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528: Thinking about Migrating to gameinformer . com

Seeing as quite a bit of users left this, and looks like a few migrated over there.

So may decide to join that site instead, not sure what username I'll be under

probably either Cynder Luna, Cynder Stallion or -Ninetales-

depends on if the site lets me use my name as a username.

Even if I do migrate to that site I'll probably pop in as much as I do now.

Currently mostly been playing Pokemon Y at the moment and played Zone of Enders for a bit.

as for my current Pokemon just got the 6th badge.

and I still haven't been on this site much. mostly been on facebook. not sure what blogs I missed on the site, but if I have let me know I'll try and look at it when I am on again.

as for my Pokemon Team on Y I currently have these ones

1. Ninetales- level 63(currently my strongest on Y)

2. Steelix-level 55

3. Gogoat-level 41

4. Noibat-level 30

5. Gyarados-level 54

6. Espeon-level 35

Rotated with

1. Trevenant-level 25

2. Gengar- level 26

3. Blitzle-level 24

4. Honedge-level 25

5. Talonflame-level 35

6. Rufflet-level 41

7. Ampharos-level 31

8. Sylveon-level 30

9. Malamar-level 31

10. Houndour-level 10

11. Lapras- level 31

12. Lucario- level 34

List of other Pokemon I plan on using

Absol, Phanpy, Deino, Zorua, Dratini, Seel, Skarmory, Flareon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Umbreon, Joltik, Starly, Gible, Trapinch, Litwick, Scyther, Chinchou, Munna, Tyrunt, Aron, Remoraid and probably many others.

Not going to post images this blog, mostly because I don't feel like going to photobucket, and didn't want to spend too much time on it.

plus I'll probably make a few more blogs on this site or so. Game of the Year stuff and such.

~Cynder of Riverclan



GameInformer is good, nothing compared to what Old gamespot used to be, but nothing compared to the actual "update" I'm there and the community is nice, I'm really enjoying my time over there :D


I'm not sure just yet what I'll do, perhaps I'll check out GameInformer if that's where everyone else is.  but I think whatever happens, I'll still come here to check the news, guess I'll just overall stop writing blogs here if everyone is gone.  great progress you have there on Pokemon Y,


It seems like an alright place. I checked if out, and if there was any way to organize and have all my game ratings in one place, I'd really consider using it, if at least as secondary gaming site. Of all things, the changes to the game ratings and how user reviews are organized on here has pissed me off the most. Still, this is the only site I think I can feel accustomed to, less so with the changes of course...


@GerardoExber I'm going to probably wait until 12/31 before joining, do have my reasons for waiting that long.


@SoNin360 Did look at the site, didn't seem too bad. Though even if I do join the site don't think I can leave completely, though my activity on the site has dropped alot. Then again I also been a bit too busy playing Pokemon.  And probably one of the main reasons I haven't won't leave this site entirely is because I've been on here for far too long since 2004- originally signed up in 2005 So about 9 years or so. May make an account around 11/15 or something, or 14th, and see how the site works, I also did subscribe to the magazine for quite a few years 2003-2012 or 2013 I think.