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530: My 25th Birthday is Today

Well today is my 25th Birthday.

As to what I got, only got Percy Jackson & The Olympians Sea of Monsters on DVD

I might buy Gran Turismo 6 later if it is still $40 tomorrow on a website.

along with Monster Hunter 3 on 3DS and probably Bioshock Infinite

Didn't think I'd make it to this one, I'm almost pretty sure I won't be making it to my 29th, and 100% sure I won't be making it to my 50th birthday.

anyway as to some stuff I did get for Christmas got this

Charizard Tshirt

Think I have 4 Pokemon Tshirts now

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Tshirt

Another Legend of Zelda Tshirt

Dragon Statue

Dragon Crystal thing

MLPFIM Blanket

New Chair

Playstation 3 Game #137

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Playstation 3 Game #138

Played Skyrim for a bit, then got tired of waiting on a loading screen so I gave up and played something else.

Unfortunately I kind of dock down games by 1.0 that make me kill dragons as well, since I would rather not do that again.

Fire Emblem Awakening

Nintendo 3DS Game #18

Kid Icarus Uprising Nintendo 3DS Game #19

I also bought Soul Calibur 2 on PSN bit of a shame Link isn't in the game, but still pretty fun and my favorite in the series

As to what I mostly been doing, been playing Pokemon X and managed to get most of the Pokemon Bank Pokemon, which got delayed for the US, Which still sucks.

and playing Weapon Master Mode on Soul Calibur 2.

and still can't figure out how to keep images centered on blogs, anyone have any ideas? Then again I'm not on this site enough anymore, and to think I use to visit everyday. Now gamespot could probably ban my account and I probably wouldn't even care.

anyway suppose for the most part I'm going to be playing Soul Calibur 2, Pokemon X, Splinter Cell Blacklist and Animal Crossing New Leaf.

I might also join gameinformer today too, kind of a shame I have work today, almost wish I didn't, but might start saving my money up for a new TV starting January though, but will buy Tales of Symphonia HD Collection and Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns in February

Next blogs will be Game of the Year

and since I likely won't be on this site tomorrow or who knows when Happy New Year

and the picture thing is probably part of the reason why I don't come to this site much anymore.

Picture for the Day:

~Cynder of Riverclan


Happy 25th birthday.  yeah, pictures on the new system is definitely not pleasant whatsoever, especially when trying to read a blog like yours.  got some pretty good stuff for your birthday at least, especially like the dragon statue.


Happy birthday, looks like you got some good loot.

And yeah, the new image system is kind of annoying. It forces you to wrap text unless you have a really large image, which you can just center like you should with any picture.

This is the first blog I've seen in a while. Either most people left, or I'm just missing people's blogs.


Plus looks like two of the same image got posted in this blog, thought I deleted those, yep this site still sucks


Looks like I used a picture already last blog, I can't be bothered to change it, plus this blog setup is still plain awful gamespot needs to fix that, no wonder why I hardly come here. Plus still haven't an idea on how to everyone else's blog. 


@addictedgamer10 thanks, yeah so far I can't seem to figure out how to center the images properly if I can at all. Yeah Dragon Statue is nice


@SoNin360 really? Yeah gamespot needs to get that fixed, I don't really want to post large images on my blog either.

I haven't even seen any blogs posted I don't think, gamespot needs to make it easier to find those too