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518: Rise From Your Grave-level 55


Gained another level

never would of thought this account would reach that level, anyway at least the name is better then Simon Says Bleed.

don't care if I put in any effort on this blog, 415..... I'm starting to wonder if gamespot activity has declined, doesn't really seem like it was back in 2005-2008 seemed more active then

anyway did make this blog not too long ago

517: Tales of Xillia

haven't done much else other then re-installing all the games I have on the the new hard drive I bought I got all of the digital titles installed, and mostly been playing Tales of Xillia think for about 8 hours with characters around level 15. Would of been played it longer if I didn't get bother about doing something else.

The Knowing-Door Jam

guess may also see Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters tomorrow, not sure on that yet.

Guess, I couldn't keep this blog to a single sentence either:/.

Anyway guess I'll be playing Tales of Xillia.

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