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508: After Earth


Picture from what my current avatar is

also did see a movie in theatres Sunday being this


After Earth

Score: 5.0

could of been better, the only other movies I want to see in theatres are Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters and Catchingfire.

Guess other then that haven't done too much else did play GTAIV, Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages, and Legend of Spyro A New Begining

Think I am nearing the end of Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages which still may take a while

Wonder if it is bad I haven't earned a trophy from a game in a month or more?

And mostly watching Fringe still about done with Season 1 then will start season 2


Also 4 days Left until Animal Crossing New Leaf, I already order it from amazon, but looks like I will have to wait longer

and 5 years after High School I still haven't the slightest idea what I really want to do... and think next week or so I may order books instead. Might get a couple of drawing books should try and start picking that up, too bad I draw terribly..... As for careers the only thing I really had in mind was Computer Programming, wildlife biology, archaeology, and law enforcement maybe.... though law enforcement might be a problem since I am no longer following the rules and laws of this world....


Probably before or if I go back to college, probably should get an Algebra 1 book just to see how much of it I actually remember.

At this point I haven't slightest idea...

and apparently The Last Guardian is listed for E3, for some reason at this point I am not counting on it.

on another about the used game fee thing, if Sony did the same thing I wouldn't buy a Playstation 4 either well unless The Last Guardian, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy vs XIII all come out for the system that is.


have fun.....

Since the last game I did play was Legend of Spyro A New Beginning guess I am now married to Spyro:| Well at least it's a dragon. Though if sylver found that out he would likely have me tortured or killed.....Speaking of which did see him in a dream though of course I don't view dreams as dreams, but anyway apparently I was a dragon too and saw I no longer was what I was doing fighting and ended up sinking my teeth right into is neck only then was I allowed to regain control only to watch him draw his last breath, I'm starting to think someone is toying with me...

ignoring that part

also started to read the book Touched by Venom, book isn't too bad

and also looks like I may reach level 54 soon.

and I'm also going to leave these here

Also have heard Fable HD is coming out for Xbox 360, was going to get it on Xbox, but guess I'll just wait for it to come out on Xbox 360 and get it then, along with Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World coming out on PS3 next year....

wonder what other HD collections will be coming out next year or this year....And to think were already half-way into 2013,

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