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519: The Beginning of the End or A New Beginning?

Well in case if you haven't heard yet Gamespot is changing the website yet, again


-User and Emblem reset

- Unions Cease to Exist

-Along with some other stuff

They say changes for the better, but I can't see anything that is postive in that article.

Plus with User levels, Emblems Resetting and Unions not existing may cause me to either leave the site or make a new account. All depends on how much they piss me off on it. Which would explain the title

Unless this some cruel april fools joke then ignore all of this, If not then I am done.

So whether is a I am leaving blog or not, now depends on what gamespot does

and bad thing is I don't really want to leave the site either, but if gamespot goes through with this plan, then I may or may not disappear for good.

And I guess if levels are going to reset I probably could always find out how many point losses I can get before then and get my account suspsended.

On a random note, never have got a moderation on this account either so.......

Guess I will have to find another site to post on... Think I have most people I remain contact with on Facebook, PSN or Xbox Live if not here are the names of those accounts again

Facebook-Cynder Luna

Xbox Live-Cynder Luna


I'll likely be pissed if Unions disappear since I do post in the Friendship is Magic Union it would be a shame to see that union disappear

Since I am kind of going to post this blog ahead of time, I may preorder these three games on Amazon, Since I don't know if I will remain on this account or not I'll just number the titles and prices as I always do.

Rayman Legends

Playstation 3 Game #118

Price: $59.96

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix

Playstation 3 Game #119

Price: $39.99

Grand Theft Auto V

Playstation 3 Game #120

Price: $59.99

Not sure if I preorder all three tomorrow or not since I do want to get a USB Phone cord charger and a Nintendo 3DS wall charger as well depends on the total price, if not I may delay GTAV and just preorder it September 3rd.

Also saw this movie as well

Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters

Score: 9.0

Think did improve on it pretty well from the first movie, kind of hoping they make Titan's Curse now

Well, guess if I do still come onto this account may post a blog every so often assuming they'll exist still. Well suppose now time for more Pricess Luna pics:P

As to what else I have been doing, kind of mostly been playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, Some other games and Tales of Xillia.

Characters are about level 15 I think at the moment....

but yeah was having problems with my 3DS Charger light wouldn't come on to charge the system, so I am buying another one and hopefully it is just the Charger being screwy and not the system.

also re-watched Equestria Girls again, and even though Princess Luna is my favorite character in the show, can say I like her human form in Equestria Girls.

So, I suppose if what that one demon said in the dream is true wonder what would happen next That I am not from this world, and that I am actually princess of the dark crystal and am from another world, and was a dragon and wielded the element of darkness....suppose for some reason I do seem to have memories of that world.

Anyway, ignoring that

And in another apparent news

Playstation 4 comes out November 15th, As soon as next-gen comes out I may come on here and say the Playstation 4 and Xbox 1 have been out for too long and they need to hurry up and release the Playstation 8 and Xbox 7.

and PC isn't getting out of this either PC graphics are outdated.

Well, anyway hopefully around November I'll be playing Watch Dogs, Pokemon X and Y, Watching My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 4 and Catching Fire(In theatres)

And hopefully I will get some of the books I have bought finished

and should practice drawing more, haven't really drew anything recently

Animal Crossing and Tales of Xillia took away most of my time

Well, guess if in fact this is one of my last blogs on the site guess it was nice knowing everyone, and if it weren't for some people on this site I would've probably left the site sooner. but I guess if gamespot wants to go ahead and do this shit, I am done or I may just migrate over to Fuse.

Shame this account almost made it to year 5._.

I do realise I posted quite a bit images in this blog, and if this is my last blog that would be the reason, and if this all Joke then I must be an idiot for believing gamespot in the first place, and if that is the case all of this will be ignored.

was kind of hoping to stay around longer.... What is also a shame is I been on this site since 2005.

On a random Note, if I am not heard from again I probably would gave my Game of the Year for 2013 to one of these titles

Grand Theft Auto 5, Rayman Legends, Pokemon X/Y, Watch Dogs, or Tales of Xillia

and if I do just make a new account, I think those who know me well enough will know what username I will pick.

Pokemon Adventures in Unova Theme Song

OKami Reset(Thank You Version)

I also don't care if I broke any of gamespot's rules in this blog either, I'm not editing anything out of it.

and if Fuse is still around when gamespot changes I just may think about staying, but if not guess **** this then.

Picture for the day:

~Cynder of Riverclan