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523: Fifth and Final Year


Well, today is the day I originally signed up on this account anyway, First Time I originally signed up was August 2nd, 2005

and Due to to gamespot resetting stuff, I pretty decided to make a new account instead

Likely the last account I will be making under the name CynderLuna

pretty much used my first and middle name to make the account also made another, under my first and last name being Stallion.

Well anyway guess it was fun while it lasted, though seems many people are leaving already so wonder how many will be here when the change takes place.

Still wonder where the Friendship is Magic Union is moving too, then again that union isn't really active anyways.

Regardless that I will be staying my activity on the site will likely decline of course that is most likely due to the fact I will be playing these titles


-Watch Dogs

- Pokemon X and Y

-Rayman Legends

- Tales of Xillia

and some other games.

Then again if maybe if my time on gamespot and facebook does decline perhaps I could start drawing a bit more as well as reading, which haven't really done much of. Haven't really finished too many books or games for this past year or two, then again might be because my heart rate has been bothering me, then just this year my teeth started too as well then had some problems with my right ear(buzzing noise or something), Funny thing is I had that one dream then this happens as for the heart rate thing been occuring since 2010, few times or more heart went fast enough felt like it was going explode, quite frankly I'm surprised that didn't kill me yet. Though my parents do know about that they think it has only been occuring 2013.. On another note I did quit drinking soda pretty much quit in one night, so those who said it was impossible it is possible though I kind of probably did that a little too late. Then again I didn't exactly brush my teeth everyday at the time either and the diet I had was pretty poor. Though I do brush them more then three times a day now I kind of lose track of how many times though probably up to 6 or 7. and have been taking up to 6 multivitamin gummies a day though bottle says 2, and they're not the kids ones either.


Which is part of the reason why I'm convinced I won't be be living until to age 50 I probably likely already predicted my Date of the Death probably is August 27th, 2017.....

Then again I'm also not so sure, I'm actually from this world anymore anyways. So guess the two worst decisions I probably have made is coming to Earth and drinking 3-4 cans of soda everyday for the past who knows how many years, well not everyday only when it was bought. On a random note, not trying to start a religious date but wonder how many times I have to cheat death to prove Atheism wrong.

Ignoring half of that, anyway as to what else I have been doing, did start drawing back up again, kind of haven't because I either have been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf everyday or GTAV. attempted to draw Raichu, but didn't exactly turn out too well, though I may post it anyway, I'm sure one of my problems is not taking my time with the drawings and trying to rush through most of them and not correcting mistakes as often as I probably should.

haven't attempted to draw humans yet either, outside of stick figures I'm not sure if I can. Then again so far all I really attempted to draw was Pokemon, MLPFIM characters and Digimon, mostly ones that I thought looked easiest to draw. Though what I would rather do eventually is draw in realism mostly dragons and animals and such, plus would like to attempt to draw dreams as well, though I am not so sure I could draw from memory too well yet either.



Might try and draw something else later, not sure what yet though.

As for Video Games, I already said I pretty much been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf and GTAV, not sure if I played anything else or not think played both Uncharted 1 & 3 as well, about forgot about those.

and was mostly watching Yugioh Season 1 dvd I bought and Pokemon.

and as for other things, think if it wasn't for some people on this site I probably would've left gamespot back in 2008, and as for switching accounts this is likely the third and final time I will be doing that.

and suppose one other thing, apparently GTA fanboys are B!tching about the 9.0 score GTAV got, they're just as bad as The Last of Us fanboys. going to be funny when neither game gets Game of the Year and Watch Dogs steals it. Pretty much the constant complaing over little things is part of the reason why I might take a break away from gamespot and facebook December sometime, plus I'll have too many games to play by then.

Guess in the mean time I will be playing some of the games I bought

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~Cynder of Riverclan