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509: Level 54- Simon Says Bleed


Well, made it to level 54 anyway, not sure what the level name is from...

and 2 days left until Animal Crossing New Leaf

also finished Fringe Season 1 will start on Season 2 later.

not sure what I posted last blog, but did play Spider-Man Edge of Time for a bit anyway.


Couple things I wonder about is when someone makes a topic on gamespot saying What kind of books you read or something similiar they reply that they don't read, and when someone makes a topic saying what languages you speak they sit there and post computer programming languages when that isn't what is being asked. Plus you get plenty of idiotic replies on yahoo answers. I also sometimes wonder why I have 400 people on my friend's list..... And haven't been caring too much lately about putting any effort in blogs either..


And looks like E3 is next week, I don't hype it since hype things up to high otherwise it leads to disappointment

and wonder if Activision is going make a Spyro game that isn't Skylanders. They pretty much done nothing with Crash Bandicoot....

And hopefully by next Friday I'll be playing Animal Crossing New Leaf and Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon, though I could always play it on Nintendo Wii.

and as for the trading cards I got, if you want to see the ones I got I posted them on facebook.. So can look there.

Still have yet to figure out why facebook won't let me use my last name. Maybe I could post a list of my favorite games across each platform sometime. Or at least games I liked fairly well anyway.....


Other then that, currently reading Touched by Venom, and trying to draw everyday in hopes of getting better, right now I am convinced I am terrible at drawing so, might try digital sometime too if possible...

As for Touched by Venom I probably wouldn't recommend it too most, unless you don't care too much about the themes used in the book, since I'm not bothered by much I'll probably end up liking it.

and apparently The Last Guardian is listed for E3, hopefully we'll see something been waiting on the game forever.

Probably should buy an Algebra 1 book too see how much of it I actually remember or forgotten about, since that is where I left off in math....

And also looks like Microsoft decided to leave it up to the publisher for used game thing, which is a better approach then what they originally stated, but still don't think I'll be getting the Xbox one. Maybe I could Fable IV will be on PC and if I can actually get a PC that can play games I'll get it then. odds are Halo 5 or Halo 6 probably won't be I'm guessing?

and one other thing is think I have almost every game in my collection rated, ones I have rated yet, is likely because I haven't played it or played it enough to give it a score.

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