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527: Haven't had the motivation to come to the site

Anyway, did buy some more games and completed a couple looks like gamespot wants to make it a hassle to put images in blogs.

I haven't actually been on the site since October 19th too busy playing Pokemon X and Y, Mystery Dungeon and some other games.

anyway guess here are a couple of the games I completed

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team

9th game completed for 2013

Game was pretty, wasn't sure if it was going to be since it is one of the earlier games in the series, and Explorers of the Sky still remains my favorite in the series.

currently replaying Gates to Infinity then will go to Sky after that.

Picked to be Eevee for Blue Rescue Team

kind of wish I picked something else now, since eevee kind of has a bad moveset.

and the other game I already mentioned before

Pokemon X

10th game completed for 2013

didn't even know this was my 10th. after not having completed any games for a long time anyway.

haven't finished too many games lately, but been playing one almost everyday:/

as to what I bought.

Zone of the Enders HD Collection

Playstation 3 Game #126

Price: $16.97

Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2

Playstation 3 Game #127

Price: $16.64

Just Cause 2

Playstation 3 Game #128

Price: $18.27

Dead Space 2

Playstation 3 Game #129

Price: $16.21

Resistance 3

Playstation 3 Game #130

price: $14.48

Ratchet & Clank Into the Nexus

Playstation 3 Game #131

Price: $29.99

these are the recent ones I bought all due to Watch Dogs getting delayed.

Zone of Enders is actually pretty fun, may play it some more later, also did play Batman Arkham Origins wasn't too bad either.

Though I kind of mostly been playing Pokemon still just started Pokemon Y current Pokemon I have in my team

1. Vulpix-level 30

2. Espeon-level 20

3. Steelix-level 17

4.Gyarados-level 25

5. Noibat-level 25

6. Luxio-level 22

Rotating alot of them also have used

1. Honedge-level 25

2. Comusken-level 28

3. Pidgeotto-level 18

Will also eventually put Umbreon, Glaceon, Vaporeon, Remoraid, Gorbyss, Gengar, and many others in there.

currently only have 1 badge for Pokemon Y.

Who knows, when I will be on again, not sure if I missed any blogs or not either. but anyway as I posted a few times already

you can find me on PSN or Facebook

PSN username is Nightstream88

Facebook my name is Cynder Luna. For some Reason facebook won't let me use my last name :/

and my XBL gamertag is Cynder Luna, but I'm rarely on Xbox for some reason. don't why then again I've mostly been playing on 3DS and sometimes PS3. Mostly been playing 3DS lately.

I have made a few blogs or so since site relaunched, but this is the first one I post images in again. Guess needed a break from it.

Picture for the Day:

~Cynder of Riverclan


uhhh... GameSpot seems to have made my comment disappear...  Getting tired of this...


They managed to make almost every aspect of this site worse. I'm kind of impressed, actually.


Yeah I tried posting pictures in a blog and the same thing happened. They really need to get the site sorted out fast.


This is definetly a mess, I'm not fixing this either.


@SoNin360 Yep, thought they were trying to make the site easier to use, instead they made more difficult. Wish they had a seperate section to see blogs and wall post. I probably wouldn't care if my account did get banned now, not sure if I would even miss this site anymore.


@widdowson91 Did it? Yeah hopefully they get it sorted out. Probably another I'll have to figure out to get it sorted properly, Didn't know Medium was going to be that big, guess I will try small size next time. Guess good thing I didn't pick large.