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9: Wii Play Pokemon

by on

Here is what I got yesterday

Wii Play


Pokemon Pearl

Today I got

POkemon Diamond and Pearl Boxset 2

Here is what I done in Pearl so far

I choose Piplup

First pokemon I catch is Shinx then a starly

On my team

1.Prinplup- level 17

2. Staravia- level 19

3. Buizel-level 10

4. Buneary- level 11

5. Geodude- level 7 only caught because I got tired of looking for an Onix and an Onix appears right after I catch it.

6. Pachirisu- level 12

I also caught Onix ran out of pokeballs the first time second time it almost koed my party which was piplup,shinx, and staravia/starly,Ponyta(2),Pachirisu(2),Misdreavus( was a pain in the @$$ to catch like Onix was), My Shnx is now a Luxio now at level 19 and of cousre I got my first badge and in some eterna city i think it's called.

Also few things about the game

walking is slow, that the way I heard everying about it they made sounded like you weren't going to get any fire pokemon until the elite 4 or something and that pokemon apear every 3 steps or something misleading.

that is the end of this blog