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529: Bought a bunch games since last month

Well, don't know how images will work gamespot will probably mess it up again.

Anyway did buy quite a few games since November, and looks like this blog maybe posted 1 month from my last one not sure if I did that on purpose or not as for the next blog probably going to be on December 31st. Then may post two more after that being GoTY awards and stuff and 2014 wishlist, not sure if I'll be posting anymore after that.

and here are some games I bought on Black Friday

Battlefield 4

Playstation 3 Game #132

Price: $24.99

Glad I didn't spend $60 on this, think I prefer Battlefield 3 over this, kind of felt like Battlefield 3.5 otherwise.

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

Playstation 3 Game #132

Price: $39.99

Game is actually pretty fun, haven't played much of the game though

The Last of Us

Playstation 3 Game #133

Price: $39.99

Another game I didn't want to spend $60, still think it is overrated, as for the 1.0 score I gave the game a while back was a joke I'd actually give it an 8.0

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist

Playstation 3 Game #134

Price: $24.99

didn't want to spend $60 on this either, but this game is actually surprisingly fun, kind of considering on giving it GOTY either that or Tales of Xillia. Not sure what score I'd give Blacklist might be in the 9.0-10.0 range or 9.5

Been playing the game quite a bit though.

and bought quite a bit of other titles not related to Black Friday bought these games

Combat of Giants Dinosaurs

Nintendo 3DS Game #15

Price: $22.99

I did like the Battle of Giants Dragons games so I bought this one, is pretty fun too. Kind of wish there was a Battle of Giants Dragons game on PS3 and well as Dinosaurs.

Already finish the Campaign on the T-Rex side.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Nintendo 3DS Game #16

Price: $29.95

Kind of bought this one since I bought the other, kind of wish Angry birds Space got put on 3DS as well.

Mario Kart 7

Nintendo 3DS Game #17

Price: $30. 91

haven't bought a Mario Kart game in a while since Nintendo DS, which is the only other one I own.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Playstation 3 Game #134

Price: $22.99

At least I didn't spend $60 on this game, still prefer Battlefield. Probably going to get Modern Warfare 1 & 3 as well, have no interest in getting Ghost or Black Ops 1.

Motorsotrm Apocalypse

Playstation 3 Game #135

Price: $14.92

and also bought this game

Tomb Raider(2013)

Playstation 3 Game#136


Well think that is all the games I've bought recently I also bought Animal Crossing New Leaf and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to infinity for my sister.

As to what else I've been doing

did finish Pokemon Y and mostly been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf or Pokemon X.

Also on PS3 been playing Splinter Cell Black list, Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, and Battlefield 4 few random matches online.

So, how's gamespot's activity been wonder if has died down alot?

I haven't been on since I find the site a pain to use, and don't like the layout.

Also did see The Hunger Games Catching Fire in Theatres movie was pretty good.

Also was playing Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, Pokemon Fire red and Emerald for a bit.

Guess other then that I haven't done much else

next blog might be on December 31st.

Well, guess in the I'm probably going to be playing those games then.

I also been posting on serebiiforums a bit more and facebook

Picture for the Day:

~Cynder of Riverclan


Yeah, it's considerably died down imo, or at least the people I follow.  every other week, I check people whose blogs I read all the time at one point, and now they either have posted a blog or two since the relaunch, not posted any blogs since before the relaunch, or have made blogs saying they're done with GameSpot, at least until there's a better update to some things.  the only things I ever see on feeds is this one member, and one staff member on the forums, nothing else really pops up.  really nice buys for Black Friday, I'll be making a blog soon, and I think it might potentially be my last one too.  then I think after, I'll just come here to check up on news stories, and to update my games lists every now and then.


Hey Good games :D You're still using this account? What about Cynderluna? :) Anyway good to see you here :D


@addictedgamer10 I'll try and check back for it, may have to leave a message the the wall status thing. 

Think I'm almost close to finish making blogs too may make three or four more, kind of a bit of shame. Wish they kept the old site even though alot of the time it was a glitchfest.

Plus the couple reasons I haven't been on the site is I don't feel like opening Google Chrome just to use this site, or been too busy playing games.

At this point if gamespot manage to ban my account now for some reason or another it wouldn't even bother me.


@GerardoExber Looks like gamespot didn't reset emblems or levels so I used this account, thouigh I'm hardly even on the site anymore.