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter and 88 is 1988 which is the year I was born in, since Nightstream was already taken:/ not sure if who originally used the name had the same idea or not, probably not. For the most part I do kind of wish I could change my PSN name to my first and middle name Cynder Luna like on my Xbox Live name. I would just make another account, by I have too many trophies on that account now and some of the ones I do have wouldn't be able to get again due to servers being offline being NBA Jam

and another thing apparently they also thought I was in their drive way, even though I was sending a reply message not sure how I would be able to do those two things at the sametime either. That some of the messages they sent I couldn't figure out what they trying to say I could read some fairly bad writing, but I have my limits.

I probably should just tell them I'm already married to a silver dragon and things wouldn't work out too well. Then again they wouldn't anyway:p

and here I thought I was crazy, reading some of those messages, may make me rethink that.

COD:MW2 Contingency Ending

ending spoilers on The Knowing

Solar Flare Ending the World

kind found that scene funny

Pokemon Adventures in Unova Theme Version 2

Guess this blog did get a bit long long:/

Picture for the Day:

~Cynder of Riverclan

516: Tales of Legendia

Well, anyway bought some more things off of Amazon

Soul Calibur IV

Playstation 3 Game #116

Price: $12.94

Hope I don't wind up with this many titles next-gen.

Tales of Legendia

Playstation 2 Game #31

Price: $29.99

And as far as Tales of Games go I have Tales of Symphonia 1 & 2, Abyss, Vesperia, Radiant Mythology and Graces F with my favorites being Tales of Symphonia 1 & 2 followed by Vesperia.

and will be getting Tales of Xillia next month..... and Tales of Xillia 2 and Tales of Symphonia 1 & 2 are coming out on PS3 next year

also bought

Legend of Spyro The Eternal Night

Playstation 2 Game #32

Price: $18.98

Also have this on Nintendo Wii, which I think I paid $50 for on the system, I also have Dawn of the Dragon on Nintendo Wii, DS and PS3. and I also have The Eternal Night on GBA and may get it on NIntendo DS along with A New Beginning.

and bought some other things

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Lunchbox Tin

Price: $20.05

Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia

Price: $20.99

and bought a few more posters, likely last ones I may get

Two My Little Pony Friendship is Magic posters

and these three

As to what else I've been doing

did re-watch a few movies being War of the Worlds, Category 6 Day of Destruction, and The Dark Knight Rises.

also watched The Day The Earth Stood Still, Equestria Girls and Grown Ups 2.

Equestria Girls still don't care much for the character designs, but movie wasn't too bad other then that.....

As for The Day The Earth Stood Still looks like I had about the same idea that one Alien did Eliminate Humanity in order to save the Earth, to Undo all the damage Humans have created while sparing all other life forms in this world.

and finished Digimon Season 3 as well as watching Fringe.

As for Video Games

mostly been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf and Dragon's Dogma

Animal Crossing New Leaf been hunting down Scorpions & Tarantulas just need one more Scorpion for the museum.

Dragon's Dogma though I have had the game started up, I actually haven't gotten around to playing it...

Also found out there will be a Soul Calibur 2 HD coming out

too bad Link won't be in it, wonder if Spawn will be in the PS3 version. Otherwise guess I will be using Ivy, Cervantes or Yoshimitzu.. Now I still just need these HD Collection to happen: Legend of Spyro HD Trilogy, 007 HD Collection, Legend of Kay HD, Second Sight HD, Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2 HD, and Drakenguard 1 & 2 HD.

also other games I would like to see happen yet are these three as well on PS3/PS4: Godzilla, Zoids, and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

Wonder why there hasn't been a new Godzilla game recently...

and once I get Watch Dogs, Grand Theft Auto V, and Tales of Symphonia HD Collection that might be the day I disappear off the net for a while and won't be responding to messages on PSN either.

also changed my sig to images I found off the internet

Also made these drawings fairly recently


Think I made the body a bit wide



Actually drew Oshawatt mostly because I already drew Tepig and Snivy and figured I might as well try Oshawatt.

can't remember if I ever posted these two but drew them a while back


May try and attempt Vaporeon, Houndoom, Articuno and some others next, not sure how they'll turn out...

Looking on the PS3 Forums looks like people are still crying about The Last of Us getting an 8.0 on gamespot, and act like that is a bad score imagine if the game got a 6.0 or lower. Getting pretty sad that people are crying about this still, not even sure why I go there or Off-topic forums since all off-topic does is cry about religion and people liking MLPFIM.

Ignoring that part guess later tonight after work suppose I will continue to hunt down that last Scorpion and probably play Dragon's Dogma

Also saw this design on google images

Wouldn't be a bad idea for Finnekin's Evolution, wonder what Nintendo will actually use though since I don't think the evolution of the starters have been revealed yet.

and may try and draw something later tonight as well, also did read Outlaw,2312 and Warriors Untold Stories a bit, really haven't been doing to well about completing things this year for some reason haven't even platinumed a game yet this year either...

Picture for the Day:

~Cynder of Riverclan

515: Soul Calibur V, Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen

Anyway, ended up buying a couple more games instead.

and would be these ones

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen

Playstation 3 Game #114

Price: $29.99


Soul Calibur V

Playstation 3 Game #115

Price: $17.09

haven't bought a game in the series in a while, so bought this one, was going to get Soul Calibur IV as well, but decided probably will get it next week or week after sometime. have almost every game in the series except Soul Calibur 1 and Broken Destiny on PSP and Soul Calibur IV, but so far Soul Calibur II on Nintendo Gamecube is my favorite and has best intro I think....Plus is the only one I actually completed 100%.

Well, as to what I have been playing aside from Animal Crossing New Leaf did play SSX, Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch, Demon's Souls, God of War Ascension, and Halo 4 for a bit.

Demon's Souls finally actually gotten somewhere in the game think defeated first Demon, which really wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. Wonder how far I will be able to go in that game.... Guess I will find out eventually. Do like Halo 4 and God of War Ascension fairly well. And reminds apparently God of War Ascension I ended up getting was European version of the game, well as long as the game is in English probably won't bother me too much, other then that 18+ rating, when all my other games have an a Letter on it...M, T, or E. Guess this is my firs imported game then, accidental I suppose good thing PS3 is Region free.

Anyway, also tried The Last of Us demo on the God of War disc, not convinced that the game is as good as everyone says it is, so I won't be spending $60 on it and I also liked Uncharted 2 Among Thieves better....Which is kind of what happened with The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and likely 1984.

Also, ended up finishing Digimon Season 3 once again, think this is the 2nd or third time I've watched it this year... Also saw Grown Ups 2 in Theatres, didn't care for it much and re-watched War of the Worlds haven't seen the movie in a long time and also re-watched The Knowing.

I'm not sure if it is just me, but seems like in every Disaster type movie/or Alien Invasion movie The Human Race thinks it can survive every outcome... If some of those actually happened, I don't think there would be any chance of Survival. Espicially if Earth and Enterna went to War, Enterna would win, because our technology is far superior.

Anyway, next movie I will probably likely see in Theatres is Percy Jackson & The Olympians The Sea of Monsters, Then Catching Fire November 22nd, well not on the day of, maybe that week or the week after.....

and here is what my current avatar is

Currently is Renamon, and Renamon/Kyubimon are probably favorite Digimon and Ninetales is my favorite Pokemon......

Anyway here also some drawings I recently did, not sure how some turned out, probably some better then others, but then again I did kind of just started 1 month ago I think, or at least 1 month that I actually try to follow through with it.

First attempt at Renamon

Probably, isn't the first time I tried to draw Espeon, but has been a while.

Tried Voltorb a few times or so as well.

First Attempt at Eevee

First Attempt at Pidgey

Different attempt at Pikachu

Was going to Post Finnekin, but looks like didn't upload to Photobucket so guess will post it later, didn't turn out too well anyway..... Also should be getting what I ordered tomorrow which was: Binary Domain, Darksiders, Darksiders 2, Dragon's Dogma, Halo Reach, tranquility diapers, Warriors Untold Stories, Warriors Tallstar's Revenge and MLPFIM Wallet...

Anyway, guess I may continue to watch Fringe Prison Break and may re-watch Wolf's Rain and Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles, Read 2312. The Hidden Reality and Outlaw as well as probably play some of the games I bought..and continue practice drawing, though what I would actually rather do in drawing is draw in Realism mainly Dragons and Animals. Would like to try Digital Art sometime, but not really sure on where to start with that....

And not sure if anyone here has read Stephen King's Under the Dome, but apparently it got made into a T.V. Show.So guess I may try and watch that, think I might of mentioned that last blog though....

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~Cynder of Riverclan

514: God of War Ascension, Halo 4

Anyway, bought more games off of amazon

Halo Reach

Xbox 360 Game #11?

Price: $18.56

Halo 4

Xbox 360 Game #12?

Price: $27.99

and games for Playstation 3

God of War Ascension

Playstation 3 Game #109

Price: $30.56


Playstation 3 Game #110

Price: $13.02

Darksiders 2

Playstation 3 Game #111

Price: $17.06

Binary Domain

Playstation 3 Game # 112

Price: $13.99

Dragon's Dogma

Playstation 3 Game #113

Price: $17.99

also bought few more things

Warriors The Untold Stories

Price: $6.29

Warriors Tallstar's Revenge

Price: $11.79

couple more books

also bought this

Some Rainbow Dash Wallet, hopefully something I can use if not guess I will just keep it somewhere....Though I would of rather had Princess Luna or Twilight on it, but Rainbow Dash is probably my 3rd favorite character in the show or Fluttershy is, I can't decide between the two. Also bought tranquility diapers again, anyway I could of probably bought another game or two, but think I might buy a couple of poster frames. for the red dragon poster, and dragon fury poster I got(If that one shows up that is,if not I'll complain about it on there feed thing)

Also found Under the Dome got made into a T.V. Show, based off of Stephen King's Under the Dome book. Guess if it aired more then one episode I may try and follow, saw the first episode doesn't look like it might be too bad though.... They could've advertised it better.

Also watched an Episode on After People in History channel, really isn't too bad and not sure if I want to watch Fallen Skies or not, might think about it, Also still mostly watching Digimon Season 3 again and Fringe....

Might try and draw Pidgey, or something later doubt it will turn out too well though and probably Read 2312..... and touched by Venom

As for Video Games Been playing SSX, and now playing Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch for a bit too as well as Animal Crossing New Leaf.... Might play El Shaddai and Final Fantasy XIII later too... may add God of War III in there too

Also saw Grand Theft Auto V trailer still likely getting the game day 1 or close to it... As well as Tales of Xillia, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Collection, and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD, Watch Dogs, and Rayman Legends.....

as for The Last of Us, Probably not going to get anytime soon until the hype for the game dies down as well as the price mostly because I think it will it will be one of the games where the hype will probably kill the game for me like Final Fantasy VII and The Walking Dead did.

Guess nothing else in Video Games since that is about all I've really been playing....

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~Cynder of Riverclan