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521: Diablo 3


Well, anyway made some more preorders on Amazon and such


Diablo III

Playstation 3 Game #121

Price: $59.99


NHL 14

Playstation 3 Game #122

Well that is it for about Playstation 3 games

Currently waiting on GTAV, Kingdom Hearts, and Rayman Legends which I bought earlier at a full price, then I buy these two.

haven't played NHL game since NHL 2005 on Nintendo Gamecube think I might've paid $50 for that game as well, Only other sports games I may get is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, NBA 2K14 or NBA Live 14. Funny thing is though, while pretty much I have no interest in sports I do like some of the Video Games, don't care for football either way I find it boring both on TV and in Video Games, though was pretty fun on Sega Genesis.

and I still will probably get NCAA football and Nascar 2005 chase for the cup just to complete the 2005 series. also did like MVP baseball 2004, but funny thing is I find it boring to watch whether it is on tv or not.

and bought couple of other things


Yugioh Season 1

Price: $28.96

Kind of buying these before the prices go up on them

May buy Season 2 next along with Pokemon, probably not going to buy Master Quest season since last I checked it was pricey.


Fringe The Burning Man

Price: $7.19

Kind of forgot this book came out, so bought it now.

Now if only they re-release Zoids and Sailor Moon, and Pokemon Seasons again or at least some of the older ones.

As for other Game titles I will probably be preordering these off of amazon next

-Pokemon X and Y

- Watch Dogs

- Batman Arkham Origins

Also will probably get Splinter Cell Blacklist eventually, along with Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag and Battlefield 4, just not sure if I want to pay full price for those titles or not.


As to what I have been doing

was watching a few random episodes in Sailor Moon, rewatched Digimon Season 2, and also rewatched The Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which I haven't seen the movie in a while either.

also been watching Pokemon or at least the new episodes that come out each week. and suppose either after this blog or later tomorrow may go back to practice drawing, which I haven't actually done in a while recently, but will get to it.

and 12 days remain until GTAV. and Diablo 3 and Rayman Legends are already out Kingdom Hearts will soon be out as well.


Anyway as to what has been eating up most of my time is probably Animal Crossing New Leaf still, been playing the game everyday since June 13th think I'm over 200 Hours in playtime now. Though once Pokemon X and Y come out, both of those titles will probably replace New Leaf.

I also uploaded a bunch of Pictures on facebook on Animal Crossing New Leaf, probably have to check on facebook to see them.

Also did play Grand Theft Auto IV did some of the missions I still hate The Puerto Rican Connection mission, the other one that I remember that I hated was something involving a coffin and carrying it somewhere.

Some other games I did play were Okami, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Adventure, Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask, Super Smash Bros Melee, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Twisted Metal and something else I think, forgot what game though.

Also did play demos for Rayman Legend and NHL 14. Might look up some others.


Out of all the emblems I have I'm probably going to miss these two the most, pretty much liked there designs the best.

Also been switching back and forth between this account and my other account probably going to use my CynderLuna account, which I kind of figured since facebook doesn't want me to use my last name, I will use my first and middle name.

also did play Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance for a bit.

The only other thing I've been doing is working, looks like have work 1 hour early on saturday then with that I usually start.

guess not sure what else I'm going to be doing the rest of this week.

I'll also get around to eventually tracking everyone on my other account, might take a while unless I get the friend request instead of me sending one.

I might also stick around with this account until either the end of this month or end of the year before switching over to my other account not sure when yet.

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~Cynder of Riverclan

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