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525: Well, guess I might as well switch over to my other account

Going to be a while before I can navigate through this site

Can't comment on blogs, let alone find them so I doubt anyone will see this blog. can't comment wall statuses either and keep getting a 500 Internal error when trying to view my profile hope gamespot is working on fixing this.

I'm not even sure where to find anyone else's blogs or wall status don't know where unions went either guess there gone for good.

looks like they did keep emblems and levels, but can't see level on forums so I'm probably just going to switch accounts. looks like half of my post disappeared pretty sure I had over 10,000 post so looks like post got reset as well.

On the plus side I'll be getting Pokémon X and Y tomorrow so odds are I might not even be on gamespot for a while anyway. Until they fix the site it doesn't look like there is much of a reason for me to stay here at the moment, and site loads slow.

Hopefully it will be running properly in a few months or so. Reminds me got a text from gamestop said Pokémon X will be available ready tomorrow, but nothing on Y, I better get Pokémon Y tomorrow as well since I paid them in full price, otherwise this might be the first and last time I preorder anything from gamestop

I also did complete the Pokedex on Pokémon Black.

no images this time for this blog, mostly because I don't know if this blog will posted or if I will get an error when posting them.

~Cynder of Riverclan


What a shame about the unions, I can't believe it ended like this, Just a change in the site and BAM! we're gone. Plus yes, I just commented on your blog. and did read it. So I guess I saw my own Blogs now. about the 500 error, well haven't seen that bastard for awhile so far. I'm cool about that.

I like how the new HUD of GameSpot looks like, but I don't like what happened to the unions so yeah. I'm in a Balanced alignment. Let's just hope we find our unions again.


@kierwinyoung  Not even the unions coming back made me come back to this horrid website design