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506: Guess, it was fun while it lasted.

Well, suppose all good things must come to end eventually

And this isn't a leaving gamespot blog so.....

Anyway looks like Microsoft next system has been announced

and looks like these have been confirmed to be true

-Always Online

- Have to Pay a fee to play used games

-No Backwards Compatibilty

=No Buy, And was going to get Microsoft/Nintendo systems this time around instead of Sony/Nintendo Like I usually do

so looks like Xbox 360 is going to be the only system I ever own from Microsoft, kind of a shame since I did like the system.

and it might also be the only I get, unless I get Xbox 1 so I can play Advent Rising that is.

As for my first comment and topic title if I do get a Playstation 4, by if it currently depends on what games come out for the system now. likely might be the last system I get from Sony, since I'm not conviced the Playstation 5 is going to be heading in such a good direction either. So looks like after this gen probably I may just switch to PC gaming and stick with Nintendo, but looks like my console gaming may slowly be coming to end from the looks of it. Then again I probably don't need to buy anymore game systems anyway and probably should start saving money so I can go to college, move out and for a vehicle.

The beginning of the downfall of the Video Game industry. Unless they come out with Virtual Reality games that is, and if that is the case I want Pokemon and Zoids virtual reality games then. or maybe I am just over thinking things, and too far into the future yet.

anyway on another not finished some books


Fringe The Zoidac Paradox

1st book completed in 2013

Pages: 355


Percy Jackson & The Olympains The Lightning Thief

2nd book completed in 2013

Pages: 375


Warriors Dawn of the Clans- The Sun Trail

3rd book completed for 2013

Pages: 313

Well anyway finished these three. Kind of took me a while for some reason to get some books finished.


As for Video Games, I'm just about done with Pokemon White, likely will finish it later tonight probably.

and got Majority of the items I ordered, still waiting on some. And if anybody wants to know what cards I did get, I posted them on facebook.


And think we know by now I worship Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon:|

now to convert gamespot into Lunaism

Anyway I'll also probably preorder Animal Crossing off of Amazon next week comes out June 9th, and will be getting a Nintendo 3DS Card so I can get Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons and Ages. Have been wanting to play those titles for a while.

Also did play Assassin's Creed Revelations for a bit and Nier, and I'm not sure what else


I'm pretty sure Twilight couldn't have done any worse then what I've done.

Anyway guess I'm going to be playing Pokemon White

reminds me, if you are the Mayor in the New Animal Crossing wonder what happened to Tortimer?

And have played every Animal Crossing since the first game on Nintendo Gamecube, then again not that hard to since there is only 4 games I think.

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