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6: I just thought of something(not important )(random blog)

I don't think I ever read the rules on any sites I signed up on. I know I haven't read any of them stick message board rules. I'm not going to start either. I also might get Pokemon Diamon and Pearl boxset 1 tomorrow before the 2nd one comes out on 11/4/08. I also found out how to use the link word thing like I did in my blog header thing it link's to my youtube profile,darkspyro,profile,serebii.net profile and myspace( I avoid going to this or just don't view the pictures. Weeding out the weak. I am.

I also wrote a review for dawn of the dragon I know it is a terrible review I'm sure I can do better. I gave out 3 score for it pretty much and gave it 7.0. I am also playing through the game again. I need a new wii-remote my other one will connect but it will disconnect for some strange reason. I also am at 105 post. And I'll be level 7 soon too.