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524: Watch Dogs, Pokemon & Spyro


Well, anyway since Amazon wasn't charging me money yet for games I preordered I went ahead and bought these ones. and bought couple other things


Price: $15.28

Preodered House of Hades, almost about forgot about this book, probably last book I'll be buying this year


Price: $0.52

Also bought this card, also maybe the last one I get for the year. Mostly got it because I like the design

also bought some GBA games.


Legend of Spyro A New Beginning

GBA Game #19

Price: $12.98


Spyro Orange The Cortex Conspiracy

GBA Game #20

Price: $5.81


Spyro Attack of the Rhynocs

GBA Game #21

Price: $6.46

bought 3 Spyro games....


Pokemon Emerald

GBA Game #22

Price: $32.47


GBA Game #23

Price: $26.00

bought Pokemon Emerald and Firered, both which were still kind of pricey, wanted to get them before they got even more expensive.

also preordered


Playstation 3 Game #126

Price: $67.97

paid for Two-day shipping on this game.

Also preordered


Pokemon X

Nintendo 3DS Game #13

Price: $39.99


Pokemon Y

Nintendo 3DS Game #14

Price: $39.99

already paid them full price when I went and preodered.

The only other game I plan on preodering is Watch Dogs

and since I bought these GBA games I may boycott buying Gran Turismo 6 and Tomb Raider this probably get them next year.

still might get NBA 2K14 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 though along with Angry Birds Star Wars on 3DS.


Well, aside from the blog I posted yesterday haven't really done much else, about finished cleaning my room. and played Sonic Adventure DX for a bit.

I aside from Fire red and Emerald, guess I might restart Platinum and Heart Gold, since I never did yet, games are still on another person's save file.

Might play Okami, and Final Fantasy XIII sometime and maybe God of War III as well.

and looks like there is almost 10 days until Pokemon X and Y.

wonder how long until all the Pokemon are announce for 6th gen. Would like to see the Final evolutions for the starters at least, hopefully Finnekin will have a decent Final evolution since that was the starter I was planning on picking. Otherwise I guess I'll never let Finnekin evolve. don't care for its 2nd evolution.

another random edit

I pretty much bought the GBA games since Amazon didn't charge me yet for preordering the last games, so probably be a while before they charge me for Watch Dogs.

and if I do get any more games this year likely will be on Nintendo DS ,3DS and GBA.

maybe Xbox if I get Halo 2, not sure when Fable Anniversary is coming out for Xbox 360.

Then again if we can transfer Pokemon early in the game, I'll probably just end up using Pokemon from previous generations. and guess I will probably get Giratina event on the 12th when I go back to gamestop. already have Palkia and missed Dialga, guess I thought Dialga was after Giratina.

As for shows mostly was watching Pokemon at the moment. also looks like there will be a demo for Beyond Two Souls, guess that is good, since I do want to play the game, not going to buy it this year if I do that is.

kind of updating a blog I had finished on wordpad, but haven't actually posted it on gamespot yet.

anyway did play Beyond Two Souls Demo, wasn't too bad of a game looks like it might have a pretty good story to it, though I will be waiting for a price drop before getting it probably down to $30, along with Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag and Battlefield 4.

Looks like I might be done with buying PS3 titles for the year, other then probably some PSN titles. Depends on what digital titles come out this year.


Not sure what else I'll be doing, apparently my sister says she might get a Nintendo 3DS in a couple of weeks or so, not entirely sure on that yet, though I was originally planning on getting her one for her birthday/christmas, but looks like she'll get it before I get to it, guess if that is the case I might her Pokemon Hear Gold/Soul Silver, Black/White or Black 2/White 2 if that is the case.

and of course been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf mostly Time Travelling between two different days at the moment.

Surprised this blog ended up being mostly about Pokemon. anyway guess I might play Okami after this then. Don't know when gamespot plans on changing its site, but I'll probably remain on this account until the end of 2013 then I'll be switching over to the other account I made in 2014.

and since this blog is a bit outdated

did restart Pokemon Platinum here would be the currentl Pokemon I have.

1. Ponyta(level 20)

2. Kadabra(level 17)

3. Luxio(level 16)

4. Staravia(level 17)

5. Prinplup(level 19)

6. Beautifly(level 15)(also kind of took forever finding this one, since I kept running into Cascoon and Dustox instead)

currently have 1 badge, 2nd badge should be easy to get if it is a grass type gym. Been a while since I played Diamond and Pearl so I don't remember if it is or not, but since the Gym leader is named Gardenia or something like that, my guess it is a grass type gym.

I finished this blog two-three days ago and am just now posting it.

10 days until Pokemon X and Y

reminds who here is staying on gamespot? I can't tell if many left already or not. Thought they were changing site in October? Or is that just another rumor?

and because techinally this blog was finished yesterday or Monday, I probably ended up repeating myself in this blog, too bad I don't care enough to check to see if I did.

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