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7: I got Pokemon Diamond and Pearl BoxSet1(Not the games)

I got this today

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Box Set 1

The second one comes out next month and the third one comes early next year. I also probably going to get Pokemon Battle Frontier Box set 1 and 2 this year as well Hopefully I'll have a Job for that to happen. Then I'll try and get a ds lite this year along with pokemon diamond and pearl(the games). I guess for the First season I'll have to order off of ebay and if they done master quest I'll have to order that too. They still haven't released the third season which is Jotho. That why do they allow stuff tp disappear to become harder to find and instead of just making more copies. Anyway I got something to watch while I read Eragon. I also gained to level 7. Hopefully level 20 will be easier to go through this time around. I play catch up with my other account which I haven't logged onto int a month.